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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 9 Recap

Xia Linxi told Jiang Zhenghan not to go there. Jiang Zhenghan explained that he left without saying goodbye at the time because he wanted to come to Beijing University. There were also many special reasons. He hoped that Xia Linxi would forgive him. Suddenly, Jiang Zhenghan had a stomachache because of drinking too much, and Xia Linxi cut his tofu and told Jiang Zhenghan not to drink. After Chen Yichuan rushed over, there was no fight at all.

After returning to the dormitory, Xia Linxi sent a message to Jiang Zhenghan, let him drink some honey water to hangover, the relationship between the two eased slightly. After Jiang Zhenghan heard Xia Linxi’s words, he wanted to move back to school. Qin Yue was a little bit reluctant. The two talked about the girl he liked. Qin Yue said that he would confess the girl’s birthday and take her in front of Jiang Zhenghan. Let Jiang Zhenghan also work hard.

After Jiang Zhenghan returned to the dormitory, he saw Chen Yichuan alone in the dormitory. Chen Yichuan told Jiang Zhenghan not to cross the border, to comply with the dormitory regulations, to clean regularly, and to select excellent dormitories at the end of the year. Duan Ning returned to the dormitory and wanted to smoke, but Chen Yichuan stopped him. Duan Ning saw Jiang Zhenghan coming back and hurriedly came and followed him. He showed admiring eyes and introduced himself, nicknamed “Emperor Duan”.

Gu Xiaoman found Xia Linxi and asked her to confess her relationship with Jiang Zhenghan, and why she gave up eating with Qin Yue. Xia Linxi didn’t want to explain. He said that he and Qin Yue are just ordinary neighbors, but they have nothing to do with Jiang Zhenghan. At this time, there were school girls passing by. They had been discussing Jiang Zhenghan. They heard that he already had a girlfriend, but they still praised Jiang Zhenghan for being handsome. After hearing this, Xia Linxi was afraid of being recognized, and took Gu Xiaoman to leave quickly.

Zhuang Fei liked Jiang Zhenghan. She asked about the relationship between Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan, and asked her for Jiang Zhenghan’s WeChat account. Jiang Zhenghan agreed to Zhuang Fei’s friend’s application. Xia Linxi was a little jealous and sent a text message to Jiang Zhenghan. It was obvious that his stomach hurts and there is still time to add others’ WeChat. Xia Linxi wanted to cook porridge for Jiang Zhenghan, but she didn’t know how to use an electric cooker, and the porridge was messy. Chu Qiuyan told Xia Linxi that it doesn’t matter if the porridge is mashed, the focus is not on the taste.

Xia Linxi believed Chu Qiuyan and took the porridge to the big class, because Jiang Zhenghan would also take this big class. After Jiang Zhenghan came to the classroom, his elder brother came to him to get his homework, and he also told the computer science classmates of his schedule. Many male and female students came to Jiang Zhenghan to send condolences. Jiang Zhenghan felt embarrassed. When he was about to leave, he saw Xia Linxi sitting not far away. He walked over to say hello to Xia Linxi. Chu Qiuyan quickly grabbed the porridge from Xia Linxi and gave it to Jiang Zhenghan.

Jiang Zhenghan was eating very happily. The roommates all saw the fame and wanted to help him gain Xia Linxi’s heart. Duan Ning came up with an idea to take down Xia Linxi’s best friend Gu Xiaoman before he could take the next step. During the meal, Duan Ning did not win Gu Xiaoman. Instead, he liked the girl who didn’t follow the routine. Chen Yichuan reminded Duan Ning not to play Gu Xiaoman’s idea. In order to bet on an appointment, Chen Yichuan took the initiative to ask Gu Xiaoman to show his favor. Gu Xiaoman was very happy and thought that Chen Yichuan was getting better.

Xia Linxi saw that there was a math club recruiting people in the school. She was very interested in the interview in the past, but she did not expect that Jiang Zhenghan would also come to the interview. Duan Ning told the two that only one of them could be hired through an on-site math problem-solving competition. Jiang Zhenghan deliberately lost to Xia Linxi and let her enter the mathematics club. Xia Linxi learned that the mathematics club was founded by Jiang Zhenghan.

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