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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 10 Recap

Wu Xie and the three were forced to a desperate situation by the organs. Their strong desire to survive forced them to climb onto this wall. But just after a sigh of relief, even greater troubles came. This altar was not dedicated to others, it was. With pheasant necks, under them, clusters of snakes were coiled together, spitting out letters. Wu Xie’s face turned pale with fright, and it happened that the wall under his feet began to move again. It’s not a way to go on like this. Two or three meters from the opposite side is a statue, and behind the statue is the exit.

They jumped to the opposite side, but Wu Xie slipped on one foot and almost fell. At this time, the little brother suddenly appeared from nowhere. , Grabbed him in time, Wu Xie was very excited, and the mainstay finally came back, but in a blink of an eye, the little brother disappeared again, the fat man persuaded: The stuffy oil bottle has always been fascinating, it is better to find the third master, but three of them Delayed in the cave for too long, the red smoke has already disappeared, and lost his way for a while, and it is getting late, so I can only rest in place and make plans.

After Xie Yuchen came out of the cave, he guessed that there should be an underground waterway in the West Queen’s Palace. Everyone was excited and geared up, but there was a problem. All the equipment was in the camp. There were pheasant necks everywhere. What is good, the team members of Wu Sansheng are hired with money, and there is no friendship at all. At the critical moment, black glasses and Xiaohua stood up to accompany Wu Sansheng back to find equipment. After chasing up, what is the name of the leader “Mop Brother”

I was afraid that Wu Sanxing would leave them alone and swallow all the treasures of the West Queen Mother Palace. While on the way, Xie Yuchen kept pestering Wu Sansheng to ask questions, but the third uncle’s mouth was still very tight. It was enough for their generation to get in. The descendants can no longer be disturbed by this situation for the rest of their lives.

At night, Pan Zi accidentally discovered that Aning’s body was moved hundreds of meters away by the neck of a pheasant. He concluded that this place must be a snake’s nest. Wu Xie couldn’t make it through, insisting on taking the risk of taking Aning’s body, Pan Zi and the others. However, she had to follow him. In a daze, Wu Xie heard someone calling him “Little San Ye”, but it was not Aning’s voice, but the walkie-talkie on her body. When they were discussing how to get the walkie-talkie, Pheasant The necks swam in groups, and everyone was shocked.

Fortunately, Pan Zi was anxious to become wise. He took out military blankets from his backpack, put them on the three of them, poured alcohol, lit them and ran away, but the blankets were quick They couldn’t use it anymore. The pheasant’s neck surrounded them, trying to drive these three people away. Wu Xie and the others refused to wait for death. They decided to fight hard. At this moment, the mysterious voice appeared again: Yes. Who?

When Wu Sanxing and his party were walking carefully with torches, they also saw a pheasant neck. The difference is that they saw a pheasant neck that was about to die, but even if it was dying, they saw the opportunity to bite. The feet of the black glasses do not spit, but fortunately the shoes are hard and wear-resistant. After injecting the black glasses with serum, it is no problem.

At this time, Brother Mop and the others had already gotten upset, and they simply took the initiative to tear their faces. After hearing the movement in the black glasses in the tent, they walked out with a cold face, took out a dagger and frightened them severely, without expecting it. Net is an insignificant thing, so after a fright, I cry and promise not to do it again.

Pan Zizhuang had the courage to climb to the tree, wanting to find out. The fat Wu Xie underneath waited for a long time and there was no sign of movement. Just looking at the tree, the pheasant’s neck came over, and Pan Zi was dragged away by something. , In the midst of the crisis, they were still yelling for the two to run away. Before Wu Xie and the others could react, a giant python appeared in front of them, and Pan Zi used all his strength to slam into the seven inches. , And then fainted, and the fat man Wu Xie finally found the camp of Wu Sansheng with him through all the hard work.

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