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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 33 Recap

Front foot Feng Xi killed Fu Yuanshan in front of the crowd by the bank of the dead corpse river, but after the third prince left, Murong Yi rushed to rescue him. Feng Xi’s sword seemed to be ruthless, but it did not hurt his lungs. . Before the incident, Fu Yuanshan hid Jiangshu for safety. Haoshan Kingdom not only carried dozens of lives in the Ming family, but also indirectly killed Haoshan. As Princess Haoshan, Murongyi was forced to run east and west to plan for revival. Haoshan. Feng Xi cooperated with her for a win-win situation, and this ally was also at ease.

After sending Murong Yi away, Feng Xi met Dongyue. It was strange to say that Feng Xi knew what others thought of him, but she couldn’t see through this girl. From Qianqiu Gate to Fuyuan Mountain, he was arrested, and Chao Lu was both hurting him and helping him. What was his intention? What else is it because Dongyue loves Feng Xi, and Feng Xi is just Feng Xi of Dongyue. How many times before they lived together, but now he has forgotten all these memories. Dongyue is more and more sad. After kissing him, Feng Xi’s pupils were shocked, even a little throbbing. He instinctively wanted to keep the girl in front of him, and he couldn’t bear her leaving.

Dao Le was seriously wounded and had a weak breath. Feng Ziyuan looked anxious in his eyes and begged Yang Kui to rejuvenate her. The pill developed for Feng Ziyuan’s poisoning had just been prepared, but now with the addition of Dao Le, two people are seriously ill. Yang Kui doesn’t know who the only pill will save, and Feng Xi also hesitated. When Shi came in, she gave the medicine to Dao Le without hesitation. She personally fed the medicine to Daole, and kissed his forehead lightly, as if saying goodbye.

The next day, Dao Le was alive and well, and immediately went to Feng Ziyuan’s room to look for her. Instead of seeing her, people found the missing wood carving under the pillow. Feng Ziyuan said on her mouth that she didn’t like Daole, the kiss last night. What is going on with this lifelike wood carving, is this what she doesn’t like? Dao Le really didn’t know what secret she had to push him like this, but Feng Ziyuan suddenly hugged him at this moment, said that she liked him again and again, and then fainted in Dao Le’s arms.

In the end, the poisonous matter in her body and the matter of giving the medicine to Daole were both revealed. Daole couldn’t wait to find the medicine from the body immediately, but it was useless. Yang Kui has one method, but the danger is better than nothing. The method of passing the golden needle through the acupoint can transfer the medicine to Feng Ziyuan’s body, but at the same time it will also transfer the poison into Dao Le’s body.

The success of this matter may not be effective, but the failure is undoubtedly, despite this, Daoraku still has to try. The blood is connected, Feng Ziyuan is holding the wooden sculpture, and Dao Le also carved one in her arms like her, and they will never separate regardless of success or failure. A stick of moxa burned out, and Yang Kui discovered that the two of them had a stable and well-balanced relationship.

Both of them were safe, and Daole thought about how to formally chase Feng Ziyuan, after all, he hadn’t even said the confession once. Holding two small wooden men gestures and thinking, Feng Ziyuan looked funny at his distressed look, and decided to help him by himself. Blindfolded his eyes, came to the back garden, just like Daole’s arrangement last time, there were as many flower candles as petals. In such a romantic scene, Feng Ziyuan was about to kiss Daole’s face. Who knew Feng Xi suddenly Appeared, stirring up their sweet and romantic atmosphere.

Feng Xi was right. Such important memories are in the courtyard garden. Isn’t it too hasty. Daole had to find another way, and the next day he rode with Feng Ziyuan to Lianxin Lake. It is said that as long as he writes his wish on the water lantern and puts it in the lake, his wish can be achieved. After thinking about it, they didn’t know what the best wish was, and the two wrote down their wishes back to back, wishing each other also wish their lives a lifetime. The red rope became two, and Feng Ziyuan also made one for Dao Yue. After they were tied to each other, the two would never be separated. They kissed each other gently by the quiet lake.

Feng Xi and Dongyue became close again, Dongyue played a song for Feng Xi, Tonight Hexi, Feng Xi hurried out the previous portrait, and really gave Dongyue a surprise. She thought Feng Xi remembered the past when she saw this painting. The matter is undoubtedly a great thing, she is overjoyed. Only Mrs. Rou was in a situation that looked like before.

She had worked so hard to get Feng Xi half-hearted, so she smashed the Yueyuan plaque in a rage. When the housekeeper reported the matter to Feng Xi, Dongyue was not shocked to see him from a distance. This was the garden he personally designed for Dongyue. It is reasonable to hear that this incident should have been thunderous, so Dongyue couldn’t help feeling Suspicious.

The emperor became obsessed with seeking immortality and asked the art of immortality, so he invited the Taoist why Kuo to enter the palace, and handed over most of the affairs to the three princes, and then named the third prince Pang Yu the prince.

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