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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 6 Recap

In order to apologize to Gu Xiaoman, Chen Yichuan wrote a poem by Chief Mu Rong, which Gu Xiaoman considered a confession, and was discovered by Director Zhang. Director Zhang thought that Gu Xiaoman and Chen Yichuan were in a premature love, and sent them to the office to severely criticize them. Director Zhang didn’t listen to Chen Yichuan’s explanation at all, and concluded that the early love between the two affected the college entrance examination. In order to protect Chen Yichuan, Gu Xiaoman confessed that he liked Chen Yichuan first and had nothing to do with Chen Yichuan. Chen Yichuan was speechless, and the more they explained, the messier they became. Zhang Huaiwu sneaked into the office and saw Director Zhang lose his temper.

After returning to the classroom, Gu Xiaoman was overwhelmed and cried. Feng Tianjun added fuel to the fire and insulted Chen Yichuan for failing to protect his sister-in-law Gu Xiaoman. Chen Yichuan was very angry and couldn’t help but beat Feng Tianjun. Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan both helped to stop them, but Teacher Zhao called to the office for questioning.

Jiang Zhenghan said that Chen Yichuan was not to blame for this matter. It was Feng Tianjun who constantly provoked and bullied Xia Linxi, and Chen Yichuan stepped forward to help. Feng Weather was very angry, thinking that they had colluded in a nest of snakes and rats. Teacher Zhao believed Jiang Zhenghan and asked Feng Tianjun to invite his parents to come and talk.

When Chen Yichuan, Xia Linxi, and Jiang Zhenghan came out together, Jiang Zhenghan received a call from his mother, and he hoped to give Xia Linxi an hour in advance in the evening. When the two of them came to the house, Xia’s mother was in a hurry to go out and asked them to order takeout. Jiang Zhenghan cooks some good dishes himself. He has something to tell Xia Linxi that he can’t make up lessons for her in the future. Xia Linxi kept asking the reason, but Jiang Zhenghan couldn’t say it.

Mother Xia saw this scene. Mother Xia thought Xia Linxi fell in love and criticized her severely. Father Xia stood by Xia Linxi’s side, and the two quarreled again. Xia Linxi knelt down, hoping that her parents would not quarrel and she would study hard. Mother Xia was very angry and asked for a theory from the school, thinking that Jiang Zhenghan was not doing his job properly and posing as a high-achieving student, which would affect Xia Linxi’s study. She hoped to let Jiang Zhenghan leave the first grade of high school. Teacher Zhao replied that Jiang Zhenghan had dropped out.

Xia Linxi did not see Jiang Zhenghan going to school. She came to the Internet cafe to inquire about the situation and heard the boss say that Jiang Zhenghan had bought a train ticket and was going to leave. Xia Linxi rushed out to take a taxi, and met Da Fei, who rode a motorcycle to help Xia Linxi chase Jiang Zhenghan. Xia Linxi kept crying for Jiang Zhenghan to get out of the car, but Jiang Zhenghan could not explain, and the two separated.

Because of this incident, Xia Linxi only took the eleventh place in the new mock test. Teacher Zhao suspected that she was sick. With only one day approaching the college entrance examination, Teacher Zhao encourages everyone and hopes that students will have better choices in the future. After the college entrance examination, the classmates were all released, finally graduated, and about to enter a new life, but Xia Linxi thought that there should be someone else at this time.

At the graduation meeting of the first grade of high school, everyone spoke freely. Chen Yichuan ran to apologize to Gu Xiaoman, saying that he did not like her type. Gu Xiaoman was very disappointed, thinking that she had been very attentive to Chen Yichuan from junior high school to high school. She got drunk and said that she would live for herself from now on, and Xia Linxi also drank a lot of alcohol with her.

On the way back, Xia Linxi was dizzy and almost fell down the stairs and was held by Jiang Zhenghan. She thought Jiang Zhenghan was an illusion, and slapped him to prevent him from appearing in front of her. Jiang Zhenghan wanted to explain, but Xia Linxi refused to listen. She said that she would start a new life and forget Jiang Zhenghan. Everything she did before was her own will. Jiang Zhenghan held Xia Linxi and kissed her on the mouth, so that she was not allowed to forget herself.

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