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Fate 只为那一刻与你相见 Episode 36 Recap

Shao Mingzhe finally found Xia Ranran and took her into his arms to declare his sovereignty. Xia Ranran will belong to him all his life. Shao Mingzhe said that he and Su Mo had passed, and hoped that Xia Ranran would stop thinking about these things. He planned to be engaged to Xia Ranran on the weekend.

There will be more and more people who oppose them in the future, so he must be fast. Xia Ranran was surprised by Chen Luo’s surrender, and felt that he had ruined him. Shao Mingzhe comforted her to surrender is a relief for Chen Luo. From now on, Xia Ranran can rely on her for anything.

Su Mo was discharged from the hospital, and Lin Xiangan planned to move out, but Su Mo did not stop him. Shao Mingzhe went to check all the information about Han Yun’s surgery in the hospital. At that time, Han Yun and Shao Yunan were sent to the hospital in a car accident. Han Yun did not notify his family members. Instead, Shao Yunping came. Shao Yunan hoped not to trouble Han Yun because of himself. Shao Kai also surrendered himself.

Shao Yunping planned to release him on bail. He hoped that Shao Mingzhe would not tell his grandfather. Shao Mingzhe agreed. He also asked if he knew Han Yun. Shao Yunping denied. Shao Mingzhe took out Han Yun’s surgery notice and why his family members. The signature is his name? Shao Yunping sighed, but Shao Mingzhe knew that he was infinitely close to the truth. Regardless of the truth, he would be engaged to Xia Ranran this weekend.

Shao Yunping went to see Shao Yunan. He was practicing in the temple. Shao Yunping told him that Shao Mingzhe and Xia Ranran would be engaged on the weekend. Shao’s mother was very happy. There was no need to let her know about him and Han Yun. Chenchen couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t see his mother. Xia Hongyuan comforted others to make mistakes. Xia Ranran took him to tell a story, and took her to see her mother in a few days.

The next day, two minutes before the meeting, Su Mo brought a lawyer to Xia Ranran and said that he would withdraw the Southern Suburb design plan. Xia Ranran angrily refused. They had signed the contract! Su Mo insisted on filing a lawsuit, because Xia Ranran couldn’t keep up with the bid no matter whether she won or lost, Xia Ranran was very angry, and all of this was planned by her! Xia Ranran had no choice but to hold a meeting to rearrange the design drawings, and no matter whether they could catch up with them, they had to get out.

Shao Mingzhe came to Xia Hongyuan to talk about the engagement with Xia Ranran. In his words, he complained that Xia Hongyuan only cared about interests. He also said that he would give Xia Ranran a complete home and make up for the lack of love. Xia Hongyuan sighed, Peng Jing’s thing was a mistake, and he didn’t want this kind of thing to happen to Xia Ranran again. Shao Mingzhe came to the company to find Xia Ranran.

Xia Ranran was bothered to eat because of things in the southern suburbs. Shao Mingzhe said that as long as the two of them got engaged, these things would not be a problem. He also said that she would give her Shaw’s design plan. Xia Ranran considered repeatedly and refused. Even without Su Mo, she wanted to form a design team belonging to Hongyuan. She could not rely on Shao Mingzhe for the rest of her life. Shao Mingzhe hoped that Xia Ranran could rely on him for the rest of his life, but Xia Ranran also wanted to be someone he could rely on.

Shao Mingzhe asked the egg roll to give Xia Ranran a black engagement dress. Xia Ranran liked it when she saw it. Shao Mingzhe also officially proposed to Xia Ranran. The happiest thing about the two being engaged is the egg roll. He is very moved to see Xia Ranran find a man worthy of entrusting his whole life. She is a maternal attitude to Shao Mingzhe to take good care of Xia Ranran, otherwise he will never let him go of. On the way home, Shao Mingzhe showed Xia Ranran pictures of her childhood, and both of them were very happy.

On weekends, when Xia Ranran and Shao Mingzhe got engaged, Shao Mingzhe was very nervous. Xia Ranran wore a dress and got on the car. Xia Hongyuan felt inwardly that he seemed to see Han Yun’s appearance when he was young. At the engagement scene, Lin Xiangan and Su Mo also came, and the egg roll was going to stare at them all the time. Yin and Yang cursed her for being a princess in Lin Xiangan’s hands, but she had to commit a crime. Lin Xiangan couldn’t listen anymore.

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