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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 2 Recap

Ten years ago, Zhou Fei was trapped in thousands of troops and horses, and fell into the hands of Tong Tianyang. Tong Tian looked up to take the jade wrist bracelet next week, as if he had won the most precious treasure in the world, looking up to the sky and smiling. Like a god of murder, Li’s father broke through the siege and rescued the jade next week and took back the bracelet while the child was overwhelm. He rode his horse to escape.

Seeing that his men were defeated, Shen Tianshu fell from the wall with light achievements, and the arrows were stringed, broke through the wind, straight through Li’s father’s back. If it hadn’t been for Li’s father’s life to save him, Zhou Fei would have died in his youth. It was not until he personally handed his niece and bracelet to Li Jirong’s hand that he would not cut off his breath.

Every time the whip falls, with the sound of the whip, a blood stain will appear on Zhou Fei’s body. Only by remembering the picture ten years ago can she endure the pain of flesh and blood. Zhou Yutang, who should have thought about fasting to recover from illness, loved his own daughter and appeared to reconcile. In addition, everyone also said something to relieve the siege, so that Zhou Fei could not be punished.

In the hall of Disha Villa, Shen Tianshu was not angry because his men could not break into the 48 villages, but this was just a tentative move. Although Xie Yun’s successful intrusion was unexpected by Shen Tianshu, it was not harmful. Even if Tong Tian was ordered to follow the plan, a long-simmering conspiracy was about to unfold.

At this point, Zhou Fei still did not know what was wrong with her, and it was even more difficult for her mother to ignore her feelings. She was wronged by repeated scolding her for not asking the reason. In the past, he took responsibility for Li Yu’s disaster. Even if his martial arts achievements were above him, he was not recognized by Li Yurong. However, Zhou Feinian could be relieved when he sacrificed his uncle’s life to save him. However, he never know what was wrong with Xie Yun, the benefactor who saved this time.

Li Jirong held a knife in his hand and carried the safety of everyone in the village. Even if he heard of Zhou Fei’s grievance outside the house, he still angered his childish heart. However, the current change is imminent. Just like Zhou Yitang’s accidental establishment of Zhendi chess game, Li Jirong has no time to consider Zhou Fei’s mood.

Xie Yun, who is still hiding in the fortress, saw the scars in Zhou Fei’s ear. Because of guilt, he led to the secret meeting in the forest and sent good medicine for trauma. Zhou Fei was smart and tempted Xie Yun to enter the cave and was trapped on the grounds of inability to speak. He questioned the reason why he broke into the fortress.

Outside the war was continuous, Wang Lin set up his clothes in advance, that is, he went to the battle with the heart of death. For the security, the Ping army did not have a leader in the group of dragons. He had to plead Xie Yun to take risks and break into the fortress, and must ask Zhou Yitang to come out of the mountain to preside over the overall situation.

Xie Yun was sincere, but suddenly he stood at the sword in Zhou Fei’s hand. When he was surprised to collect the sword, he escaped from the other party with light skills. Zhou Fei was angry but helpless. He turned to Zhou Yitang’s residence and was followed by Xie Yun, who pretended to escape.

A melody sounded in the village. This song was written by Zhou Yitang when he followed the uprising under Wang Lin’s command, and it has not been heard of the world for a long time. Xie Yun, who sat on the tree playing the flute, saw Li Jirong rushing to arrive and hung the peace order in the trunk of the tree. The order of peace is not trustworthy. Zhou Yutang’s real body has not been seen before. Naturally, Xie Yun will not easily show it. At this moment, it is not only sure to lead to the Lord, but also does not need to put the cart before the horse.

Obviously, Li Qianrong knew the intention of Xie Yun to come, so he blocked it in every way, but Zhou Yitang heard the sound of the flute and made a decision. Tr ?? Peng trapped in the shallows, like the broken angle of the dragon. Li Jirong understood that Zhou Yitang was not willing to close his eyes and listen. She was at peace in a corner of her life. She knew that she could not recover and left angrily.

When Zhou Fei obeyed his father’s order and took off the token hanging from the tree with his own hands, she did not know the meaning of it. It was not until Zhou Yitang stepped out of the gate of the village. Maybe it was difficult to see each other in this life that Zhou Fei was shocked and regretted that he should not help Xie Yun get out of trouble, so that his father was involved in troubled times and the way forward was uncertain.

When the Ping An Army heard that he personally brought people outside the Zhai Gate, their close friends had not seen each other for many years, and hugged each other excitedly. It was possible to show that the two of them were close and could not be erased by time. It’s just that this kind of short-lived gathering was broken again when Zhou Fei came.

Zhou Fei wanted to go out of the mountain with her father to protect each other. She sighed that she thought it was difficult to have an enemy in the fortress, but she could not resist even hearing a move. Zhou Fei broke her sword with her hand, and her self-esteem and hope were immediately broken up. If she could not succeed in writing, she could not do martial arts. In this world, she did not even have the right to choose a trade-off, and even Zhou Fei could not step out of the mountain gate. How can he talk about protecting his father’s safety?

The door was closed, blocking Zhou Fei’s view. No matter how much she cried, she couldn’t get her father to stop and turn back for a moment. Xie Yun didn’t want to live up to Wang Lin’s entrustment, but he never thought that he still made others sad and disappointed. Things in the world are finally difficult to complete. Xie Yun looked at Zhou Feiman’s lonely back with tears and left, and his heart was inevitably mixed.

Hearing that he rode on a horse to open the road, he was stopped by Tong Tianyang and led people to the road before he left the 48th village. Ten years ago, the pain in the eyes made Tong Tian look up for a moment and couldn’t stand it. He was eager to take Zhou Yitang’s life to avenge him. The two sides immediately fought on the spot. Zhou Yutang sat quietly in the carriage and looked at the outside situation with his ears.

Tong Tian looked up and couldn’t get out of it. He shot a hidden weapon and approached Zhou Yutang in the carriage. At the time of danger, Li Jirong suddenly fell from the sky and cut off the hidden weapon with one knife. Zhou Yitang’s unshocked eyes added a little worry because of the sudden arrival of Li Yurong. After listening to his lover’s unstoppable, he regained his calmness.

Tong Tian looked up a few moves and was forced to flee in confusion. Then he watched Li Jirong stand in front of the carriage with a knife and protect him. He was majestic and heard that he saluted with everyone, which showed his respect for him. A breeze blows up the corner of the car curtain, and Li Yurong’s resolute back can be printed in Zhou Yitang’s eyes.

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