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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Xiaoman hurriedly found Xia Linxi, and the school posts were all circulating that she had a boyfriend, which was written by Jiang Zhenghan, senior brother Meng Zhixing. Xia Linxi was very angry and went to the School of Computer Science to find Jiang Zhenghan, just to see him with Meng Zhixing. When the two came to the underground parking lot, Xia Linxi questioned Jiang Zhenghan, doing so was naive. Jiang Zhenghan apologized. He spoke for the senior brothers. There was no malice in doing so. He hoped that Xia Linxi would not care too much, and Jiang Zhenghan hoped that Xia Linxi could take this time as his first confession to her.

Xia Linxi was at a loss. Qin Yue also came to the parking lot because of the post. Then he discovered that Jiang Zhenghan liked Xia Linxi, and Jiang Zhenghan also knew that the Xiaoxi that Qin Yue often mentioned was Xia Linxi. . Qin Yue thought that Jiang Zhenghan had made a post deliberately. He asked Jiang Zhenghan how to be responsible. Xia Linxi didn’t know what to do and left in embarrassment.

Jiang Zhenghan and Qin Yue went to the gym together. The two expressed that they would play fairly for Xia Linxi, one said that he was a childhood sweetheart with Xia Linxi, the other said that he had already taken the lead, alluding to the first kiss that night. Qin Yue told Jiang Zhenghan not to run, waiting to win or lose, and quit if he lost. Jiang Zhenghan believes that liking means liking, without winning or losing, he admits that he likes Xia Linxi.

Xia Linxi returned to the dormitory and watched movies with Gu Xiaoman and Chu Qiuyan, but she had been immersed in Jiang Zhenghan’s words. Chu Qiuyan saw the clues and pulled Gu Xiaoman to make Xia Linxi confess and be lenient, wanting to know the story of her and Jiang Zhenghan. Zhuang Fei accidentally heard the three people talking outside the door, and was particularly unhappy. When she opened the dormitory, she lost her temper at everyone.

Jiang Zhenghan was at a loss. He sent a message to Xia Linxi, worried that she would be troubled by Post Bar. Jiang Zhenghan asked Duan Ning who was playing the game, hoping that he could help him out. Because of Jiang Zhenghan’s confession, Xia Linxi forgot to recite English when she was absent from class, so Chu Qiuyan quickly woke her up.

The teacher drew Zhuang Fei to recite, but Zhuang Fei’s dialect should be too heavy and was ridiculed by the students. The teacher then called Xia Linxi to recite. Xia Linxi used fluent English, which contrasted sharply with Zhuang Fei, which made Zhuang Fei very embarrassed in class. Xia Linxi kindly wanted to help Zhuang Fei learn English, but Zhuang Fei refused.

The professor heard about Xia Linxi’s post. He knew that Jiang Zhenghan was worrying about it. He helped him check Xia Linxi’s grades in private and found that her math grades were very good. He hoped that Jiang Zhenghan would invite Xia Linxi to the computer school team to participate in the competition. .

Qin Yue found Xia Linxi and planned to hold her 19th birthday party. Shi Ying dressed up and prepared to go to the students to meet with Qin Yue. Unexpectedly, receiving Qin Yue’s text messages, he invited many classmates to help Xia Linxi celebrate her birthday. Xia Linxi wanted to invite Zhuang Fei, but Zhuang Fei didn’t give her a good face.

Zhang Huaiwu suddenly ran to Jiang Zhenghan’s dormitory and wanted to stay for a few days because it was uncomfortable for someone in his own dormitory to fight back and forth. Duan Ning was a little disgusted when he saw Zhang Huaiwu’s hippie smiling face. Zhang Huaiwu’s mouth was so sweet that he could give Duan Ning a predicament, as long as he could live here. Duan Ning immediately agreed, but the only difficult thing was Chen Yichuan.

After Chen Yichuan came back and saw Zhang Huaiwu in the dormitory, he did not allow Zhang Huaiwu to live in. Zhang Huaiwu said a lot of flattering things, which made Chen Yichuan feel that he was begging him, so he agreed.

On Xia Linxi’s birthday, Qin Yue deliberately did not invite Jiang Zhenghan, and Zhang Huaiwu hurriedly reported to Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan rode a bicycle all the way, worrying that the time would not be in time. At this time, Qin Yue was taking out flowers to confess to Xia Linxi. Jiang Zhenghan took out the computer and hacked into the big TV screen at the party to express his feelings for Xia Linxi, making her wait for him anyway.

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