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The True Taste of Divorce


Yumi and Sangwoo, who were CCs while divorced , got married after more than 6 years of love.
Eight months were happy as if blind, and the remaining 12 months as unhappy as hell.
I still love you… … .

‘Let’s get divorced, that’s better.’

Sang-woo’s super-strong water, thrown in the desire to rectify the disagreeable relationship, became an irreversible handshake. In late autumn, two months before their 2nd anniversary, they divorced. My sore finger is

“Welcome to… … .”
The moment I saw Sang-woo with a cake box in one hand and a bouquet in the other, I was stunned.
“Why did you come?”
“To have dinner together.”
“I have an appointment.”
“Put it to the next.”
“What do you believe is so brazen?”
It’s a birthday, and it’s not good enough to welcome my ex-husband with both hands up.
“Do you think it would have been easier for me to get here?”
“So don’t come.”
“Stop nagging because I came after I was in conflict.”
“Ha! Amazing. There is no separate red container.”
“I’m going to have dinner together, but what’s so hard? So who wants to live like this? It bothers people.”
The divorce was not over.
It was impossible to organize my loving heart.
Sorry and remorse come back to life later.
The daily life that seems to be running fine is frustrating but not true. I could have pushed out sex with a man I know. I could have driven it out.


The words that waited until the moment of divorce.
Those words that have been waiting all the time after divorce.

The moment his tearful lips touched his lips, the loneliness he had endured poured in.

The desperate sex that they have never done during a relationship or during a marriage embarrassed the two.

The taste of love I learned’It seems like something is stuck on the soles of my feet, but it hurts a lot. Please take a look.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s a masterpiece that looks obvious.

‘The wash basin doesn’t go down well, is it time? Or not.’
The same is true of Yumi that she wants to see Sangwoo every moment.

“You shouldn’t do what you hate, you shouldn’t do what you feel ashamed of. I think there was such a standard. When it comes to sex.”
Yumi muttered with her lips on his chest.
“That’s why I’ve only had healthy sex all the time.”
“Because I thought you would like it.”
“I like rough things… … .”
Sangwoo laughed quietly.
“I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I’m afraid I’ll hurt.”
“I was embarrassed to look like a bright girl.”
“I couldn’t do that because I was afraid that Sang-woo Kwon would hate me.”
He said with a bitter smile.
“We, both of you were so stupid, right?”
The two people who had looked at each other for a while, said at the same time.
“Because I wanted to look good.”
“Because I wanted to look good.”

The true taste of divorce
Associated Names: 이혼의 참맛
Go Eun-young
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.16
Status: N/A

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