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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 11 Recap

Because there was no anesthetic, Pan Zi could only endure the pain and let the fat man sew a wound on himself. His loyalty and friendship to Wu Sansheng made the fat man very impressed.

Wu Xie accidentally found a muddy and unkempt little brother in another tent. The little brother seemed to have been hungry for a long time and was gobbled up to eat. Wu Xie asked why he saved him and ran away without speaking, and pulled Wu Xie. He went to the mud pit outside the tent and pushed it down, saying that it could prevent snakes. Wu Xie did the same and tricked the fat man out and threw it into the mud pit.

Of course, Pan Zi, who was ill in bed, couldn’t fall. Wu Xie carefully helped him with a layer of mud. At this time, the fat man outside the tent claimed to have found the words left by his third uncle. : We have found the ultimate entrance. There is no way back. This farewell, our wish is over, no regrets, and this place is dangerous. Don’t stay behind.

The third uncle didn’t plan to come back alive. The fat man looked at him with a heavy face and said a few words to comfort him. Wu Xie gritted his teeth: This old fox really tried every means to get himself back.

He was silent for a moment, and the third uncle committed a risk, how could he steal his life alone? The third uncle spent his entire life running around for that secret, and he also got some inside information by mistake. If Wu Xie from the past knew that the third uncle was going to die, he would definitely cry for the world, but now he has matured a lot, knowing How to use the arms of a man to help the third uncle share the burden will not let this old fox explain here,

Here, Wu Sansheng and his party have arrived at the entrance of the West Queen Mother Palace. Because it was too late, they decided to rest on the spot and move on again tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the mop brother was not dead, and wanted to separate Wu Sansheng and the others one by one and solve them one by one. Black glasses are gone.

The three uncles and Yuchen Yuchen had nothing to do with each other. Talking about the fortune-telling of Wu Xie by Qi Sanye in the old nine gates, Wu Sanxing smiled, and the child in Guaxiangli had been working hard all his life. After these words, he was immediately unhappy, but it was not easy to turn his face with Qi Sanye, so he could only bear it down.

Brother Mop secretly added medicine to the water of Jie Yuchen’s third uncle and two people, and waited patiently for the two of them to fall down after the onset of the drug effect. The black glasses that went out were also caught by the traitor and tied to the tree to feed the snake. Not panicking, and with great interest, I told them why I wore sunglasses all day and tempted them to look in their eyes. For some reason, these people were blinded for some reason, and their black glasses were also divided into two. Untie the twine, get away and leave.

The traitors here saw Wu Sanshen and Jie Yuchen sitting in a deep sleep with the sunglasses left behind by black glasses, and wanted to take this opportunity to kill them, but before they had time to do it, they couldn’t see anything, and they couldn’t help but get into chaos. At this time, the black glasses also came back. It turned out that the three had long known that the fog was poisonous, so they would count them.

Wu Xie and the three people set a fire outside the Sanshu camp to keep warm. They accidentally discovered that there were traces of snakes crawling on the ground. They were so shocked that they decided to leave this place of right and wrong tomorrow. Wu Xie’s eyes also began to feel uncomfortable. It’s been too tiring for a few days, but things seem to be wrong. When I wake up, my eyes are dark and I can’t see anything.

After many confirmations, I am sure that I am blind and Pan Zi also has a high fever. Fortunately, the fat man gets dark. I found a few face masks and put them on Wu Xie and finally restored her brightness, and gave Pan Zi an antipyretic injection. The two fat brothers were bitten by a snake one after another. After the serum injection, the tent was also caught by a snake. It collapsed, and they didn’t dare to move without permission. They waited all night for the pheasant’s neck to recede before daring to crawl out.

It was another early morning, and the four of them were eating breakfast while feeling unlucky. This night, it was snakes and poisons. The third uncle was not found yet, and their lives were almost gone. After a while, they could not wait to find water to wash away the dirt on their bodies. While washing them, they talked about the woman who had been out there for the past two days, and finally ruled out the impossible and concluded that the woman might be Chen Wenjin.

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