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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 5 Recap

Xia Linxi came to Jiang Zhenghan’s secret base and saw that he was studying attentively. She saw a cute Doraemon on the cabinet. Xia Linxi reached out for the Doraemon, but was too short to reach, Jiang Zhenghan took it down and gave it to her. Xia Linxi looked at Jiang Zhenghan’s back and expressed her inner thoughts. She thought that Jiang Zhenghan was a foolish and cunning scumbag, but through this time of understanding, she changed her view of Jiang Zhenghan. Xia Linxi told Jiang Zhenghan not to have too much baggage. Everyone was a student who had just turned eighteen years old. If there is anything you can say for help.

Jiang Zhenghan teased Xia Linxi and called her a little tail. He also saw the other side of Xia Linxi. She was a good girl on the surface, but it was for her parents. Xia Linxi was a little moved when she heard that, she said that the reason she did this was because she didn’t want her parents to divorce.

Xia Linxi was very curious and asked Jiang Zhenghan why he read “Introduction to Algorithms”, what is the use of learning programming, I hope he can study hard, after all, the college entrance examination is about to come. Jiang Zhenghan didn’t think about any college entrance examination, Xia Linxi asked him to join him in the entrance examination of Beijing University, and the two rallied.

Jiang Zhenghan helped Xia Linxi practice long-distance running. When Xia Linxi could not run, he used arithmetic to encourage her to persevere. Xia Linxi fell asleep on the desk in the classroom, Jiang Zhenghan looked cute when she was asleep. Zhang Huaiwu discussed with Jiang Zhenghan about a physical education teacher. Zhang Huaiwu wanted to be a physical education teacher because he could easily get his salary. But Jiang Zhenghan did not listen to him seriously, but kept looking at Xia Linxi who was running in the playground.

Gu Xiaoman has doubts. She discovered that Xia Linxi is very mysterious recently. Every time she asks her for a run, she has no time to run, but sports running has made great progress. Zhang Huaiwu reminded her jokingly that Xia Linxi might have abandoned her. Gu Xiaoman didn’t believe it. After school, she quietly followed Xia Linxi to see what was going on.

Xia Linxi wanted to go to the Internet cafe to find Jiang Zhenghan, but she didn’t expect to meet Director Zhang, so she quickly told Jiang Zhenghan. After Jiang Zhenghan got the news, he hid behind the trash can with Zhang Huaiwu. Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi work together every day, Jiang Zhenghan helps her with math, and Xia Linxi helps him practice Chinese, and he is very strict with him. Jiang Zhenghan didn’t like language, so Xia Linxi rewarded him with ice cream. The two study together every day and make progress together, Jiang Zhenghan has a feeling of heart.

In order to repay Jiang Zhenghan for hiding from Director Zhang, Zhang Huaiwu secretly took the province-wide mock test paper to Jiang Zhenghan. But Jiang Zhenghan didn’t agree, and asked Zhang Huaiwu to return the test papers quickly. It was not cheating. This scene happened to be seen by Chen Yichuan. After the province’s mock test came out, Jiang Zhenghan really entered the top 100, Chen Yichuan did not believe it, and pointed out that Jiang Zhenghan was suspected of cheating.

Chen Yichuan refused to give up and let the scene compete. Zhang Huaiwu helped Jiang Zhenghan speak, Feng Tianjun also followed up and asked Xia Linxi to write the question on the spot. Jiang Zhenghan wrote all the answers correctly. Chen Yichuan could only be willing to bet and lose, jumping around the flowerbed, causing a sensation in the school.

Xia Linxi took the running test and was about to enter the college entrance examination score. Jiang Zhenghan had been around to cheer her up, and Gu Xiaoman felt the special feeling between them. Gu Xiaoman felt sorry for Chen Yichuan and tried to make him happy, but Chen Yichuan was unhappy and said something unpleasant. Gu Xiaoman didn’t want Chen Yichuan to always target Jiang Zhenghan like this, and wanted to tell him about Jiang Zhenghan’s misunderstanding. Xia Linxi comforted Gu Xiaoman. Chen Yichuan has such a character, he might not believe it.

Chen Yichuan knew that he had misunderstood Jiang Zhenghan. At that time, Jiang Zhenghan taught three punks to help him. He took the initiative to apologize to Jiang Zhenghan. Xia Linxi was surprised when he saw it.

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