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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 4 Recap

Regardless of gains and losses, Li Zheng saved Mingfenglou. Such people are the heroes in Yu Lao’s mind. In order to repay Li Zheng, Yu Lao decided to protect the Forty-eight Villages for his whole life.

Mrs. Wang and Lao left Forty-Eight Village with Li Sheng and Zhou Fei. Li Yan couldn’t bear them, so she cried for a while. They explored a few hidden piles, but there was no news of Zhang Chenfei and his party, guessing that they were still in the enemy’s territory, and hurried to find them. At this time, Zhang Chenfei and his party had been stunned by Huo Jiabao Huo Liantao’s drug, and were locked in a black jail. Xie Yun found that Huo Liantao had built a black jail in the mountains and had secretly imprisoned many martial artists. He was puzzled and decided to ask the Lord Huojiabao about this. On the other side, upon learning of this, the big village owner Canglang hurried to the Huojiabao black prison.

Mrs. Wang and Lao and his party came to the village a short distance from Huojiabao, and found that the people here did not welcome them, so they didn’t bother much. At night, the villagers brought tools to look for Mrs. Wang and Lao and his party, insulting them as thieves. Since the Lord Huojiabao fell ill, the villagers have never seen people from Huojiabao again, and they are all bandits.

Upon learning of this, Mrs. Wang hurriedly asked Li Sheng to protect the villagers to find out how many thieves were there, and she took Zhou Fei to find the leader of the thieves. She suspected that the culprit had something to do with Huo Jiabao, and hurriedly asked Zhou Fei to pass her hairpin with the Xiaoxiang faction mark to the culprit, first letting them let themselves go. Reluctantly, these thieves didn’t recognize the Xiaoxiang school’s logo, and insisted on taking Zhou Fei and the carriage away.

Angrily, Zhou Fei killed them with a blood-breaking knife. Mrs. Wang and Lao hurriedly asked Hong Yun to check if there were any culprits who slipped through the net. Knowing that the culprit had protective gear on his legs, Mrs. Wang was very puzzled as to why the people from Huojiabao who were good at leg skills would become robbers.

After thinking about it, Mrs. Wang decided to change her way to Huarong City to find out about Zhang Chenfei’s information. She gave her money and tokens to the displaced villagers and asked them to go to Li Jinrong in the 48th village. Li Sheng felt that the culprits had come too suddenly. He was worried that Zhang Chenfei would be in danger and wanted to go and investigate on his own, but was stopped by Mrs. Wang.

At night, Zhou Fei sat outside alone, missing his mother. Li Sheng took advantage of her carelessness and left without permission. Zhou Fei hurried to chase him, and on the way, he ran into a man from Disha Mountain Villa leading the horse from Forty-eight Village and hurriedly followed. She decided to find a path to follow, but unexpectedly fell into the cave next to the black prison. Xie Yun recognized Zhou Fei and asked him why he came here.

While they were talking, people in the black jail came to deliver food and asked them if they saw Zhou Fei. Because the people of Huojiapu added a weakening and tenderness to the meal, Xie Yun did not give it to Zhou Fei, but promised her that he would invite her to a big meal in the future.

Facing Zhou Fei’s inquiry, Xie Yun told her what happened after Gan Tanggong came out of the mountain. Gong Tang took over the Anping Army and opened up a pure land for the local displaced people, enabling them to live and work in peace and contentment. Knowing this, Zhou Fei was very happy for his father.

Huo Liantao, the younger brother of Lord Huo Laobao, took advantage of the Lord’s illness and joined others in Huojiapu, hoping to create a second Forty-Eight Village. Those who don’t join Huojiabao will be caught in a black jail. Knowing that Zhang Chenfei and his party were imprisoned in Huojiabao’s black jail, Zhou Fei insisted on saving people.

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