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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 7 Recap

Jie Yuchen in black glasses looked at the densely packed magnet swords in front of him, and couldn’t help being distressed. There were a lot of iron products in their backpacks. Isn’t this a clear way to die, but there is no way out of the sky. Suddenly, the fire can be demagnetized. Not too late, the two took out the lighters in their backpacks, and when they roasted them, they found that there were traces on the swords. It seems that someone used the same method as them.

It should be Wu Sanxing. When the magnetism no longer threatens them, the two of them The next door was opened. Unexpectedly, the mechanism of this stone room was even more vicious, surrounded by zircons that could emit strong light, which made them unable to open their eyes, plus hidden weapons flying around. , It is really hard to guard against, black glasses wear sunglasses all the year round, it is good to say that Xie Yuchen had to take out a cloth strip and blindfold his eyes to move forward.

The next mechanism is nothing more than a hidden arrow. This is also difficult to do with the vigorous Jie Yuchen black glasses. The danger has been reduced by three times and five divided by two. He soon reached the core of the underground palace. The black glasses felt that the Western Queen was really generous, and even hollowed out the entire mountain. .

Not only that, a mural by Queen Mother of the West and King Zhou Mu was also placed in the most conspicuous part of the underground palace, and the decoration and structure of the underground palace were largely influenced by the Western Zhou Dynasty. It seems that Queen Mother of the West and King Zhou Mu have not only a love history. , And even accepted the culture brought by the other party,

Here, Wu Xie and the others used a detonator to blast their way forward, and found that what appeared before everyone was a huge statue, a bird with a human face. Isn’t this a monster in Genting Tiangong? What is the relationship between the Queen Mother of the West and the Genting Temple? There is also Chen Wenjin’s notes.

Why did the Tamutuo, which has nothing to do with the dragon veins, also be marked on the map? The younger brother took out a dagger and carefully cleaned the base of the statue. On it was a statue of ancient sacrificial activities. What is strange is that there are four holes in the abdomen, base, and shoulders of the statue. Aning took out the camera and took them. After several trials, there was nothing unusual.

But it was too quiet. Everyone had lingering fears and did not dare to act rashly. Fatty Pan Zi volunteered to find the way first. He called Wu Xie and the others over after judging that there was no danger, and Wu Xie was attracted by the animal carcasses on the ground. The rain forest is really strange. The birds flew in the air without being attacked, and they fell straight down. Just as they were all guessing, the rocks on both sides fell and blocked the exit.

They speeded up and wanted to leave here quickly. Pan Zi and Aning successively showed symptoms of headaches and panic, and collapsed to the ground. The statues that appeared all the way showed that two people in the Western Queen’s sacrifice team had fallen. Horrible, what was the reason, I had to go back and cut open the dead bird to find out. I found that the internal organs of the bird had exploded for some reason. The reason has not been found. The younger brother Wu Xie also fell. Only the fat man remembered to jump his feet.

Pan Zi recalled what happened when he was a soldier, and explained that there is a kind of infrasound wave that can cause this kind of illness. On a thought, he remembered the four holes in the statue, so several people struggled to stand up and blocked the hole with branches and leaves. It proved that Pan Zi was right. Everyone’s symptoms were alleviated. It was terrifying. The explosion sound was absorbed by the statue and turned into infrasound waves. It was really a yellow spring road.

Pan Zi worried about everyone’s safety and lit the survival smoke to try to contact Wu Sansheng. But waiting left and right, there is no shadow in Wu San province. In view of the changeable rain forest climate, Aning proposed to move on in order to survive. Everyone used daggers to cut the vines and drove hard in the depths of the swamp.

Remembering the notes of Chen Wenjin: There are many snakes in the swamp, and you are not afraid of people. Aning’s back is full of cold sweat. Before dark, he must find a place to camp, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

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