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I picked up a sparrow and a crow


Chamssey, a woman who can’t be seen by looking at abandoned animals.
While riding a swing in the middle of the night to relieve stress,
he accidentally picks up a crow that is bleeding from injury.

“dream… … ?”

Apparently you picked up a crow, but who is the child in front of you?

“… Crow? Nonsense.”

Oh Chi-young, who was born as a’monster’ and has lived his life as a father’s messenger.
For the first time in my life, I discovered a terrible secret from another person, and for the
first time, I felt a tender affection from others.

“I want to be here. Please let me be.”

Peaceful times are too short, and children’s dreams are easily broken.
My mind for Say is growing as much as my body that has grown again.

“Me, please be cute.”
“It’s about a kiss.”

My familiar skinship becomes awkward and my heart beats when I make eye contact.
The little kid disappeared, and only the man with a harsh eye smile
was reflected in Sei’s view.

“Don’t be patient. I want to hear more of your voice.”

I picked up a sparrow and a crow
Associated Names: 참새, 까마귀를 주웠습니다
Still rain
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.17
Status: N/A

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