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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 8 Recap

Xia Linxi didn’t expect Jiang Zhenghan to be the main force of the Beijing University computer team. He won many awards in Beijing University without saying goodbye. He is the male god in the eyes of female students. Chen Yichuan stood up excitedly after seeing it. Jiang Zhenghan spoke on stage, thanking all those who gave him, including the one he always cared about.

He kept looking at Xia Linxi and wanted to tell her that he had fulfilled the most important agreement in life, which is to come to Beijing University. At the beginning, Jiang Zhenghan had to drop out of school because his father was undergoing surgery. It was Qin Yue who recommended him to join the project at Beijing University, and he could be admitted exceptionally.

Jiang Zhenghan kept explaining to Xia Linxi, but Xia Linxi didn’t want to hear him explain, thinking that he was not a friend without saying goodbye, and was very angry to leave. After returning home, Jiang Zhenghan was depressed. Qin Yue saw that he must have confessed that he had not succeeded. Jiang Zhenghan said that he had kissed the other party but he had forgotten it. Xia Linxi went back to the dormitory, read the information about Jiang Zhenghan on the Internet, and accidentally saw the buttons on the notebook, remembering that the kiss with Jiang Zhenghan that night might not be an illusion.

Gu Xiaoman and Xia Linxi wanted to participate in the club registration. Only in this way could they complete the credits. As a result, they were not very talented and did not register for the club. When Jiang Zhenghan heard that Xia Linxi wanted to sign up for the Math Club, he thought of a way.

After listening to Qin Yue’s method, Jiang Zhenghan was very considerate to Xia Linxi and took the initiative to buy buns for her to eat, but Xia Linxi was still very angry. Jiang Zhenghan’s roommate joined in the fun, took out his notebook specially made for Xia Linxi, and said a lot of things Jiang Zhenghan did in silence. Jiang Zhenghan was a little embarrassed, feeling very embarrassed, but still did not let Xia Linxi calm down.

Jiang Zhenghan approached He Guangyu to apply for the Mathematical Society. He Guangyu avenged his personal revenge. He disagreed with Jiang Zhenghan’s application, saying that his procedures did not meet the requirements. Jiang Zhenghan took the application form and left. When Zhuang Fei fell on the road, Jiang Zhenghan took Zhuang Fei to the infirmary without saying a word. This made Zhuang Fei very touched, because she is usually unknown, and no one wants to be with her, let alone no one. Help her.

Gu Xiaoman wanted to write a novel. Her team Xia Linxi and Qin Yue did not expect Jiang Zhenghan to appear in the middle. Xia Linxi returned to the dormitory and was very happy to see Zhuang Fei injured, only to learn that the person who saved her was Jiang Zhenghan. Shi Ying asked Xia Linxi about Jiang Zhenghan. She heard that both of them were high school classmates. Xia Linxi was still angry and said that she was not familiar with Jiang Zhenghan.

Shi Ying wanted to hold a party, and invited Xia Linxi and the others to join him, and Gu Xiaoman followed them while eating and drinking. Unexpectedly, He Guangyu came again during dinner. He must know if Xia Linxi has a boyfriend this time, and he asked Xia Linxi for a bottle of wine. Shi Ying was not good at stopping, and Xia Linxi told He Guangyu not to confess in public, otherwise everyone would be embarrassed. Jiang Zhenghan suddenly appeared and said that He Guangyu was allowed to drink with him. He would not allow anyone to bully his high school classmates. He Guangyu saw that everyone was there and only agreed to drink.

Both of them were drunk, and Xia Linxi left alone. Gu Xiaoman stayed and continued to eat. She accidentally heard that He Guangyu was looking for Jiang Zhenghan for five to one. She thought why Guangyu was looking for someone to fight Jiang Zhenghan, so she hurriedly contacted Xia Linxi and Chen Yichuan by phone, and followed her first. On the way, Gu Xiaoman stopped Jiang Zhenghan and said that he wanted to help Xia Linxi look after him. Chen Yichuan couldn’t find a place. Gu Xiaoman went to look for him. At this time, Xia Linxi also came, leaving the two to spend time alone.

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