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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 9 Recap

After Wu Xie and his party escaped, they discussed and decided to look for the equipment lost in the panic. Aning squatted by the water to wash his hands. Wu Xie accidentally saw a pheasant neck in the water swimming towards Aning quietly. When he came over, he yelled anxiously, trying to remind Aning, but it was too late. The pheasant bit her in the neck with lightning speed, and Aning fell to the ground. Wu Xie rushed over, but only for a moment. Time is dead.

Everyone was shocked, Aning was just like that, dead? Along the way, this young woman has always been a well-trained image in everyone’s minds. She is a capable man of Judekau. How many times has she saved her life and escaped from the dead. Is she just like this today? What’s even more powerless is that they watched their companions fall but were helpless.

Wu Xie was holding Aning’s corpse and couldn’t calm down for a long time. Just a minute or two ago, Aning was still alive! Wu Xie muran silently tied a section of his belt with ten copper coins and put them on Aning. Then she resolutely carried her up. She lost her life to explore the Queen Mother Palace of the West. In any case, she had to let Aning fulfill her wish.

After walking forward for about half a day, everyone was delighted by everything presented in front of them. It was the ruins of the West Queen Mother Palace. Wu Xie looked at Aning on the ground, bowed his eyebrows and nodded. The hardships of the journey were finally in vain.

The black glasses Jie Yuchen drove for a long time, and did not see the shadow of Wu Sanshen. There was not much food left. Just when the two of them felt that they had to starve to death if they continued like this, a miasma appeared in the sky, and the black glasses knew This is not a good thing, pulling Xie Yuchen is running deep in the rain forest. On the other hand, they were afraid that the rainforest would be fogged and scattered.

They were tied to the waists of the two with climbing ropes. But even after guarding and guarding, the black glasses still fell into the snake’s corpse. The miasma in the distance got closer and closer, and he was too late to get out. This was anxious to understand Yuchen, and he almost caught up with his own. Ming had dragged the black glasses out.

At night, Wu Xie turned around and suddenly opened her eyes dimly, wrong! How did Aning open his sleeping bag? There were people’s footprints beside him. He hurriedly called out to wake up his companions. Everyone was puzzled by the second monk. Just in the dark, with a pair of eyes looking at everyone, the little brother suddenly spotted him and hurried out, Wu Xie hadn’t reacted yet, and the fat man’s voice came from behind: Aning’s body disappeared, and it was the pheasant’s neck.

It’s really a wave of unrest. Wu Xie is desperate and wants to snatch Aning back. Fortunately, Fatty Pan Zi grabbed him, so many pheasant necks will ruin them all, so I should wait until my brother comes back. Right.

Here the little brother closely followed the mysterious man, and he stopped far enough from the camp. It turned out that the two met, the so-called mysterious man, is a masked woman. He told the little brother that he must let Wu Xie enters the Palace of the West Queen Mother, and beware of “it”.

Fatty Wu Xie and Pan Zi stayed in place while waiting for the little brother, and at the same time they sent a signal flare to the third uncle. As long as the third uncle could respond, things would be much easier. Fortunately, this time Wu Sansheng released the signal flare in time. Fat Wu Excited, but Pan Zi’s words poured cold water on them, and the signal smoke was red, which also meant that San Ye and the others had an accident.

The signal smoke also attracted Xie Yuchen and the others, who were like headless flies in the swamp, and they decided to go to the red side that was closer.

Wu Sanxing and the others really encountered a fatal danger: a large number of pheasant necks surrounded them, black glasses and Jie Yuchen arrived in time, and they were desperate to escape the danger. Later, they accidentally found a deep hole. Jie Yuchen volunteered to go and investigate.

The little brother and the mysterious woman returned to the camp and found that Wu Xie left him food and a note and went to look for Wu Sansheng. He was worried that Wu Xie might have something wrong, and immediately chased after him. Sure enough, the three Wu Xie encountered poison as soon as they were on the road Without the protection of the younger brother, the three people fled in a panic and strayed into Queen Mother West’s altar. When they carefully observed the fresco on the altar, the wall moved, and the posture seemed to bring them to life. Squeezed inside.

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