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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 3 Recap

The last wish of the ancestors of the Li family, Forty-Eight Villages had no party, no affiliation, no friends, no alliances, and no ambiguity with any forces. Even Zhou Yitang should not make an exception. Today, Zhou Yitang’s life and death have nothing to do with the Forty-Eight Village after leaving the gate of the village, but Li Jinrong’s appearance to rescue is proof that the relationship between husband and wife is difficult to cut. Zhou Yitang moved forward in the carriage, and Li Jinrong turned back to the village, and the couple said no farewell.

Half a year later, the Anping Army received information from General Wu Fei. This person had a fateful acquaintance with Li Zheng. He was a member of the gang with extraordinary skills. Zhou Yitang guessed that if he hadn’t taken the shot, it would be difficult for others to be an enemy.

It was Shen Tianshu who intercepted the letters of Wu Fei and Wang Lin, and learned that there were water ripple tokens, so Qiu Tianjin captured them, and tied his hands and feet with iron chains, trapped in the realm of the evil spirits.

Wu Fei was heroic and courageous, not afraid, until Shen Tianshu killed his wife in front of him, that made Wu Fei lose peace. Fortunately, Wu Fei’s children had been entrusted by Zhou Yitang to Chenfei and escorted them all the way to the Forty-Eight Village. Shen Tianshu obtained this information and guessed that the token was deposited with Wu Chuchu, Wu Fei’s daughter, but sent Qiu Tianjin to chase to no avail.

Amidst the rocks and woods, Xie Yun happened to encounter the Earth Shaman organization searching around. After seeing Chenfei and others not far away, they knew that the two parties were chasing and catching up. Xie Yun missed the favor of Zhaizhong in his heart, and took the initiative to show up to help, and then used Wu Chuchu rouge to disguise blood blisters, pretending that infectious diseases in the family’s body escaped the ears and eyes of the evil people.

Chenfei led everyone to the Huojiabao boundary smoothly and connected with the person who claimed to be Huojiabao. The owner of Huojiapu Fort and Forty-Eight Village had a long history of friendship, and Shen Tianshu was troubled by him deliberately protecting each other. But Xie Yun saw that the eyes of Huojiabao’s people flickered, and there seemed to be something wrong, but he didn’t understand the relationship between them without evidence, and had to pretend not to know, and say goodbye to Chenfei.

In the past six months, Zhou Fei has always remembered Zhou Yitang’s words on her trip. In order to have the right to choose, she has stayed in Ximojiang and used the power of the opportunistic array to improve her abilities. The hard work pays off. The day Zhou Fei succeeded in cracking the Qianji formation was the day when the Xiushantang exams were held in Zhaizhong, and those who succeeded could enter the world through the Shanmen in an open manner.

There are several stone pillars around the arena in the test school. Each stone pillar is guarded by the elders of the village. If you win the elders, you can get the paper flowers in the stone pillars. The most difficult one is the towering wooden pillars on the side, guarding The man is Li Jinrong, the master.

Li Sheng’s determination to go out of the mountain was determined, and he took fifteen paper flowers in one go, winning the praise of everyone present, but Zhou Fei didn’t care. No matter how many paper flowers are on the court, Zhou Fei doesn’t care much, she just wants to get paper flowers guarded by her mother.

Zhou Fei took the initiative to go up the mountain to challenge Li Jinrong, only to find that the knife in her hand could not be unsheathed. In a desperate situation, she integrated the essence of Mingfeng Tower’s martial arts to perfectly resolve the current crisis, which attracted the praise of the elders of the clan. Li Jinrong attacked it with a family-renowned snow-breaking knife, and skillfully helped Zhou Fei draw the knife out of its sheath, but saw that the blade was rusty, making it hard to be an enemy.

But with a few tricks, Zhou Fei was about to be defeated. Suddenly, seeing Li Jinrong using the Snowbreaker, she seemed to feel a little bit of the mystery, and she actually learned her mother’s knife skills. Li Jinrong slashed, Zhou Fei dared not really hurt herself with his mother. Although he was timid and hesitating, he finally held back, deliberately not avoiding, forcing the other party to give in secretly, and fell on the wooden pillar with a knife to contain a moment of action to make Zhou Fei could take advantage of the opportunity and successfully captured the paper flower.

This time, he succeeded in passing the examination of Xiushan Hall. Coincidentally, the Shanzhai lost contact with Chenfei and the others. The old lady Wang wanted to go out to find out the situation in person, so she took Li Sheng and Zhou Fei out to experience. Before leaving, Li Jinrong praised Zhou Fei implicitly for the first time, and even taught the Snowbreaker himself. The snowbreaker is intended to be invincible, even if you hold a paper knife in your hand, it will not break. The focus is on firmness of mind, and no hesitation and withdrawal.

Zhou Fei, who was praised and cared by his mother for the first time, was in a good mood. After a long talk, when it comes to what a hero is, Yu Lao can tell why he has guarded the Forty-Eight Village for his whole life.

At that time, as the head of Mingfeng Tower, Yu Lao was actually just an organization selling information on the rivers and lakes, offending many people in the rivers and lakes, and being pursued and killed by the evil spirits Hu Tianying and Lu Tiankuang. Old Yu was careless for a while, Hu Tianying’s bone-thinning poison was supposed to be killed on the spot, but by chance, Li Zheng was rescued.

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