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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 7 Recap

Xia Linxi woke up and remembered what happened last night. She suspected that she was kissing Jiang Zhenghan in a dream. Suddenly the phone rang and Gu Xiaoman called to complain. Gu Xiaoman still couldn’t let Chen Yichuan go. Xia Linxi comforted Gu Xiaoman. Maybe Chen Yichuan hadn’t grown up yet and didn’t know what type he liked.

On the day when the college entrance examination is out, every household is waiting for the results. Gu’s mother specifically asked Gu Xiaoman to pass the test. Gu Xiaoman scored 556 points, which made her unbelievable. It was actually higher than usual. Chen Yichuan and Xia Linxi checked the scores together, but Xia Linxi was still one point higher than Chen Yichuan, 712 points in the test. Zhang Huaiwu didn’t dare to look at his grades, thinking that he didn’t enter the university, but he also got 495 points. Although the score was not high, he was able to go to university. This made Director Zhang very excited, and he invited him to eat skewers.

Xia Linxi wanted to tell Jiang Zhenghan the news that she was admitted to Beijing University for the first time, but the text message was not sent. She still quietly put the Doraemon in her luggage. She wanted to see Jiang Zhenghan until she was going to university. Never show up before, Father Xia and Mother Xia reluctantly send Xia Linxi away. Xia Linxi had been living according to her parents’ wishes until she was eighteen, and now she has decided to go to university and make her own choices.

When Jiang Zhenghan came to Beining, Qin Yue asked him to stay in his home for a few days according to the professor’s instructions, and Jiang Zhenghan cooks himself. Qin Yue asked him to finish the programming project quickly, and he could quit the programming circle, and he would be paid at the previous price. Jiang Zhenghan said that he had a private business and would start work the day after tomorrow. Qin Yue guessed that it must be his girlfriend, and wanted to follow along to see who it was.

Jiang Zhenghan knew that he had left without saying goodbye. He owed Xia Linxi an explanation. He wanted to make it clear in person tomorrow. Qin Yue didn’t know that the girl Jiang Zhenghan wanted to see was Xia Linxi, and sent her a message to pick her up at the station, but Xia Linxi said that he and his classmates would go to school by bus.

He Guangyu had been complained by his classmates and had not found a girlfriend yet. When he saw Xia Linxi, he felt that the girl in front of him was the type he liked. He Guangyu took the initiative to strike up a conversation and pestered Xia Linxi. Fortunately, Qin Yue came out to make a relief, and He Guangyu was not allowed to attack Xia Linxi.

Qin Yue helped Xia Linxi carry her luggage and send her to the dormitory. On the way, she met Shi Ying, who was the senior sister of Xia Linxi’s computer department. Qin Yue helps Xia Linxi tidy up the dormitory and meets Zhuang Fei, Xia Linxi’s roommate. After Qin Yue left, some girls wentssiping about the relationship between Xia Linxi and Qin Yue, and complained that someone as good as Qin Yue was taken by Xia Linxi.

Xia Linxi also has a new roommate named Chu Qiuyan, a native of Beining, with excellent family conditions. Chen Yichuan came to his dormitory and found Jiang Zhenghan’s name. He suspected it was the same name. Gu Xiaoman looked at the horoscope, and both of them were peach blossoms. She asked Xia Linxi to dress up and participate in the speech of the new student representative. Xia Linxi wore a black dress and high heels for the first time when he encountered He Guangyu entangled on the road. Jiang Zhenghan rode a bicycle and rushed to block in front of the two. Xia Linxi saw Jiang Zhenghan’s back and recalled the past, she was angry and anxious. Jiang Zhenghan chased Xia Linxi and wanted to explain to her, but Xia Linxi didn’t want to listen and rushed forward.

Xia Linxi came to the auditorium by herself, and it was strange to see Gu Xiaoman put on heavy makeup. At this time, Jiang Zhenghan was speaking on behalf of the new computer god. He was admitted to the Beijing University exceptionally and had a special talent for computer programming.

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