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Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 Episode 36 Recap

Wen Ye was a clean and honest official all his life. Unexpectedly, he would eventually end up in such a deadly suburb. Dongyue worshipped in front of his tomb, heartbroken. After thinking about it carefully, Feng Xi was not justifying herself. The real murderer was another person, and only Xiao Wenxin knew. Wen Xin hid all night before daring to come to Yufeng Pavilion to find the prince. The moment the door opened, there was a man in a black robe behind him. Wen Xin recognized that he was the murderer who killed his dad. Holding tightly, covering Wen Xin’s breath, she was about to faint.

The prince’s sword suddenly hit Hong Zhe’s neck, and Wen Xin got out of it, and immediately recognized that the man in front of him was the murderer. Then Zuo Xiang rushed to him, he was extremely arrogant, but the prince tensed the whole string and confronted him. He had to keep Wen Xin when he said anything. For Zuo Xiang, he could kill this little girl. Huangkou Xiaoer’s rhetoric could not help him, because of his identity as the prince, he left with a lot of wit.

Feng Xi returned to the mansion and found a few pages of picture albums left in the corner. Only then did he learn that Dongyue was Wenxin and Wenye was his father. No wonder Dongyue rushed to reason with him on that day. Perhaps he was really this step. The calculation was wrong. The emperor’s spirit was not as good as before. The prince exposed the numerous crimes of the leftist and slandered the innocence of the Ming family. The emperor dismissed these at all, because there were instructions behind the leftist Fang Yuan, and that was the emperor’s order. Only when Ming Qian supported his soldiers and became an independent emperor, did he intend to remove him.

The prince told Dongyue what Zuoxiang and Yingwei had done, so she really blamed Feng Xi, and also found Wen Xin. She was by the river now. Dongyue rushed to see Xiao Wenxin alone. Holding the paper boat, thinking of Wen Ye She who was hiding behind her body that day, Wen Xin couldn’t care about words, and sobbed in her arms. Suddenly, a paper boat floated on the upper river bank. It was written to Xiao Wenxin in Wen Ye’s tone to comfort her young heart and give her hope for the future. It turned out that Feng Xi, who had been following Dongyue, did it.

Without Qingxiao, the prince still needs a personal guard by his side, so he mentioned a guard who was punished for committing a crime, named Qingxi, and since then he has been a personal guard. Seeing his leaving back, the prince can’t help but think of that. Sincerely for his busy figure.

Lu Yuantong sent a letter asking Feng Xi to go to the private house in the eastern suburbs. The seal in the letter was actually Pang Xiyin. How could this seal be in Lu Yuantong’s hands, and Feng Xi had to go to the private house. Who wants to meet Li Yurou here, she is already Lu Yuantong’s goddaughter, and in exchange for Yuxi to ask Lu Yuantong to help her marry Feng Xi, and after the wedding, she gives Yuxi to Lu Yuantong.

Feng Xi was trapped in a private house. Li Yurou wanted to go back to Feng Mansion to get something, Lu Yuantong sent Zang Fei to follow to see if she could find the Yuxi she was hiding. Feng Xi had been waiting in Li Yurou’s room for a long time. He wanted to persuade Li Yurou directly to give him Yuxi. Just when she was shaken, the album of Feng Xi and Dongyue strengthened Li Yurou’s determination to force her to get married, even if Feng Xi didn’t like her. , She also wants Feng Xi to marry her and be his wife Feng.

Li Yurou came back with a hundred times more confidence than before. She arrogantly packed up her luggage as a winner, including the portrait of Feng Xi, and specially sent a wedding invitation with Feng Xi. She finally got her wish and won Dongyue once. . It is impossible not to see the strange Dongyue, there is only one possibility, Lu Yuantong put Feng Xi under house arrest, and it was just these few days that the army rebelled. In the study, Daole found the letter left by Feng Xi when he left, and told them to be optimistic about Dongyue and refrain from acting. There is also a solution to the trapped dead end, not to mention Feng Xi’s private house.

Lu Yuantong had a good idea. When he got Yuxi, he was sitting on the ground in the name of Ming family. Even his son Lu Zhengming could have a new identity. He was the second prince Pang Xi. Since then, there will be no Feng Xi, only his son as the second prince. Li Yurou will get married tomorrow, and Lu Yuantong will now come to ask for Yuxi, but it is a matter of her marital happiness. She must get married before handing over Yuxi. Lu Zhengming, who broke his leg again, came to harass Li Yurou even more.

Daole came to look for Dongyue early in the morning, who knew it was not Dongyue in the room, but Feng Ziyuan who was changed clothes. Dongyue knocked him out when she delivered the meal last night, and then slipped out in disguise. In the private house, Li Yurou puts on a red dress with heavy makeup, and Feng Xi is secretly thinking about the bridegroom’s suit.

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