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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 43 Recap

Gong Mai Yan became Ying Zheng’s eyeliner inserted in Ganquan Palace, and she would often pass messages through the temple stone to inform about the recent movements of Lai Lu and Zhao Ji. When Ying Zheng learned that the conspiracy had been settled, his eyes flashed, and Li Si made a decision almost immediately, and the elbow and axillary problems could be eliminated.

The news was sent to the city of Handan in the country of Zhao. Zhao Wangyan was overjoyed in his letter, and immediately sent Li Mu and Pang Nuan to lead the Zhao army to the main force. Whether or not Qin left the customs, it would be beneficial and harmless to them. If the woman can win Qin The power of the country, Qin and Zhao’s grievances disappeared, thus forming an alliance.

Similarly, South Korea is only willing to send troops to contain the Qin army and refuse to fight it. Wei Wangzeng couldn’t count on South Korea, and simply crushed all his wealth to his wife. He immediately ordered Pang Zi to lead his army to station on the border of Qin State without covering up. When the time came, it would be the inner supernatural power and the outer ghost, and Ying Zheng was caught off guard.

Zhao Jie found out that Qin Wangzheng suddenly summoned the generals stationed abroad, so he was worried that something was wrong and hurriedly informed Lai. However, Lai Wei believed that this move was bound to be won, and she was totally unguarded. He was even more lazy when he heard the news, and planned to ask Zhao Ji to write a decree to send troops.

Unexpectedly, Laiyi hadn’t taken any action yet, and suddenly she saw that the monk Shi presented a Yingzheng edict to Zhao Ji, and wanted to send Yang Duanhe, Huanjuan, and Wang Jian to lead soldiers outside the pass to resist the enemy. After listening to the content, Lai was following his heart, so she couldn’t wait to persuade Zhao Ji to seal it as soon as possible. Zhao Ji was very entangled in her heart, and finally chose to follow Lai’s opinions when comparing the two, tacitly accepting that he was seeking to usurp the throne.

After leaving Ganquan Palace, the monk Shi presented the edict to Lu Buwei and asked him to stamp the seal. Lu Buwei concluded that Lai Lu was in collusion with Sanjin inside and outside and wanted to go wrong, and then went to the palace with the edict to see Zhao Ji, please play to kill Lai Lu. Zhao Ji frankly confessed that she had two sons with her daughter, and she would like to protect each other with her life and never allow anyone to hurt him.

Lu Buwei never thought that the situation would develop to this point. The plaything he personally gave to Zhao Ji at the beginning, but in turn played the royal family in the palm of his hand. Considering that the alliance between each other is absolutely non-existent, Lu Buwei has become more and more determined to behead her, otherwise not only will he lose the scepter in his hand, but the century-old foundation of the Qin family will be destroyed.

Since Lishan Camp only had Mengyu’s 50,000 soldiers and horses, Li Si was worried that this move would be too risky. However, Ying Zheng insisted that only 50,000 sharp soldiers would be needed to quell the rebellion, as long as Li Xin and Wang Ben watched the confidant closely. At this time, Lu Buwei came to Yingzheng to discuss the killing of the woman, but Yingzheng repeated the old tricks, and pretended to be innocent in front of Lu Buwei, decisively rejecting this proposal.

Even though there is currently no evidence to accuse Laomu of conspiracy, Lu Buwei still allows Fan Yuqi to lead the elite armored man to rob Dao to capture Laomu and take him into the Xiangfu. It happened that Meng Yi saw this scene and immediately rushed to the inner palace to report to Yingzheng. Because of the sudden incident, Yingzheng went to the Xiangfu in front of him and sent someone to notify Zhao Ji.

Just as she was about to be hanged and died, Ying Zheng and Zhao Ji arrived at the Xiangfu in succession, stopped Lu Buwei in time, and rescued her from his hands. Lu Buwei watched the maiden escape from death, and even followed Zhao Ji away arrogantly. His heart was so cold that he was exhausted for Qin and Yingzheng, so why he treated each other like this.

At the Lishan camp, Yingyu brought twelve confidants to the horse. Mengwu was obstructed by the Queen Mother’s order, so he had to accept them and arrange them to hold military positions. In the next few days, Zhao Ji issued several edicts in succession. Basically all of his cronies went deep into Qin Ting, and the arsenal and the city defense were under control.

The chaos in Xianyang is now in danger, especially when Li Si sees Ying Zheng being caught in a gambling game, he can hardly extricate himself, and then he understands Lu Buwei’s concerns. Ying Zheng summoned Qian Chen privately and ordered him to take the royal family to guard Xianyang and only bring a group of ministers and clan members to Yongcheng.

Dong’er decided to stay in Xianyang City to take care of Fusu, which meant that Guopo would perish, and Guoxing would be prosperous. Yingzheng wanted to marry Dong’er after the chaos ended, but before he could say anything, she saw her. Madam Liqiu has arrived in the hall. Dong’er consciously retreated, but her face was already full of tears as soon as she left the house.

Li Qiu saw that Fusu was young and wanted to stay and take care of Donger. But as Mrs. Qin, if she did not participate in the ceremony, she would have violated the ancestral training. Even if Ying Zheng was reluctant to support Su, his body was too weak to travel long distances.

At the same time, Lu Buwei handed Wang Xi to Zhao Ji and asked her to transfer it to Yingzheng. Standing in the back of the account, Lai Xiao eavesdropped, and couldn’t help but cheer. That day, he found Yingyu and asked him to write an edict to send troops to Yongcheng. As everyone knows, Yingyu had a ghost in her heart, and it was nothing more than using him to take power.

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