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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 46 Recap

The white horse crosses the gap, like a shuttle, like an arrow, like a drop of insignificance, only looking back. Throughout the founding of Qin Dynasty, no king will be like Yingzheng, and the day of the crown will be broken.

On Yiyou Day of the middle moon in 238 BC, a huge crowning ceremony has been held in Xianyang City. The king of Qin crowned his sword in front of the ministers’ family members, and was ordered to heaven, and then went to the ancestral temple to pray for training and hope that the Xianyang rebellion would be calmed down. , And vowed to make the Great Qin Chaotang clear and bright, and the national power strong.

During this period, Lu Buwei led the orders and fought out. When the two sides did not fight too much, the rebels were defeated and Lai Lu was forced to retreat to Zhangtai Palace. Xiangfu’s clergymen pursued the victory, coupled with the joint efforts of the people of Xianyang and Ying’s clan to kill, all the thieves and soldiers of the Zhangtai Palace had no retreat.

Even though Zheng Huo had always been greedy for money and fear of death, he dared to follow his brother Zheng Yi generously in the disaster, even blocking a fatal arrow for Lu Buwei and died on the spot. Seeing that the situation was settled, Dong Qi immediately lobbied her to flee, but Ying was separated from Lu Buwei, so she went to apprehend Yingjie, which infuriated Zheng Yi.

With Yingyu and Wang Jie leading the army to the canyon pass, Wang Jian and others were already ready to go until the opponent entered the trap area and then carried out an ambush. Wei Renpo was killed on the spot. After Ying Xi was captured, she couldn’t help but hurriedly handed over the tiger symbol to show her loyalty, claiming to be obedient to Keqing Li Si, but she did not expect that Wang Jian would not buy it when he heard the words, and immediately took over the army of Lishan and ordered Wang Ben to lead 30,000 elite horses to Xianyang to support. , He took people to the Yongcheng King Qin escort.

Now that the crowning ceremony is over, Zhao Ji, at the request of Yingzheng, obeyed and returned the prison king’s seal, frankly saying that he could shed the heavy responsibilities and return to peace. After Ying Zheng took over Wang Xi, he publicly announced that from now on, only Wang Xi could act on behalf of the King of Qin, and all the ministers must act in this way. Then the edicts were passed on to the subjects of the Qin Dynasty. Those who were born with a wife would give millions of money, and those who killed them would be halved Give it.

Yu Shi Wang Wan was ordered to send the edict to Xianyang quickly for publication. In addition, he drafted a letter of credence and sent it to Korea, Zhao, and Wei. He warned him that if he refuses to retreat quickly, he will regard the other party as an invader. Crusade and kill. Zhao Ji was so distraught that she almost fainted on the ground.

After thousands of miles of travel, Wang Jian’s body load reached its limit, but he still struggled to reach Yongcheng, and ordered Lishan soldiers to station three miles away, and then led his troops into the city to report the situation of the rebels to Yingzheng, exhausted. faint. Ying Zheng was shocked and moved, frankly admitting that Qin You and Wang Jian are fortunate for the whole country.

Zhao Jie planned to abandon the son of Lai and escape alone to save his life. Fortunately, Wei Zhuang appeared in time and surrounded him with Qin Min. At the same time, the same group of confidants went out of town overnight, and when they walked to the northern river bank, no one was chasing them, so they were relieved and simply rested here for the time being.

In the Dazheng Palace, the mother and son have not been alone for a long time, and there is neither warmth nor words. The only fetters between each other are regret and forgiveness. Zhao Ji regrets allowing her to initiate the palace reform, so that the two young children suffer, but she has never thought about the suffering of the political affairs. Even now, she still intercedes for her father and son, even if she prefers to abandon the post of empress dowager. Since then, I left Xianyang and never met.

Originally, Ying Zheng still had a glimmer of hope, but hoped that Zhao Ji could wake up and regain this relationship between mother and child. But when Ying Zheng heard that Zhao Ji was “trapped by love” like the Queen Mother, involuntarily, even forced to death, so he slowly said “You are not worthy” to explain his inner disappointment and let Zhao Ji completely despair.

In the past, mothers were kind and filial, but the present is suffocating. In just nine years, there has been such an earth-shaking change. After all, whether the son does not know the mother or the mother does not know the son, no matter how you look at it, it will not be able to restore the fragmentation of the royal family.

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