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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 11 Recap

Xia Linxi felt embarrassed after seeing the screen. She ran out of the party and was chased by Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan took out his buttons and knew that Xia Linxi also had the same one. He just wanted to confirm Xia Linxi’s answer, because he was afraid that Xia Linxi would agree to Qin Yue’s confession, so he didn’t want to miss any chance anyway.

Xia Linxi was very angry, thinking that she had become a tool for Jiang Zhenghan and Qin Yue to compete. She hoped that Jiang Zhenghan would not use this naive way in the future and let herself become a gossip for everyone to talk after dinner.

Jiang Zhenghan didn’t know what to do, so he went to the gym to run and exercise. Qin Yue mocked and thought that Jiang Zhenghan definitely did not like Xia Linxi’s confession. He said that he had watched Xia Linxi grow up and knew her very well. Jiang Zhenghan disagrees, thinking that he doesn’t have to look at growing up to understand. He is very clear about Xia Linxi’s thoughts. She is not a good girl on the surface, and sometimes she does things irrationally, but this is what Jiang Zhenghan likes. Qin Yue asked to re-enact the rules.

Xia Linxi was doing mathematics analysis in the classroom alone, and was seen by Professor Shi, who admired Xia Linxi’s problem-solving ideas very much. In the big class, Jiang Zhenghan took the initiative to sit next to Xia Linxi and told her that Professor Shi wanted her to join the computer school team, hoping that she would agree. Chen Yichuan heard that the computer school team added people and thought that if he didn’t use himself, Duan Ning would also join in the fun. He hoped that Jiang Zhenghan would introduce himself to the computer school team. “.

Xia Linxi came to meet Jiang Zhenghan and said that she came to the appointment only because of Professor Shi. Professor Shi met Xia Linxi in person, hoping that she could come to the computer school team to participate in the project competition. Professor Shi said that this team is very harmonious and friendly. There are many benefits to participating in the school team, and it will also help her in her future research. He took Xia Linxi to the computer school team stadium. Chen Yichuan and Duan Ning also came to interview the computer school team, and Chen Yichuan made a promise.

Shi Ying approached Xia Linxi and asked whether she had used her relationship with the computer school team. She thought that Xia Linxi, a newcomer, could represent the school team in the trials, and mistakenly thought that she had used the relationship between Jiang Zhenghan and Qin Yue. Xia Linxi didn’t understand and expressed that she was confident that she could participate in the competition. Shi Ying asked her not to hold back the team and told her to do it for herself.

Xia Linxi approached Jiang Zhenghan because of this. She heard that as long as she was eliminated in the trials, she would be disqualified from the official competition. Jiang Zhenghan let her not worry, as long as she was in a team with her, she would definitely not lose. Qin Yue originally wanted Xia Linxi to be with him. Xia Linxi hurriedly stated that he had agreed to Jiang Zhenghan. Qin Yue still hoped that Xia Linxi could ask himself if he didn’t understand.

Xia Linxi had dinner with Jiang Zhenghan, and seeing Zhang Huaiwu borrowing a meal card everywhere, Zhang Huaiwu said that he had taken root in Beijing University. Jiang Zhenghan learns programming knowledge with Xia Linxi every day, and the two have returned to their high school tacit understanding. Qin Yue wanted to give Xia Linxi the information the day before the game, hoping to help her in the game, Xia Linxi politely refused, and always regarded Qin Yue as her brother in her eyes.

The ACP budget competition has started, and the competition is very fierce. A group of Xia Linxi, Jiang Zhenghan and Duan Ning, a group of Shi Ying, Qin Yue and Chen Yichuan, and a group of Gao Shen. At the critical moment of the game, Qin Yue was distracted because of Xia Linxi and did not listen to Shi Ying’s analysis. Finally, Jiang Zhenghan won the game. Shen Wenyue of the National Cheng Kung University Computer School team came specifically to watch Jiang Zhenghan’s game.

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