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Officer’s Diary


Emperor Do Yeon-woo is on fire these days.
I can’t live very much because of the crazed cadet named Juharo, who is crazy in the record.

“The emperor threw an appeal.”
“The emperor ordered the lord to stop writing.”
“But the chief officer did not stop recording. So the emperor was so angry that he told me to stop using it.

“It is the law of this country that records all of the emperor’s affairs, so foolish beliefs cannot but obey them.”

That’s right. So I get more pissed off.
Not knowing the degree and trying to record every step of the way,
How on earth can I separate this sticky leech… … ?

“Yes, I love to record your image behind you! It’s really, really the best!”
Haro couldn’t overcome my excitement, kneeling down and raising his arms.
“Infinite Gwangyoung is coming! Your lungs haha!”

A story that communicates with the heart and the body through the deeds of the emperor of the real ruler!

Officer’s Diary (史官日記)
Associated Names: 사관일기(史官日記)
Quiet time
Genres: BL, romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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