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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 44 Recap

Suddenly, Zhangtai Palace was still quiet as usual. Ying Zheng specifically went to the Queen Mother Huayang for fortune-telling and divination, and by the way, invited her to go to Yongcheng to observe the ceremony. In this troubled time, the grandfather and grandson finally let their suspicions come to an end and share the same enemy.

After worshipping the Queen Mother Huayang, Ying Zheng went to the Xiangfu to visit Lu Buwei, only to see that the former power minister had fallen into decline and had been in power for twelve years, leaving only an old and sick body. Lu Buwei was able to break through this situation and it was not clear that he was grateful for the kindness of the prophet’s knowledge and trust, and entrusted the whole country to it. However, Qin Wangzheng’s advisers and ministers are like clouds, even if they have the intention, they are no longer powerless.

Even so, Yingzheng still urged Lu Buwei to look at the relationship between the monarch and the minister, father and son, and be able to take up the task of supervising the country again, help himself guard Xianyang, and quell the gang. Now Ying Zheng has played the emotional card. As for Lu Buwei’s choice, it all depends on his thoughts. If he takes advantage of the chaos and rebels and becomes the king, it is not only Li Si’s concern, but also the expectation of Xiangbang’s son and Zheng Yi.

In April 238 BC, Qin Wangzheng led the crowd to leave Xianyang, and since he went to the old capital Yongcheng to hold the crown ceremony. At this time, the first thing Lai Lu wanted to do was to go straight to Ganquan Palace unscrupulously, and to take down the Lulu sword that had been hanging on the draper for many days in excitement and shame. It meant the inheritance of Qin’s foundation. , It also means that Lai Lu is ready to kill the king and usurp the throne.

In Changxinhou’s mansion, a group of mobs gathered here, Lai Lu handed out edicts, and He Xuansi immediately surrounded Xiangfu with many county soldiers, intending to capture Lu Buwei. Unexpectedly, Lu Buwei arranged for archers in the mansion in advance. After an order, thousands of arrows rained down from the sky. He was forced to retreat and caught him off guard.

Zhao Xie was instructed to press the Zhangtai Palace and go all the way to massacre, surely to capture Yingzheng’s son alive. Dong’er hugged Fusu and hid in the Zhangtai Palace at a loss. Fortunately, Fan Yuqi was ordered to rush to keep the thief out. Lai Ming learned that the clan of the surname Ying was lying in ambush at the Weiyang Monarch’s Mansion, so she asked Xuan Si to lead the rebels to turn around to strengthen Dong Qi, and fight with Ying Lai and others.

Seeing this situation, Yangquan Jun Mi hurriedly lit the haystack and desperately guarded the fire. Under the distant clear blue sky, a thick black smoke was slowly rising from the solitary peak of Zhangtai Palace, and the flames at the roots of the smoke column were as clear as in front of them, and they were delighted to see them.

Since ancient times, wolf smoke has been a warning for soldiers, but there are military stations where they must rush to help. Today, the smoke of the wolf rose in Xianyang City, clearly wanting to call in soldiers to capture the thief. Ying Zheng learned of the news of the conspiracy of the soldiers, so he quickly summoned all the ministers to discuss matters in the Dazheng Palace, and even in front of many ministers, asking Zhao Ji to convict him. , And even personally pressed the seal.

Zhao Ji knew that there was no room for maneuver, and then sadly announced the annihilation of the traitor. Yingzheng prepared two edicts in accordance with the established deployment. One ordered Meng Tian to take the edict to Lishan Camp, and informed Meng Wu to send Lishan 50,000 elites to Xianyang to quell the chaos; the other was to add Weiqi and Wei Dian to him. The two returned to Xianyang in time, calling on foreign visitors, clan families, Chu family, and Xianyang subjects to quell the chaos.

Since Yongcheng’s defending army and Langguan’s guards were less than a thousand people, Mi Qi and Mi Dian simply dispatched two hundred Langguans to return to the city with the edict and handed the edict to Lu Buwei. Li Si had arranged a reception in the city, and reminded them to enter through the south gate.

The ridiculous situation has gone, and all the dust has settled. Mrs. Huayang regrets that Zhao Ji digs her own grave. She should have been wealthy and honorable for the rest of her life. However, she was bewitched by a traitor and ended up betraying her. In particular, Zhao Ji didn’t know how to repent when things happened. It was both pitiful and pathetic, and I am afraid it would be difficult to end well.

Yingyu carried the tiger talisman and rushed to the Lishan camp, demanding that the Mengwu handover is in Wangjie, and he will be in charge of the army. Mengwu refused to give up power and was detained instead. Li Xin and Wang Ben noticed the difference, so they guessed that Mengwu had been controlled by Lai Lu and others. They immediately decided to split the troops. Li Xin was responsible for notifying Ying Zheng, and Wang Ben informed his father Wang Jian of the situation.

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