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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 33 Recap

Chen Luo said that from then on, Peng Jing was an ordinary colleague, and Peng Jing was very dissatisfied. Xia Hongyuan took out the assets Han Yun left to Xia Ranran, and had 20% of the Hongyuan Group’s shares. After Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe got married in the southern suburbs project, Xia Hongyuan would also give Xia Ranran a part of the equity. Ranran is the largest shareholder and the actual controlling shareholder of Hongyuan Group.

Shao Mingzhe loves Xia Ranran very much. He can tell. Xia Ranran begged Xia Hongyuan and Peng Jing to divorce. She really wanted him. Xia Hongyuan said he knew all these things. The reason why she opened one eye and closed one eye was because she was Chenchen’s mother, not to mention she was pregnant in her belly. His child. The two didn’t know that Peng Jing had heard this conversation, and she still wanted to help Chenchen get everything she deserved.

Xia Ranran told Shao Mingzhe about this matter. Her biggest wish was to defeat Peng Jing. Now that she saw her wish come true, she couldn’t be happy at all. The two went to the Qingshan Nursing Home together. The dean said that Han Yun came here because of a car accident and left at the end of 2015, and she was in very serious condition at the time and needed professional medical care. The dean showed them Han Yun’s recuperation records.

Shao Mingzhe hoped that no matter who came to ask Han Yun about Han Yun’s situation in the future, don’t say anything, especially Chen Luo. The dean was surprised to see Chen Luo’s photo. He came once and said that someone would come to Han Yun in a few days. It seems that Chen Luo got this video earlier than them.

Peng Jing bought the chief financial officer and asked him to put the company’s return money in an overseas account, but this time the chief financial officer refused. Xia Hongyuan gave instructions yesterday that all the company’s large funds must be signed by Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe ran back to the nursing home on the excuse of losing his mobile phone and asked the old people Han Yun if there was someone to accompany him in the Qingshan nursing home.

On the way down the mountain, Xia Ranran was a little self-blaming, thinking that Chen Luo and Shao Mingzhe had something to hide from themselves. Shao Mingzhe was entangled in his heart. Han Yun and Shao Yunan might really be together and they must get married as soon as possible.

Peng Jing and Shao Kai met and encouraged him to deal with Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran together with her. She wanted to separate them. Shao Kai told Peng Jing that he found out that the woman who had haunted Shao Mingzhe was Su Mo, and the two conspired some plans. Xia Ranran felt that Han Yun’s recuperation record was too strange.

The hospital was very close to the airport. If she was on the way to the airport, why did no one call the police and who paid for her? Maybe someone accompanied her when Han Yun was in a car accident. , But thinking about it, something is still wrong. The dean clearly said that Han Yun left the nursing home alone. Shao Mingzhe was distracted by Xia Ranran’s analysis. After returning to his senses, he said that there was still a secret that he didn’t tell her, but Xia Ranran was too lazy to listen, so he should keep this secret.

Shao’s mother called Shao Mingzhe and drunkly said that she would let Shao Yunan go home quickly, or she would die to him. The two hurried home to find Shao’s mother. In order to comfort her, Xia Ranran said in a hurry that Shao Yunan had called them and that he was on the returning plane. Xia Ranran took care of Shao’s mother and went to sleep in the room, but Shao Mingzhe was at a loss for what to do.

Shao’s mother suffered all the torture and illness for Shao Yunan, and Shao Yunan was probably with Han Yun. Xia Ranran saw Shao Mingzhe in a trance and said that he wanted to find Shao Yunan with him. Shao Mingzhe knew that Shao Yunan did not owe Shao mother anything, she was too persistent. Su Mo sent a message that he wanted to come to Shao Mingzhe, but Shao Mingzhe ignored him. After sending Xia Ranran home, he found Chen Luo was waiting.

He said that he had good news to say that he finally got rid of someone today, so he should chase Xia Ranran in a fair manner. Shao Mingzhe looked ugly and drove him away, but Chen Luo took out the old-fashioned player again and told Xia Ranran to go back and watch. Shao Mingzhe hurriedly took Xia Ranran back home.

After returning home, Xia Ranran explained that he had accidentally broken the player and that he had to cook for him personally in order to coax him. Shao Mingzhe was full of jealousy because of Chen Luo, Xia Ranran said that he would never agree to him. Su Mo asked Shao Mingzhe if he saw Lin Xiangan. Shao Mingzhe didn’t have the time to pay attention. He nervously took the film from Xia Ranran’s hand. Xia Ranran guessed that there might be a Miss Hedgehog about him. As soon as the two were about to watch the doorbell, Su Mo came. Su Mo anxiously asked if they had seen Lin Xiang’an, hoping that one of them would contact Lin Xiang’an and tell her.

Xia Ranran told Su Mo Nanjiao’s design draft that she had read it and decided to use her design draft. There is a video of Chen Luo on the film, which is all his heartfelt words in the past four years. He hopes Xia Ranran and himself will go abroad. Chen Luo knew that Shao Mingzhe was also watching, and declared war by the way, saying that he loved Xia Ranran very much and must take her over, Shao Mingzhe became even more angry.

Xia Hongyuan said that he wanted to leave with Peng Jing, find a clean place, and accompany him while Chenchen is still young, the company is something outside of him. Peng Jing was obviously unwilling, but she still coaxed Xia Hongyuan into saying that everything should be his.

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