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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 1 Recap

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the war continued. Li Zheng set up a shanzhai composed of 48 sects in Huxiang territory to protect innocent people in the war. After years of rest and recuperation, the 48th shanzhai has long been full of talents and prosperous.

Forty-eight villages are isolated from the world by a Ximo River. It is originally an insurmountable heavenly place. In addition, the fish old man’s lead-up array is guarded. Every person who tries to break into the village has no return. When the array is opened, several rocks will appear in the river to connect many rare fish lines to the naked eye. Once touched, the flesh and blood will be cut instantly.

In the 48th village, young children gathered in the martial arts platform to cheer for the people who were in the martial arts. One of the martial arts competitions is Li Yu, the nephew of the master. His martial arts skills are outstanding in the fortress, but they cannot become the best in everyone’s minds. As others talked about it, a woman in short-fitting clothes passed by with a wine pot, tied her head and a ponytail, showing her ability. The person who came was Zhou Fei, the daughter of Li Yurong, the master.

Although Li Qian was in the martial arts competition, because he heard that everyone was talking about it, he insisted on comparing himself with Zhou Fei, and deliberately broke the winepot in his hand. Zhou Fei always looked indifferent, but when he drew a knife to fight, his momentum seemed to change. Zhou Feidao practiced the flow of water, and then deliberately controlled the other party’s actions, so that the game ended with a draw, and the judgment was now made.

Li Yu was young and vigorous. Even if Zhou Fei admitted defeat, he naturally did not want to result like this, and his unyielding made Zhou Fei impatient to pester. Li Ji often denified Zhou Fei’s behavior, and the same was true of the demolition of the teacher’s steps this time. Zhou Fei was angry but seemed to have been used to it.

Just as the two of them were entangled, Yu Lao looked at the dozens of people in black who appeared, killing his best to lead the battle, and couldn’t help laughing in his heart. However, suddenly a teenager appeared, using leaves as a medium, and landed on the fishing line for stepping on his feet, which was easy to achieve. Although the teenager is dressed in tight black like the previous intruder, he has no face covering and does not seem to care about identity leakage.

The fish used to use the fishing rod as a weapon to stop the teenager, but instead, it became the last thing for the other party to step his feet, so that he could successfully sneak into the forest in the fortress, and his figure was hidden in the woods in an instant. Seeing this, Yu Lao immediately ascended to the sky with a signal. Li Jirong and Ma Jili arranged the response method in an instant.

In order to prevent the enemy from moving away from the mountain, Li Ji took a team of men to the outer mountain to guard. Zhou Fei saw that there were a large flock of birds and animals flying out of the forest, and determined that the intruders were hiding. He ignored Li Yu’s concern and stop, and his feet accelerated at his feet, and then came to the important forbidden forest.

In the forbidden forest, there are countless fishlines that are scattered with the Ximo River. Zhou Fei ignored others and entered the forest alone. When he almost accidentally touched the fishing line for a while, he was lucky to rescue the young man who broke into it. The teenager tied his ponytail like Zhou Fei, but his forehead bangs made him a little more childish and free and easy, and his words showed the vitality of this age.

When Li Ji saw Zhou Fei break in, he was blocked by the fishing line outside the forest. Just when he was anxious and useless, the young man in black who had the next few tricks with Zhou Fei jumped from Li Qian’s eyes. Li Yu shouted at Zhou Fei, but he was defeated, so he could only watch the youth disappear in the forest again.

In the elders’ hall, Li Yurong did not blame Li Yu and Zhou Fei for losing to the intruder, but blamed his daughter for being nosy. When the outsiders dispersed, Li Yurong’s husband Zhou Yitang comforted him. He always trusted Zhou Fei’s tough character and behaved in moderation. However, Li Jirong cared more about Li Di, worried about his mixed thoughts, and embarrassed to be in charge of the family, but he did not know that Li Di was listening to it clearly outside the door at this time.

After returning home and saying goodbye to his sister Li Yan, Li Qian wanted to forcibly break out of the Ximo River and leave the 48th Village. Those who wanted to break out before were caught and punished again. Li Yan naturally worried about stopping it, but was tied up by Li Qian and left on the bed.

Zhou Fei got Li Yan to jump all the way to ask for help, and immediately chased Li Yu to Ximo River. The sun has already set in the west, and the water of the Ximo River is different from the day. The method of gossip is changeable. Li Ji saw Zhou Fei coming to save himself and was involved in it. Although the relationship between the two is not harmonious on the surface, the friendship between childhood sweethearts is not false. At present, Li Yu naturally feels guilty.

The two couldn’t stand the change of the lead array. Seeing that there was no resistance. The teenager who was hiding the tree by the river could not turn a blind eye to it, so he appeared again to save him. However, Zhou Fei did not understand the gossip direction prompt at all, so he had to help him personally. When the lead-up array changed again, the three were trapped by the fishing line interwoven like a fishing net, but saw the lead-up array suddenly interrupted.

Because Li Yan asked for help again, the three of them did not die here. The teenager was surrounded on the spot but was not panicked. On the contrary, he easily saw what kind of school Yu Lao and Li Jirong came from, and then frankly reported his name and purpose. The original name of the young man was Xie Yun, and this time he came to find the Lord of Gan Tang, which made Li Jirong alert.

Li Jirong guessed that it was Wang Lin’s sent man. She seemed to have a feud with Wang Lin, but in view of Xie Yun’s rescue, she proposed to exchange Wang Lin’s Anping order to be the past. Anping’s order was entrusted by Wang Lin on his deathbed. Xie Yunzi would not hand it over. He fled with light work. Because Zhou Fei deliberately injured Li Yu, Li Yurong lost the opportunity to chase him, and was punished by his mother for the crime of collaborating with the enemy.

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