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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 47 Recap

Once the wanted order was announced, it was known to the whole country. Lai Ming learned that Zhao Jie had been arrested and thought that the child was still in Xianyang, so she wanted to go back to rescue him. Dong Qi’s persuasion failed to oppose his ridicule. Just as the two were in the middle of the bar, Ying Su suddenly appeared with troops. Lai Xiao did not surrender. Seeing other cronies abandon the battle, he became angry and killed Dong Qi with a sword to prove his unwillingness.

The soldiers and civilians of the Qin area shared the same enemy and fought a national disaster, and finally succeeded in capturing and killing the foreigners of the rebels. Lai Luo and his remaining party members were all detained in heavy shackles. The city of Xianyang, which had been ravaged by the war, was rebuilt and waited again for the King of Qin to reign. Return. In the face of the people of Daqin who were welcomed by the road, Ying Zheng was deeply touched and expressed his gratitude from the bottom of his heart. He promised to make the world peaceful and return with a peaceful life.

As everyone sang “No Clothes” and the singing was melodious, Qin Ting’s power and politics was finally returned to Yingzheng. Everyone cried silently, not only sorrowing today’s hard-won, but also looking forward to Qin’s future. Ying Zheng returned to the palace and found that Dong’er was dead. Looking back to the past, his heart was very sad, so he immediately ordered Meng Tian to dig the ground three feet to capture Fan Yuqi.

At the same time, Li Si personally interrogated the wife, because seeing him resisted, he simply threatened the lives of the two young sons. In the end, Lai Lu took the initiative to explain the causes and consequences of Lu Buwei sending him into the palace, and even got more and more excited, including many malicious plantings that added fuel and jealousy.

Li Si drafted a list of all the people involved, and then submitted it to Yingzheng for a decision. The Sixth Department of the Law was ordered to issue a sentence. All those involved in the case were divided into serious and serious sentences. They were sentenced to three years of service or exile in Shu area. News about politics.

Now that the season for awn planting is approaching, and the sentence is coming as scheduled, the Weishui grass beach gathered many onlookers, including the son Wei Hong and Zhao Chen Guo Dan. Some people wanted to see how the rebellious officials and thieves were able to punish the people, and the others were secretly planning how to make up for the defeat.

Win Yu will be cut in half, and Li Si will be cursed before his death. Ying Sui was sitting on the monitoring platform and was extremely unbearable to see this situation. Only Kui-like was immersed in the revenge of the old and new hatred. She gave an order and saw her two lives slain by the knife. After Yingyu and Zhao Jie were executed, five brawny men walked into the execution ground with a trance-stricken, then tied knots, finally let the five colorful buffalo end his sinful life.

Originally, Li Si wanted to suggest that Yingzheng should take the opportunity to inquire Lu Buwei, but Yingzheng only punishes the other party, and the car is cracked, but he has not been investigated. His son Lu Hui was worried that Lu’s family would be punished, but Lu Buwei seemed particularly calm, and even frankly said that he had decided to enter the court as an official and was contaminated with right and wrong. Regardless of the result, the generations of Qianqiu will be judged for merits or demerits.

That night, Ying Zheng summoned Lu Buwei to gather on the east gate wall. The torrential rain is ahead, and the pair of monarchs, who are not father and son better than father and son, find a moment of comfort in the noise of the tumultuous rain, and recall the past together. In order to avoid Yingzheng’s dilemma, Lu Buwei took the initiative to admit his guilt and resigned from Xianyang.

At the Zhangtai Palace Meeting, Ying Zheng expressed his determination to sweep the six countries, and awarded all the ministers, Li Wei Zhuang, Wei Qi worship as the prime ministers of the left and right, and Wang Jian to the right, etc., only the winning clan did not obtain real power and important positions. Ying Sui was also only named the post of Tai Fu, and anyone with a discerning eye could probably see that Ying Zheng intended to reuse the Chu family to suppress the clan.

When the dust settled, Mengwu consciously had a burden to win the government, and was always locked up in the palace for crimes. Yingzheng didn’t want him to languish at this point, so he ordered Meng Tianzhao to return to Lishan camp to train the army. It just so happened that Zhao Gao was cleaning the blood stains in front of the hall. Ying Zheng was very interested in him. Thinking of the lack of a close attendant by his side, he asked Meng Tian to check his details.

In the battle secret room, Ying Zheng and his confidantes discussed the strategy of destroying the Six Nations. Wang Ben suggested that Zhao should be destroyed first, and Li Si suggested that Korea should be destroyed first. While Ying Zhengshang was repeatedly deliberating, he did not expect that the East County Shoujibao reported that the six nations would be united again, and Li Si proposed to investigate.

The clan of the surname Ying was very dissatisfied with the court meeting, and then believed that Yingzheng’s award was unfair, so they protested against Yingzheng, and wanted him to come forward to find Yingzheng to discuss an explanation.

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