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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 12 Recap

Wu Xie and the others left the Sanshu camp and headed towards the temple. When they met a strange stone tablet, there was a picture inscribed: The ancestors were offering sacrifices to the neck of a pheasant, and the Queen Mother, who was about to lose in the war, released a killer: pheasant. In the mural, the underground passages of the whole city are open, and there are pheasant necks.

The second painting depicts King Zhou Mu’s visit to the motherland of the Western Queen to ask for eternal life. And the younger brother discovered that the pheasant neck on the relief was actually a social snake family, and the most important snake mother in it was as thick as a tree. When they were still studying the statue, Pan Zi yelled that it was a mysterious woman. , Fatty Wu Xie immediately chased after hearing the sound, but let her run away, and the two also fell into the water.

Later, they accidentally found the body of a member of the Sanshu team, and was almost recognized as Sanshu by the blind fat man, who provoke him. Everyone was frightened for a while, but the fat man’s crow’s beak hadn’t reached its end, and a pheasant’s neck approached them. Fortunately, Wu Xie was quick to cut the snake in half with a knife, and then looked at the corpse on the ground. There was only one wound on the whole body. There is a distance from Sanshu’s camp. It must be the pheasant necks who moved the corpses here as a granary in groups. Sure enough, the next development of Aning’s corpse verified the two people’s judgment. Sure enough, the guess was correct, pheasant.

Hearing the signal from his dying companions, his neck swam over and gradually became a siege. At this time, the fat man wanted to tear his broken mouth, but the pheasant’s neck didn’t even give him a chance to regret, and rushed up. The fat man was in a hurry. Looking at Wu Xie, he was equally embarrassed. After exhausting all his energy to escape, he was shocked to see the pheasant’s neck dragging the fat man in one direction. The fat man with snake venom prepares to return to camp

Finding serum is not so easy. Wu Xie accidentally discovered that a snake was laying eggs in Fatty’s belly. All the questions were answered. It was not a granary at all, but a nursery made by a pheasant neck. Wu Xie He was shocked, but the urgent thing was to go back to the camp and give the fat man medicine. The little San Ye, who had been spoiled since childhood, gritted his teeth and spent all his hardships climbing the cliff due to an accident and the fat man fell into the underground river below the cliff.

The little brother left the camp and met with the mysterious woman. The woman told the little brother that Wu Xie had been brought over. Whether he could get in or not depends on his ability.

Wu Sanxing and the others returned to the entrance of the underground river cave. After an explanation, they put on the equipment and went into the water. The water level was very shallow, unlike the turbulent and unfathomable water that Jie Yuchen said before, everyone laughed.

Wu Xie judged the approximate location of the exit according to the direction of the water flow, and struggling to put the fat man on his back and walked forward, but the mysterious voice that had called himself “Little San Ye” appeared before, but the owner of the voice was not the dead body on the ground, but the body of the dead body. The pheasant neck that crawled out, it turns out that this pheasant’s neck not only makes human voices, but also learns to speak. Just when Wu Xie was almost bitten, Xie Yuchen arrived in time and beat it back. Fatty was also caught by the third uncle.

The hired person was carried to a safe place to inject the serum. Under the leadership of Xiaohua, the pair of uncles and nephews who had gone through countless hardships finally met. Wu Xie seemed to have lost some support and fainted. When he woke up, someone He was cleaning the pheasant neck cub from the wound on his back. The third uncle was furious, and he gave a thousand warnings that the danger should not stay here for a long time, why this little bunny can’t understand people.

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