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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 34 Recap

Xia Hongyuan knew that Xia Ranran had gone to the Qingshan Sanatorium, and asked Chen Luo to help find it. After all, he had a fight with Han Yun and his wife. Xia Hongyuan was about to retire after finishing this work, Chen Luo was a little surprised. Su Mo was kidnapped. Soon Shao Mingzhe received a photo. He was with Xia Ranran and did not answer the phone. He lied that it was Shao’s mother. Xia Ranran asked him to go quickly and left by himself. .

After Xia Ranran left, Shao Mingzhe hurriedly called, and the other party said that his girlfriend was here, so he decided whether he would come. It was Shao Kai who kidnapped Su Mo. He wanted to ask Peng Jing to watch a good show. Xia Ranran received a call from Shao Kai as soon as she was about to have a meeting, saying that she had something to say, and that this matter was related to her happiness and grand development.

Chen Luo also left when Xia Ranran was missing, while Peng Jing quietly entered the office. Shao Kai took Xia Ranran to a remote place and said that Shao Mingzhe had an ex-girlfriend, and this person had a special relationship with her. The person was also with him when Shao Mingzhe went to An County. Shao Kai took out the photo. Xia Ranran saw Shao Mingzhe and Su Mo together and did not rush to believe it. Shao Kai calmly took out the surveillance camera. Su Mo and Shao Mingzhe were together in the container. Xia Ranran was stunned, and Shao Kai added fuel and jealousy to the side.

Xia Ranran simply stated that she and Shao Mingzhe were only a cooperative relationship. She knew that he had a woman outside, and they only needed to be a couple of gods and goddesses in public. Xia Ranran calmly asked Shao Kai for the key, saying that he had grabbed a handle from Shao Mingzhe today, but after getting off the car, he kept telling himself that Shao Mingzhe had his reason not to tell her. When Xia Ranran opened the container, it happened that Su Mo kissed Shao Mingzhe. Shao Kai would not believe that they were just cooperation of interests.

Peng Jing secretly transferred all the Hongyuan Group’s money. Shao Mingzhe chased Xia Ranran to explain that he should not conceal his relationship with Su Mo, but Xia Ranran was very excited at this time and left directly. Shao Mingzhe did not catch up, because Su Mo still needed someone to take care of him. But things surpassed Shao Kai’s expectation. Suddenly someone attacked Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe took Su Mo’s hand in a panic, and Xia Ranran got into Chen Luo’s car and left safely. Su Mo was injured. Shao Mingzhe sent her to the hospital. Shao Mingzhe stayed in the hospital and called Xia Ranran, but neither she nor Chen Luo answered the phone.

Chen Luo took Xia Ranran to a place, gave her medicine, and told her that Shao Kai could not do it alone. Xia Ranran also understood that this was Peng Jing’s method, just like framed four years ago. She hides drugs like. Chen Luo was very worried about Xia Ranran’s safety, and he couldn’t lose her. After Su Mo woke up, he was moved to see Shao Mingzhe by his side.

When Shao Mingzhe saw that she woke up and wanted to leave, Su Mo took his hand and said that he only wanted to live for him. However, Shao Mingzhe felt that Su Mo did what he did to Xia Ranran today. Su Mo hurriedly explained that she was also kidnapped, but Su Mo had teamed up with Peng Jing before, and Shao Mingzhe couldn’t believe him. Xia Ranran’s phone call still couldn’t get through.

Chen Luo sent a message saying that she was with herself. Shao Mingzhe didn’t need to worry about it. Shao Mingzhe couldn’t find their location and was sad, and he would never let those who hurt Xia Ranran happy. Shao Mingzhe asked Egg Roll to contact Lin Xiang’an for help, and Egg Roll called him Lin Xiang’an not answering. The egg roll asked heartily why Shao Mingzhe didn’t tell Xia Ranran about his relationship with Su Mo. Instead, Shao Mingzhe calmed down and asked him to go to Lin Xiangan. There are many things that need him.

Xia Ranran was awakened from a nightmare. Chen Luo made her fish early in the morning. Xia Ranran said that he wanted to find those who hurt her. Chen Luo disagreed. She was too dangerous now. Chen Luo went back to deal with the matter and let Xia Ranran stay at ease. Of course Xia Ranran could not be so obedient. Shao Mingzhe slept restlessly all night, always worried about Xia Ranran’s safety. Those people were arranged by Peng Jing.

The other party asked Peng Jing to double the price, and Peng Jing agreed, but they had to remember that Shao Kai gave the money. As soon as Peng Jing got home, she packed up her things and was about to take Chen Chenyuan to fly high, but Chenchen clamored to come back to pick up the little bear, and was hit by Xia Hongyuan.

Xia Hongyuan said that Chen Luo had called and Xia Ranran was attacked, and asked Peng Jing who did these things. Peng Jing pretended to be stupid. Xia Hongyuan knew that Peng Jing went to the financial manager’s office yesterday, and he knew everything she did, including changing the dressing. Xia Hongyuan never exposed Peng Jing because she was pregnant with her child, but she did not expect her to do such a vicious thing. Peng Jing didn’t pretend, and admitted frankly, and told him that she was not pregnant, and asked Xia Hongyuan why he lied to herself when she was pregnant with Chenchen, he was clearly divorced!

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