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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 35 Recap

Wen Ye didn’t understand, but Dongyue couldn’t make it clearer. After the farewell, I don’t know if Wen Ye can return safely. When she was puzzled, Dongyue used to be alone by the lake. Even Feng Ziyuan and Dao Le could be found here, but Feng Xi had forgotten all these little habits. When Feng Xi returned to the mansion, he specifically mentioned that the holly flower wanted to make her happy, but the picture album was not detailed.

He thought that he had asked someone to stab the holly flower, so this sentence was revealed. It was obviously Dongyue himself. Dongyue had noticed something wrong with Feng Xi before. It turned out that he had been acting in accordance with the prompts in the picture album. She never needed such a hypocritical attitude. All she wanted was Feng Xi’s trust and love.

Feng Xi himself couldn’t remember in distress, and the inability to remember the past meant that there was always a barrier between him and Dongyue, and he was doomed to love but not. He played the white jade flute like Dongyue. Tonight and night, seeing this beloved, it’s a pity that the beloved is not there, only a hangover under the holly flower.

Mrs. Rou brought a bowl of bird’s nest at the moment. Feng Xi only assumed that Dongyue had come, holding her sleeves and refused to let go. Who knew it was Mrs. Rou. Seeing him so badly hurt for a Winter Moon, and she has been with him for decades and still has no results. She has nothing to ask for, but only a trace of her in Feng Xi’s heart, but Dongyue has already occupied Feng Xi’s possession. Immediately he issued an eviction order.

Madam Rou packed up her bags and came to the study room, wanting to say goodbye to Feng Xi face to face, but no one in the room answered and she came in. She cleaned up the study room for Feng Xi for the last time, arranged the paperwork and set up the writing brush. Who knew the mechanism behind the pen-holder linkage door, a secret room door slowly opened. She walked in quietly and saw Feng Xi standing in front of dozens of memorial tablets, holding a jade seal and swearing to relatives of all races that all those who were sorry for Ming would pay the price.

Dao Le’s old injuries recurred, but the physical pain was far less than the heart hurt. Every day, seeing Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan walking so close, he was nauseous after drinking dry vinegar. So the altar was set up in the courtyard the next day, and he instructed Feng Ziyuan and Lu Chuan to worship his siblings together, and then relieved his heart and took Feng Ziyuan away. Dongyue received a letter from Xiao Wenxin early in the morning.

Hearing that Wen Ye had returned, Xiao Wenxin would pick him up first. Dongyue would leave immediately for fear of unexpected changes on the way. The crown prince also received a letter from Wen Ye saying that he had found the book of descending hidden in Fu Yuanshan, so the crown prince sent Qingxiao to pick him up, but Qingxiao never found that he was being followed behind.

In order to convince the prince that the book is true, and to do a full set of acts, Feng Xi sent Dao Le to pretend to intercept. Dongyue just listened to him. When Feng Xi went to his room and found the Wenxin letter, he thought about him. If you told Doraku, Fuyuki probably misunderstood him. As soon as the prince received the news that Feng Xi had been dispatched, the prince went to go. Daole masked and pretended to rob and descend the book.

He was stopped by Qingxiao’s leader. During the fight, he accidentally dropped the wooden bead ears of personal accessories, thinking that there was a prince. People protect Wen Ye, and Daole retreats now. Unexpectedly, a wave of unresolved waves rose again, and the left-phase Yingwei surrounded him. Qingxiao sent Wen Ye onto the carriage, and unfortunately died in a fight with Yingwei.

Wen Xin climbed onto the carriage while everyone was not paying attention. At this moment, Wen Ye drove to Kyoto. The carriage overturned due to the bumpy road conditions. Wen Ye broke his leg. He pulled Wen Xin into the deep forest and hid Wen Xin in a small room. In the thatched warehouse, he was pale and sat leaning against the door.

Until Yingyi’s leader Hongzhe found him, he still wanted to use his meager strength to keep Wenxin safe, but Jiangshu would never be handed over, so Hongzhe pierced his heart with a sword, and the blood blade was far away from Wenxin in Ogura behind him. Wen Xin gritted her teeth and dared not say anything. At this time Dongyue felt a violent sorrow, and she knew that something was wrong with Wen Ye.

Zuo Xiang took the book and left. Hong Zhe threw the wooden bead ear that he had just picked up next to Wen Ye. When the prince rushed to find Qing Xiao was dead, he couldn’t cry. Dongyue rushed to find the dead Wen Ye and Daole’s Mu Zhusui, and then Prince Feng Xi came, and now Jiang Shu is robbed, even if Feng Xi is acting hard to win the Prince’s trust in Jiang Shu, but Qing Xiao He was also to blame for the death of Wen Ye.

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