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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 8 Recap

Unforeseen circumstances, Wu Xie, who was already struggling along the way, incurred a large number of weed ticks in a rain, and stung the whole body with wounds. The itch was unbearable. The rain couldn’t stop for a while. Everyone found a place to avoid the rain and prepared to hide first. Aning stared at the fat man Wu Xie in front of him, and with a smile, he persuaded them to take off their pants for inspection. It’s something that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fatty Wang couldn’t bear it for a long time. His crotch tore when he first entered the mountains. He felt cool at the time. He didn’t expect to encounter this. It was also his unlucky. When Wu Xie opened Fatty’s clothes, the densely packed back was all parasitic. Insects, but Wu Xie was not much better, and the two of them were heartbroken and used the tip of a red knife to gouge out the grass ticks one by one, shouting with pain.

The black glasses Jie Yuchen seemed to be born as a pair of enemies, quarreling all the way, ridiculing each other, and no matter how hard it is to make fun, I am afraid that in this gloomy underground, I am really desperate, just when the two of them mumbled as if they had not encountered the agency for a long time At that time, the unlucky man with black glasses stepped on the secret door under his feet, and the stone ladder behind exploded. The two ran up desperately, and finally escaped. The black glasses were so unlucky that they almost didn’t step on it. Slate, fortunately, Jie Yuchen’s eyesight was quick and his hands were quick and he pulled him.

The two slumped to the ground, panting with exhaustion. The place where the stone ladder was earlier turned into a cliff, and there was no way of retreating. However, Sanshu’s marks all the way showed that he was still moving forward, indicating that there must be two people who did not pay attention. When they reached the way out, they walked carefully and carefully, but after searching for a long time, they didn’t find any clues left by the third uncle.

Jie Yuchen became irritable somehow, but it was useless to be anxious, so he could only sit down. Closed eyes and rested, there was no fork in the entire palace. The two of them came here all the way. There was nothing but organs along the way. I am afraid this underground palace was just a blindfold.

At this moment, the last organ was activated. There was a big fire. All the way back is to make people who dare to covet her things to die of thirst and starve to death. In desperation, the two jumped off the cliff to survive. Fortunately, there are rattans on the cliff, and the two will not fall to death. After landing, there is a rain forest. Although they don’t know what is waiting for them, in order to survive, they can only move on.

After treating the wound, the little brother found a deworming herb for everyone. The fat man couldn’t help but feel that although this guy was a stuffy oil bottle, his heart was quite delicate. Aning recalled that when he was doing projects in Africa, he saw one with his own eyes. The giraffe died under this grass tick, but you must not take it lightly.

Pan Zi and Wu Xie felt that Queen Mother of the West would really find a place. It was at the lowest point in the desert. All rainwater and groundwater would gather here. The so-called Fengshui treasure land was nothing but this. It was getting late, and a group of people set up camp here, preparing to replenish their spirits and rush on the next day, but when they woke up the next day, the little brother was still full of strength on his own. He and Wu Xie also accidentally found one. There were a lot of grass ticks in the bones of the giant snake.

The little brother opened his palm with a dagger and smeared his own blood on Wu Xie’s clothes. Brother’s blood was not a mortal thing, and that thing was afraid to come close. But Wu Xie was scared and screamed loudly. When they came to Aning and the others, they found human bones in the snake’s bones, and the body was a woman.

Judging from the objects around the corpse, it should be in the 1990s. Upon closer inspection, the corpse’s belt buckle seemed to be from Aning’s company. The next discovery made everyone stunned: When ten copper coins, is it… Is it possible that the dead body is Aning? Aning is standing in front of everyone alive. But before Wu Xie could understand, a giant snake appeared in front of him.

“Ah”, Wu Xie woke up, it turned out to be a nightmare. He stared at Aning, who closed his eyes and calmed down not far away. Aning was staring at Mao and screamed out of anger. His soul is now considered back. The brothers here looked at the corpse in front of them and looked at each other. There were not only grenades but also a pistol around the corpse.

Pan Zi saw that the pistol’s eyes were straight. After a trial, it was still usable. In his words, this is simply a treasure. what. Wu Xie asked about Pan Zi when he was a soldier. The two were chatting. Suddenly the younger brother and Aning came out and covered their mouths. Wu Xie looked up and saw that it was a giant snake. Yes, it was in a dream. That one! It didn’t seem like a good stubborn, a few people turned around and ran away, hurriedly ran away,

While the little brother was fighting with the snake, he accidentally lost the black gold ancient sword. Not to mention, the group was forced into a narrow cave. Just when they were fortunate, a more poisonous snake named “pheasant neck” came from The cave slowly swam over, and it was really a wave of unsettled waves. This is not a place to stay for a long time. Fortunately, they did not anger it. Everyone left decisively, and it was another shock.

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