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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 48 Recap

Because the old Qin clan and clan members made a big fuss in the Weiyang monarch’s mansion, the Weiyang monarch asked Yingzheng Jian to remove his clan relatives in order to contribute to the great achievements of the king. Ying Zheng asked Weiyang Jun how to simplify and promote, and there is no one with the surname of the Weiyang Jun court, and Xu Zong’s family should be honored by high officials. If you are given a post without success in your political speech, or show honor without a noble, the country will be chaotic.

The rebellion of Weiyang’s monarchy was all the disaster of foreign relatives’ political affairs, and the old Qin family and clan rushed to the front to quell the rebellion. Yingzhengyan Dao clan is the foundation of the Qin State. If there is an inch of merit, the reward will be awarded, and everyone will inevitably be complacent and not enterprising. Clan relatives want to become the mainstay of Da Qin, and they have to start with one scoop and one scoop. But Yingzheng still told Jun Weiyang that he would order Jun Changping to choose his clan when selecting talents, and Jun Weiyang had nothing to say.

The Changping Monarch’s Mansion is very lively, and the Weiyang Monarch also came here because the power to appoint officials is in the hands of Changping Monarch. Monarch Weiyang didn’t care about not having the invitation, so Mi Qi came to welcome Monarch Weiyang himself. Chang Wenjun Mi thought about it, and the clan surnamed Mi was mixed with the clan, but he didn’t know what he wanted. Lu Hui, the son of Lu Buwei, asked to see Changping Jun. Lu Hui said that she was recommended by Lu Buwei after all, and that Lu would be implicated in the investigation, and Changping Jun should be asked to try to save it. Mr. Changping said that when the storm passed, he would talk to the king.

At the outdoor banquet, Mi Dian replied that there were more than a dozen official positions written on the back of the Weiyang Jun gift list, whether he came to congratulate him or come to ask for official positions. Some of Lu Hui’s people in the room said that if Weiyang Jun is unwilling to help, why should he shirk this way. Yingjie and Mi Dianqiang, Changping came forward to reconcile, Weiyangjun left.

Lv Huimen’s disciples offered to Lu Hui, and the way to protect the Lv family was to welcome the queen mother. There are many rumors in Xianyang City because Lu Buwei recommended her to the Queen Mother. Now the Queen Mother is living in Yongcheng, and if the Queen Mother returns, no one would dare to criticize Wen Xinhou.

In Weiyang Monarch’s Mansion, Yingjie gritted his teeth and Dao Mi’s surname deceived people too much. He believes that because Lu Buwei has been in office for decades, foreign visitors are the biggest hidden danger of Qin. Although Lu Buwei lost power, his party members still occupy important positions. The current plan is to eradicate the Lu family to allow the old Qin clan to regain control of the world. Yingjie said that the clan should take the initiative to ask the king to punish Lu Buwei, so that Qin foreigners can be eliminated, and Weiyang Jun fell into thought.

Above the court, the Lu family asked the Queen Mother to return, saying that the Queen Mother is the foundation of the Great Qin Dynasty, Ying Zheng’s face suddenly changed upon hearing this. Refuting them, the Queen Mother and her elders disobeyed, and you even talked about it for their own benefit, turning black and white. Ying Zheng’s mood was extremely anti-chuckling, saying that several ministers were related to the Queen Mother, so would they be killed. Yingzheng said that every word would forgive the latter, and kill without pardon, and Yingzheng killed 27 courtiers in a row.

The Qin clan members gathered at the Weiyang monarch’s mansion again, and they were called Weiyang Jun Zouming. The king wanted to expel foreign visitors and return to the Qin clan. Since most of the 27 courtiers executed by Yingzheng were related to Lu Buwei, everyone clamored to execute Lu Buwei. At this time, the Qin clan members believed that the failure of the clan to be reused was due to the reform of Xiao Gong, and the government was mostly controlled by foreigners.

Meng Yi came to report to Yingzheng, and Jun Weiyang led the clan to ask for a visit. The clan members implored Ying Zheng to punish Lu Buwei and rectify the country. Ying Zheng angered in court that, although Lu Buwei recommended the wife, but later had a counter-insurgency, it was not enough to punish him, and more than half of the ministers in the court were involved, including the queen mother. Ying Zheng’s story about Lu Buwei will surely be explained by the clan.

Zhao Gao waited beside Yingzheng, very winking. At this time, Lu Buwei was flogging Lu Hui in the mansion, accusing him of acting recklessly. Ying Zheng came to Lu Buwei’s residence, and Ying Zheng asked Lu Buwei to return to the enfeoffment.

Mr. Changping came to see the Queen Mother of Huayang. The Queen Mother of Huayang said that Lu Hui and Mr. Weiyang had an accident, but they slapped Mi surname on the head, which was very unfair. The Empress Dowager Huayang told Changping Jun that as the prime minister, she must assist the king and should not talk nonsense just because of a momentary wronged. The Empress Dowager Huayang let Changping Jun learn from Lu Buwei’s calmness. Ying Zheng came to the Huayang Queen Mother’s Palace, and Lord Changping retreated. Ying Zheng wants to talk with the Queen Mother Huayang about the way of life. Said that after Lu Buwei left, he lost a good teacher.

Ying Zheng said that the prime minister he wanted not only had to be highly moral, but also to convince the public. Ying Zheng asked the Queen Mother Huayang at this time and all the ministers of the six countries were in Chu State to discuss the matter of co-independence, and asked whether the Queen Mother Huayang could recommend a good minister to break it, without the need for the people, and sprinkle the battlefield. The queen mother asked Mi Qi to come out, and Mi Qi said he was willing to go to Chu to break the six kingdoms.

Li Yuan, the Lingyang monarch of Chu State, received a report from his subordinates, saying that the Qin State’s Changping Jun asked for a meeting. The envoys of the Six Nations gathered in the Lingyang Military Mansion and said that they had already planned a plan for the reunification, and only waiting for Li Yuan to see. Li Yuan said that he caught the thief who caused the embassy to be stolen yesterday and was brought up. This person was actually Mi Qi.

It turned out that Mi Qi deliberately handed over the stolen goods to Li Yuan. The book on the bamboo slips was about how the countries conspired to subvert the Chu State. , Li Yuan was angry at the messengers of the Six Nations. Mi Qi said that the envoys were superficially coherent, but secretly spread rumors, which was not good for the king of Chu. Li Yuan ordered the emissaries of the Six Nations.

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