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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 5 Recap

In order for Zhou Fei to successfully rescue people, Xie Yun told her about the terrain and guard posts near the black prison. Zhou Fei could not see the picture drawn by Xie Yun, so she avoided the heavy guards and came to Xie Yun’s prison. Xie Yun told Zhou Fei that there were guards on the upper and lower floors of the black jail, and they would change shifts every other hour when they knocked on the clapper. She specially told her that if you see a person in red, don’t hesitate and leave immediately. .

After returning to Forty-Eight Village, immediately let the elders of the family go to Huo’s family to make a big deal. At this point, Huo Liantao would not want to offend Li Da’s head, and would definitely release Zhang Chenfei safe and sound.

Xie Yun stopped Zhou Fei, who was about to leave, and gave her a wooden knife carved by herself, telling her that if she went out, she would look for her. Zhou Fei felt that she could not escape, nor could she leave Xie Yun alone. When shifting shifts, the people who walked first evacuated through the small pavilion, and those who came later had to patrol the surroundings for a short time. In this moment, the handover pavilion was dark under the lights and could settle down. Zhou Fei took this opportunity to sneak in and stole food from the sentry booth.

When she was evading the guards, she was stopped by the gray wolf in the dark prison. She took the food she had stolen to Canglangsha, and deliberately told him that there was no medicine in the biscuits. Seeing this scene, Canglangsha was very moved and decided to keep her alive. Facing Canglangsha’s question, Zhou Fei did not reveal that he was from the Forty-eight Village.

Zhou Fei believes that since Wenrou San is placed in the food, it obviously needs to be prepared uniformly in the kitchen. People come and go in the kitchen, it is impossible to be foolproof, there will be people who eat by mistake, and there must be a spare antidote. She followed the cook to the kitchen, found a lot of medicine, and hurriedly brought it to Xie Yun.

The earth evil came, and Huo Liantao asked the guards in the black prison to defend against the enemy. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun took this opportunity to leave the black prison and ran to Mu Xiaoqiao’s room to find a gentle antidote. They accidentally found explosives in Mu Xiaoqiao’s room and realized that Huo Liantao was about to blow up the black jail, and hurriedly took the antidote to the black jail to rescue the detainees.

In the black jail, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun were surprised to find that the person who was making the trouble was Tong Tianyang of Disha. Tong Tianyang forced Huo Liantao to hand over Shen Duyin and water ripples with his fate. At this time, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun joined forces to rescue the Dao Chief and Zhang Chenfei and the others. Just when they were about to leave the black jail, the Suzaku master Mu Xiaoqiao played a crying makeup, and then appeared to fight the Earth Sha’s Wolf Sha. Zhou Fei was surprised to learn that the person who had pointed him in the dark prison was the Cangsha, the strongest martial artist among the evil spirits.

During the fight between Canglangsha and Mu Xiaoqiao, Huo Liantao lit the kerosene line and wanted to blow up the entire black prison. Tong Tianyang hurriedly told Canglangsha about this and escaped from the black prison. Zhou Fei went out to face the person who had paid the evil spirits, and Qi Men Chongxiao pointed her aside. Although the people of the evil spirits were levelled, Zhou Fei’s knife broke. The black prison was blown up, and Yu Wenzhi hurriedly sent people to search the black prison, and be sure to find the descendants of the Wu family.

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