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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 45 Recap

The rebels stormed Zhangtai Palace, and Fan Yuqi led everyone to resist desperately. The rebels entered Li Si’s mansion, but no one was seen in Li Si’s mansion. The rebels found that the kitchen stove was still warm and concluded that they had not escaped far, so they immediately sent someone to chase him down. At this time, Meng Tian met Li Xin who had come to report the letter, and learned that Lishan soldiers had fallen into the hands of his relatives, and Mengwu had been held hostage. The two rushed to Yongcheng to report to Yingzheng.

Lai Niao became angry with his subordinates because he couldn’t attack the Xiangfu for a long time, and his subordinates offered plans to go to the arsenal to find a siege vehicle to break the city hammer. Li Xin Mengtian passed by Yinxian looking for reinforcements.

In Zhangtai Palace, the maid Xiaoyan and the monks came to tell Dong’er that there were many rebels outside and it was difficult to protect the son. Dong’er followed them and fled first. Fan Yuqi came to find Dong’er but did not find him. Zhao Zhan led the rebels. He came to find that the son Fusu was no longer there, and ordered people to search the palace to find him. Fan Yuqi hid in the palace, and Zhao Li’s people were chasing him. He turned over and hung on the wall to escape the pursuit.

Li Xinmengtian and the two shouted loudly on the streets of Yinxian County, the rebellion Laoyao rushed to Yongcheng to escort them, because there are many old Qin clans in Yinxian County, they soon assembled a team of people and everyone rushed to Yongcheng. Go to save the king. Xiaoyan and the temple people took Dong’er to Ganquan Palace. At this time, Ganquan Palace was the safest place. The temple people went to find Fan Yuqi, and Xiaoyan took Dong’er to Fusu with his son.

In the Yongcheng court, Li Si said that the situation is critical and that the rebels may come to the city at noon tomorrow. At this time, someone came to report that thousands of people in Yin County came to rescue, and Ying Zheng asked Li Xin Mengtian to lead the troops to deploy to defend against the enemy. Yingzheng insisted that the crown ceremony be held as scheduled.

Wang Ben came to the camp to find his father, Wang Jian, and informed that there was a change in the Lishan camp. Wang Jian was facing the risk of death by the squad leader without edict, so he sent troops to Yongcheng to protect the king. The subordinates told her that she had not found her son Fusu, and she scolded her subordinates for uselessness. She personally came to the Zhangtai Palace and told her subordinates to find the son Fusu.

When Mrs. Li Si, her son and others saw the war abate, they came to Jinxianju to stay. They were recognized by the boss Yifeng. They walked to the hall and found that Weiyang Jun and others were also here. Everyone heard that Zhangtai Palace was breached and worried that the son would help Su. Falling into the hands of the rebels, Li Si’s son said that no news is good news. Jun Weiyang and others decided to enter the imperial city to rescue the son Fusu.

Ying Zheng promised to the soldiers and civilians of Yinxian who came to escort that he would add noble awards in the future. Weiyang Jun and Li Si’s son Li You invited the old Ting Wei Wei Zhuang to help. Everyone outside the palace prepared to mix into the palace and discussed the countermeasures to rescue Fu Su.

Suddenly she appeared in Ganquan Palace, and Xiaoyan let Dong’er hide in the cupboard while Fusu in the swaddling clothes was sleeping soundly. Xiaoyan dragged her, but she wanted to rape Xiaoyan. At a critical moment, Fusu suddenly cried and caught her attention. Dong’er was killed by the maiden to protect Su. Before he died, he recalled all the past with Yingzheng, and remembered what she had said that it would be her blessing to die for Zheng’er, and now she has fulfilled her wish.

The palace lady Xiaoyan ran away holding Fusu desperately. She was rescued by Fan Yuqi at the very first moment. On the way to escape, Xiaoyan was shot to death by an arrow. Only Fan Yuqi escaped with Fusu alone.

At this time, the person Wang Jian sent to investigate said that the Lishan camp was empty, and Wang Jian ordered the soldiers to take off their luggage and kill the anti-thief. At this time, the rebels were less than fifty miles away from Yongcheng, and Yongcheng was stepping up defense.

In order to protect Fan Yuqi and Fusu, Fan Yuqi died. Fan Yuqi finally met Yingnai and others, and he was encircled by the conflict between Fusu and Weiwenjun. Wei Wenjun was promoted to escort Fusu and died here.

Mi Qi Mi Dian brought them to the South Gate of Xianyang. It was Mi Chen who came to meet him. Everyone talked about the situation of Xiangbang Mansion being attacked day and night by 嫪毐. The edict of the great king was still entered into Lubuwei’s house by Mi Qi Mi Dian, and he ordered the soldiers to send the king’s order to the army and the people of Xianyang to jointly destroy the rebels and quell the rebellion. Jun Weiyang and others went to take the king’s order to mobilize the people in the city to kill the women and put Fusu in the family.

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