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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 49 Recap

Lu Buwei copied several boxes of bamboo slips overnight and prepared to send them to Yingzheng. Lu Buwei left by car, and many people in Xianyang came out to meet him off. Lu Buwei sighed in his heart that this life is enough for the Qin people to treat each other like this. The ministers sent Lu Buwei to the city gate. Yao Jia, Wang Wan, Meng Wu, Mi Chen and others practiced for Lu Buwei. Ying Zheng was also at the city gate and watched Lu Buwei leave, recalling what Lu Bu taught before. Mrs. Mihua said that Fusu couldn’t stop crying, and she probably didn’t want to leave Zhongfu. Ying Zheng asked Meng Yi to take his son to help Su to meet with Lu Buwei, and ordered the jade in his hand to be given to Lu Buwei.

Lu Buwei will clear the arrangements before the Six Nations, and wrote that the memorial will be handed over to Li Si, and Li Si is asked to hand it over to the king. Lu Buwei urged King Li Si to sweep away the six countries, not to leave a statement to the six countries, and to avoid conflicts between the clan and foreigners, and asked Li Si to find a way to help Yingzheng open the knot and welcome the queen mother. Lu Buwei was about to leave, and Meng Yi brought his son to help Su to send him. Lu Buwei coaxed his son Fusu not to cry, took Yu Jue, and left. Everyone chanted and sent off to Xiangbang. Standing on the gate of the city, Ying Zheng swears in his heart that he will destroy the six kingdoms in this life and dominate the world, and he will never disappoint the high hopes of the first king and his father.

Daqin Fu Episode 49 Stills
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Yingjie is in charge of the water conservancy of Qin State, and thinks that Zheng Guo has been in charge of repairing the canal for several years. If Zheng is found to be corrupt, foreign visitors will have no face and stand in the court of Daqin again.

Ying Zheng looked at Lu Buwei’s country-management policy. Lu Buwei said that the six countries have deep roots and have existed for hundreds of years. Ying Zheng needs to know oneself and the enemy. We should first find out the population and strength of each country, carefully calculate the military population of the countries in ten years, and also know the geometry of the six countries’ grain storage, the amount of arable land, and the crops in agriculture. These are related to the supply of food and grass during the war. . Before the war, Zheng Guo needed to repair the ditches and use merchants to control the salt and iron of the six countries. Ying Zheng believes that Lu Buwei’s performance is just what he wants. Therefore, before the war, Zheng Guo must be ordered to repair the canal, and Wang Wan and others must gather 200 actuaries to carefully calculate the population, food, and arable land of the six countries.

Yingjie’s subordinates came to Zheng Guoxiu’s construction site and hid in the camp, just in time to hear the Korean messenger talk with Zheng Guo. Yingjie’s subordinates believe that Zheng Guo is a Korean. The South Korean envoy told Zheng Guo that this large canal was used to irrigate the fertile grass of Qin State, and that the day it was opened was when the Qin State Iron Rider entered South Korea. He also said that Zheng Guo is a Korean, why should he help the Qin people destroy his home country? The people who repaired canals worked for eight years day and night. Zheng Guo could not bear to destroy the foundation. He did not agree with the Korean messenger. The Korean messenger regarded Zheng Guo Family life threatened. At this time, someone from outside reported that Li Si asked Zheng Guogong to go to Xianyang to discuss the canal repair. Yingjie’s subordinates mistakenly found that Zheng Guo was silly, and reported the matter to Jun Weiyang.

Daqin Fu Episode 49 Stills
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Zheng Guo came to the South Korean messenger again, begging Han Wang to spare Zheng Guo and the poor 100,000 soldiers who repaired the canal. However, the Korean envoys still let Zheng Guo continue to delay the construction period. The difference is so small that Zheng Guo can’t bear to take risks with people’s efforts. When the two men were talking, soldiers came to search and arrest Zheng Guo. It turned out that Jun Weiyang personally led Zheng Guo to take away.

Li Si interceded with Ying Zheng for Zheng Guo in the temple. Li Si guarantees his life, and Zheng Guo has no two minds. The monks read the king’s life on the street, saying that Zheng Guo was a South Korean spy, who had lurked in Qin State for nearly ten years, broke the car, and punished his tribe. But he said that he waited until the people were all committed before the execution.

The clan members again gathered outside the palace to make trouble, saying that the people of the Zheng state were thousands of miles away. The king was clearly protecting Zheng and asked the Weiyang monarch to kill Zheng immediately. Monarch Weiyang told his clan members not to act without authorization, so he went to meet the king first.

Ying Zheng met with Weiyang Jun in the main hall. Weiyang Junjun said that Zheng was a spy and wanted Ying Zheng to distinguish between right and wrong. The two argued over the issue of foreign visitors and clan relatives. His clan family members set themselves on fire, and Jun Weiyang said that he would never be a guest, and Daqin would never have a peaceful day. Ying Zheng said that the talents of the six countries should be recruited. Only relying on the strength of clan kinsmen could not support Qin. Jun Weiyang said that Yingzheng must choose one among the clan’s relatives and foreigners. In the end, Yingzheng issued an edict to make foreigners leave Qin within three days. Those who do not listen to it will be cut off, and those who listen to the foreigners cheer.

Ying Zheng called Meng Yi to write an edict and asked Meng Yi to hand it over to Meng Tian, ​​and let him act according to the edict. The clan family informed everyone that Kui Zhuang Li Si had left Xianyang. The clan relatives were ecstatic and shouted that the government could finally return to their hands. Jun Weiyang said that this is the king’s retreat. When the clan clan renounces government affairs, foreign visitors will return. Jun Weiyang urged you not to discard the face of your clan and to be diligent in government affairs. Jun Weiyang came to Tingwei Mansion, but found that the huge mansion was unattended. It turned out that all the foreign guests were driven away and no one was available, so Emperor Weiyang handed the Tingwei Mansion to his clan.

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