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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 6 Plot

The detective team leader Bian Guoli received a call from the police station chief who claimed that he had caught a man suspected of rape. The man’s name was Zhang Yiwei. When Bian Guoli heard that it was Zhang Yiwei, he was immediately taken aback, and then told the police chief not to neglect Zhang Yiwei. Bian Guoli put down his work and notified Yiwei’s mother to rush to the police station together. The chief of the police station has found out that Zhang Yiwei is the son of the political commissar secretary, and apologized to Zhang Yiwei politely.

Zhang Yiwei came to his heart and said that he was an ordinary person when he came to the police station, and the police station chief didn’t have to pay for it. Bian Guoli rushed to the police station and picked Zhang Yiwei home. Yiwei’s mother arrived in the car, and after getting in the car, Zhang Yiwei still made trouble at a very moment. Bian Guoli reminded Zhang Yiwei that he could not relax his guard. He concluded that Qiao Yi should keep the evidence of having sex with Zhang Yiwei. As long as Qiao Yi was willing, he could take Zhang Yiwei to court at any time.

In the future, Zhang Yiwei must always act carefully, otherwise he may be retaliated against. Feng Sen came out of Hu Xue’e’s house and was overtaken by Shen Guangshun. Feng Sen decided to find the woman who sold lottery tickets to Shen Guangshun. Shen Guangshun became so angry that he wanted to teach Feng Sen, but in the end he only said a few intimidating words. Feng Sen went to Hu Xue’e’s community again to investigate the whereabouts of a woman named Song Limin. Shen Guangshun rushed over and tried to teach Feng Sen, but Feng Sen was subdued. Hu Xuemo rushed over and scolded Shen Guangshun away.

She thought Feng Sen could rescue her young son. Shen Guangshun is divorced, and the whereabouts of his daughter Miao Miao is unknown. He has always wanted to find Miao Miao, but Hu Xuemo only wanted to rescue his youngest son Shen Guangjun. Seeing that Shen Guangshun only wanted to find his daughter, she was angry and decided that the two women should do their own things. , She no longer spends time looking for her granddaughter, and concentrates on saving her little son in jail.

Zheng Rui was suspended for investigation for beating prisoners in prison. Chen Yong and Zheng Rui have a very good relationship. When Xiong Shaofeng was investigating Zheng Rui, Xiong Shaofeng saw that Chen Yong gave various benefits, and privately told Luo Xinran to be careful when following Zheng Rui’s case. Opening his eyes and closing his eyes, Luo Xinran believed that Xiong Shaofeng was violating the rules, and Xiong Shaofeng believed that he was grasping the scale and did not violate the laws and regulations.

Chen Yong summoned Zheng Rui to his side, and said that Zheng Rui couldn’t control his skill and severely injured the prisoner Shen Guangjun. Zheng Rui mentioned that he saw his mother die in the hands of criminals when he was young, so he hated criminals since childhood. Chen Yong understood Zheng Rui’s feelings and reminded Zheng Rui to work normally without worrying about being punished. He would find ways to protect Zheng Rui’s thoroughness.

Feng Sen inquired extensively and finally found out the whereabouts of Song Limin, Shen Guangshun’s ex-wife. Song Limin runs a store. Feng Sen greets Song Limin when he enters the store and points out that Song Limin is Shen Guangjun’s sister-in-law. Song Limin saw that Feng Sen’s coming from was unknown, she immediately stretched her face and was reluctant to respond. Feng Sen. Feng Sen is close to Song Limin. Song Limin is unwilling to mention Shen Guangjun’s murder and imprisonment. Feng Sen is not worried that Song Limin will be angry and raises the Shen Guangjun murder case with a smile.

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