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A simple single life to enjoy being abandoned


“I don’t need a daughter like you in my family! You can’t take it as a shame for being swept away by a scandal.

I didn’t even want luxury items like necklaces.
The curtains in the ugly bedroom weren’t bad either.
Shoes of different heights were okay as the heels were worn out.

But Catherine like that is now tired too.

“Okay, I’ll leave.”

She decided to leave this house, even if it was dirty and fatal.

“Who are you. Pope’s dog? You’ve come to this place well.”

The man who broke into her mansion remained wet from head to toe.
Underneath the black leather boots, I saw a mess of mud.

Dragging mud, not grass, while cleaning the floor!

“The disguise is pretty good. As anyone sees, she was a normal urban woman, so she was almost fooled… .”

She gave the mop she was holding to the man.

“What do you look so stupid? You want to clean the floor? And I don’t mean to use the sword in the first place. Would you like to be reported for attempted murder due to intrusion in your home?”

A simple single life to enjoy being abandoned
Associated Names: 버림받고 즐기는 소박한 독신의 삶
Oat Lee
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 101 (Completed)

List of Chapters:

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