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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 34 Recap

Pang Yu was established as the prince, and the most ardent person was the leftist. When the prince asked about Jiang Shu, Zuo Xiang denied it, and it was Feng Xi, a remnant of the Ming family who wanted to conspiracy with Lu Yuantong, and made it up. The Zuo Xiang fought against Feng Xi, and he was cunningly calculating. Frustrated, the more courageous, this time another game was designed waiting for him to jump. It is not a bad thing for the prince to bite on Feng Xi from the left, as long as you make good use of the mad knife of the left, it will be more effective to defeat Feng Xi.

There were few talents in the old Ming family that Daole checked last time. Feng Xi looked around for a lap and finally targeted Wen Ye. So he visited Wenfu in the middle of the night and asked him to go to Mengshan County to fetch something. Needless to say, it was the copy of Haoshan Kingdom. And put a jade seal on the table, his mother is Ming Guifei, his real name is Pang Xi. This time I asked Wen Ye to fetch the book of surrender. If he left Beijing too arrogantly, Feng Xi made a plan to demote him and leave Beijing, so that it would not be noticeable. Moreover, the prince did not believe in Feng Xi, the best way to drop the book It was presented to the prince through Wen Ye, and then presented to the emperor by the prince.

There are still countless lanterns on the street. Xiao Wenxin repeats the same tricks, and Dongyue is on the sidelines to help Feng Xi learn from the little rabbit in public. Wen Xin fell in love with a rabbit doll again, but unfortunately the last one was bought by someone else, and the other party refused to cut love. Wen Xin became annoyed for a while, but the person who refused to cut love came to the goalkeeper the next day. Sent to Wenfu, Wen Xin couldn’t help but admire Feng Xi’s ability.

On this day, Wen Ye confronted Feng Xi in front of the prince. He accused Feng Xi of embezzlement and bribery and handed over evidence. Feng Xi didn’t care about the accusation. He bit back and told Wen Ye that he was the same in the name of corruption and bribery. And the person who presented the rabbit doll that day, and there was a ruby ​​hidden in the exhibit doll, and even the evidence letter was blank. In this way, he was demoted after hearing that the impeachment failed.

Dongyue learned that Wen Ye had been relegated to Beijing, she knew Feng Xi too well, and she guessed the whole story in the past few days. But she told Feng Xi that Wen Ye was her father, why he counted him like this, and in her memory, Wen Ye died in Mengshan County. This time he was relegated to Mengshan. I am afraid that it will be the same again. In the end, but now she found that it was Feng Xi who was pushing Wenye to the Yan Luo Temple.

What Feng Xi had to do next was to deceive Lu Yuantong back to Beijing. It was so difficult for Lu Yuantong to travel in and out of the capital the first two times, so this third time was even more difficult, but this matter had to be handled. Lu Yuantong was controlled by others, so this old account must be settled. Feng Xi was stared at by the prince and couldn’t go to Lu Yuantong. Daole was too straightforward to persuade Lu Yuantong to come as a guest. Feng Ziyuan recommended herself at this time, using the content of the book as a bait, so she should be sure to come and invite Lu Yuantong to Beijing.

She memorized the contents of the book and came to the territory of Liyun Luyuantong alone. Lu Yuantong’s soldiers and horses had been arranged, and she waited for the book to start the army, and saw a woman in the account. Feng Ziyuan brought Feng Xi’s remarks about asking him to go to the private house in the eastern suburbs, and memorized the contents of the book to him.

Who knows that Lu Yuantong has just memorized half a sentence and sternly scolded her for the error, realizing that there was fraud. Feng Ziyuan firmly believed in what he had remembered, with the cold blade about to be unsheathed and the situation surrounded by everyone back in one breath, the weapon was taken away, and only she was panting, and Lu Yuantong agreed to go to the appointment in ten days.

Wen Xin started to get angry when he learned that his father was leaving Beijing, and he was not good at expressing himself. He sat alone by the river and sulked. Knowing what she was feeling in her heart, Dongyue guided her to write all her thoughts into the paper boat and let it drift away, and then told her to go to the lower reaches of the river to see. His daughter’s thoughts were sent to him by the paper boat, and he didn’t know Wen Xin cared about himself so much, so sensible. He has always felt ashamed of Wenxin’s mother, and devoted himself to court politics to give Wenxin a better home, but in the end he ignored Xiao Wenxin’s feelings.

Before Wen Ye left, he entrusted Wen Xin to Dongyue’s care. Dongyue urged him to be careful on going to the Tingyi station during his trip. He complained a little bit about Feng Xi when he talked about it, but Ye now seems to have some understanding for Feng Xi. Dongyue is incomprehensible. In the end, Dongyue watched him get on the carriage, and couldn’t help but yelled Wen Ye.

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