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Bad Suggestion


It was again the man who reached out to her who was in the midst of despair .

“That money, I will probably never pay back.”
“so. Are you giving me a body as I regret it?”
“If it’s okay with that.”

One side of the man’s mouth curled up with bloody and cool laughter.

“Did you think I would take a step back if you did this?”

He slowly bowed. His lips squeezed past her as if touching her, but stopped in her ear.

“You probably can’t even imagine. How much i want you.”

When the hot breath irritated my earlobe, my head was dizzy.

“If you don’t have enough confidence to handle it, give up even now.”

Reunion after 7 years. A terrible evil act was about to repeat itself.

(Bad Proposal)

Bad suggestion
Associated Names: 나쁜 제안
Hwang Han-young
Year: 2020
Status: 12

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