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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 35 Recap

Peng Jing and Xia Hongyuan had torn their skins. Peng Jing felt that Xia Hongyuan only had the company and his shares in his heart, but if Peng Jing had been quiet and quiet, he would have given her a share of money, and would even be grateful to her for a lifetime, Peng Jing But he did such a vicious thing to Xia Ranran. Peng Jing said that Hongyuan Group is now an empty shell, and she was going to take Chenchen away. Xia Hongyuan refused to let her take Chenchen away. During the two pushing and pushing, Xia Hongyuan was knocked down by Peng Jing and passed out.

Peng Jing was a little panicked for a while, taking Chenchen, who was startled next to him, preparing to leave, but saw Chen Luo. When Peng Jing left, Shao Kai discovered that she had been cheated by her. Xia Ranran immediately rushed to the company and pressed Shao Kai to the public. He kidnapped Su Mo and asked someone to kill him. Shao Kai scared him. After a jump, the people behind had nothing to do with him, Peng Jing did it!

When Peng Jing was about to escape, Xia Ranran hurried to the hospital. Chen Luo sent Xia Hongyuan to the airport and told Xia Ranran that Xia Hongyuan had fainted as soon as he walked in. Xia Ranran asked Chen Luo to come and call the police on the way. As soon as Peng Jing arrived at the airport, she was surrounded by Xia Ranran, Chen Luo and Shao Mingzhe. Peng Jing found someone to hurt her and also harmed Xia Hongyuan, but Peng Jing had no fear because they had no evidence.

Upon hearing this, Shao Mingzhe took out a surveillance video in which Peng Jing admitted to pushing Xia Hongyuan’s actions, and then the police took Peng Jing away. Xia Ranran comforted Chenchen, and Shao Mingzhe took out the next thing unhurriedly. When Chen Luo blocked Peng Jing, Peng Jing threatened him to tell her that he had poisoned Xia Ranran four years ago and kept helping her. Peng Jing is the one who does things. Xia Ranran was surprised again after watching the video, and was frustrated for a while.

Xia Ranran took Chenchen to see Xia Hongyuan, and Chen Luo had already left. Xia Ranran had thought that Chen Luo was Peng Jing’s person many times, but he forgot everything when he was good to himself. Chen Luo said that his mother had lung cancer and needed surgery, otherwise he could only live for half a year. Peng Jing said that he could help.

He has the conditions, which is why he helps Peng Jing. Chen Luo’s mother still only lived for half a year. Xia Ranran said that she forgave him. She would always remember Chen Luo as her teacher, but they didn’t need to meet again in the future. After hearing these stories, Xia Hongyuan told Xia Ranran that there is no one who is good to her in this world, and she accepts both good and bad.

Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran explained that Shao Kai had admitted to setting up the bureau and Peng Jing had also been arrested. Shao Mingzhe took out the doll and said sorry to Xia Ranran time and time again. This was what he had just bought, and it happened to be a pair with Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe put the doll in Xia Ranran’s hands and said that he still had things to do, and hoped that she would wait for herself. Chen Luo lost. He lost since he framed Xia Ranran for hiding the drug. He knew that Xia Ranran would not forgive him and had no chance, so he decided to surrender.

Su Mo’s wound was almost healed, but he yelled for the doctor to call Shao Mingzhe. The nurse had contacted him many times. Shao Mingzhe only said that Su Mo would be given the best medical conditions and he was unwilling to come in person. Eggroll found Lin Xiang’an. He was in a bad mood a few days ago and he just came back from a walk around. Eggroll told him that Su Mo had been kidnapped and Xia Ranran was almost killed. Lin Xiangan knew that Su Mo wanted to see him, and the egg roll was anxious, and if he didn’t go, it would hurt Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran!

Su Mofan did not eat or drink. Lin Xiangan came. He never thought about keeping Su Moqiang by his side. He just hoped that Su Mo would be happier with the people he was with. But Su Mo is not Happy, Shao Mingzhe does not love her, even if Su Mo died because of Shao Mingzhe, he would not love her! Su Mo is so obsessed that she loves him even if Shao Mingzhe does not care about her! Lin Xiangan gritted his teeth and scolded Su Mo for being cheap, but Su Mo still disagreed.

Shao Mingzhe told Xia Ranran that the gang had been arrested, Lin Xiangan found Shao Mingzhe and said that Su Mo was waiting for him in the ward, but Shao Mingzhe did not come to see her, but came to Xia Ranran. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran and Lin Xiang’an to the Su Mo Ward, and wanted to stop the matter. Shao Mingzhe took Xia Ranran’s hand and said that she was his fiancée.

Once Su Mo was really important to him, but he now loves Xia Ranran. Su Mo looked at Xia Ranran and said that everyone knew that she was Shao Mingzhe’s ex-girlfriend, but she didn’t know. She regretted that she had taken Xia Ranran’s advice to study in the UK and that she took away her happiness. Su Mo drove everyone away and cried bitterly in the ward.

Shao Mingzhe followed Xia Ranran into the subway, but Xia Ranran disliked him because he deceived himself and was self-righteous. Shao Mingzhe grabbed Xia Ranran’s shoulder and said that he loved her. He has never affirmed their feelings like now, just like Xia Ranran loved him. Xia Ranran took advantage of the chaos to enter the subway and left Shao Mingzhe.

She sent a message to Shao Mingzhe saying that if he could find her until twelve o’clock, it would mean that their fate was not exhausted and they would reconcile. Xia Ranran went one stop and went another stop. Shao Mingzhe persevered and ran along the subway line again and again, getting closer and closer to twelve o’clock, and the two were looking for each other.

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