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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 35 Recap

When Father Li knew that Han Zimo had found his home, he told his daughter that he had already explained to her mother, and she would not care about Zimo anymore. Li Chuyao worried that his mother would not be able to withstand Zimo’s sweet words. His father said that he would do her mother’s ideological work. What he was worried about was Chuyao. Han Zimo came back this time not only because he could not let him go, but also had other purposes.

Li’s father told them that Zimo went to the Public Security Bureau first to clear up the relationship with his dad’s case, so Zimo had a plan after careful consideration. Li Luoshu said that if Zimo dared to pester Chuyao again, he couldn’t spare him. Li’s father told him not to mess around. If he really feels that this person is not good, he can call the police. Luo Shu took Chuyao out to breathe. Chuyao was worried that Zimona’s mother’s illness would threaten them. She was also afraid that he would reveal Luo Shu’s life experience in front of her mother. She regretted that if she didn’t agree to marry him, there would be no such thing. , Luo Shu said it was not her fault, she was the one who was hurt.

The system crashed with a black screen, and the user complaint rate reached 30%…Wu Yajun was very annoyed by the report. The secretary told him that the technicians analyzed that someone had written the code maliciously and did not perform post-maintenance. Wu Yajun heard that the upgrade was Huayang If he was responsible, he furiously asked Hua Yang to get him out of it, just because Hua Yang didn’t want to do it anymore, he felt that working for someone like Wu Yajun made him sick.

This day, Shan Yi’an and Chu Yao went to Longxiang to discuss the acquisition of Wanhe Real Estate. They gave Longxiang a price of 60 million yuan. Zhang, who was in charge of this matter, always felt that their prices were a little low. Shan Yi’an said Long Xiang could consider it slowly, and then he left with Chu Yao.

In the company, Chang Dale looked at the computer and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He told his friends that Wu Yajun was rectified by insiders. Everyone was very curious about who had such a big hatred with Wu Yajun. Luo Shu felt This just bought them time. At this time, Wu Yajun was struggling to fix the loopholes. Since Huayang’s code was relatively complicated, the engineers he invited found it a bit tricky.

At this time, Qi Yi called Wu Yajun and said that Zimo wanted to see him. Wu Yajun was so angry when he saw Zimo because Zimo’s father took away a lot of his money. Zimo told Wu Yajun not to get excited, he came back this time to solve the matter. He can transfer a sum of money to Wu Yajun’s overseas account. Wu Yajun can use the same funds to buy back all the shares held by Long Xiang and Guo Jiangfeng with the same funds. The rest will be used as an investment in Feiyi.

Of course he can Give Wu Yajun the best technical staff to solve his current problems, but Zimo put forward two conditions, one is that he should be a silent shareholder, and the other is that Wu Yajun will help him, and the benefits of Wu Yajun will not be missing. Wu Yajun asked him what he planned to do, and Zimo said he wanted to deal with Li Luoshu.

Zimo then left the bar to Qin Yun to take care of. Qin Yun was worried that Lin Yu would disagree. Zimo said to help him put a name in the company as a pretext for Lin Yu so that he could come to run the bar. agreed. Zimo also wanted Chu Yao to come back to him and ask Qin Yun to help him. Then Zimo brought a lot of gifts to Chuyao’s home. Li’s mother told him that she could not accept the things, and told him not to come in the future. Zimo said that he came to see Li’s mother this time.

He asked Li’s mother to help him. He wanted to see Chuyao alone and explain things clearly to her. Mother called Chuyao and told her brother that there was a water leak in the house and asked her brother to go home to have a look, and asked her to go to the restaurant to pack some food. When Chuyao came to the restaurant her mother was talking about, the waiter took her to a private room and brought the food to her.

Luo Shu came home and asked her mother where the water leaked. She said that it had been repaired. When he saw a lot of gifts in the living room, he asked who sent them. Mom said it was Luo Shu who came to see her. He wanted to explain to Chuyao alone. When Luo Shu was surprised, she asked them where they had gone. She said that it was the Internet celebrity restaurant that had been on TV recently. After Luo Shu heard this, she hurried out.

Chuyao was waiting for the food to be packed in the private room. At this time, the waiter brought some dishes. When Chuyao saw that she hadn’t ordered these dishes, she couldn’t help but feel very strange. The waiter said that this gentleman ordered her for her. Stand up in surprise. Chu Yao asked him what he was going to do, Zimo said that he wanted to buy her a meal, and then Chu Yao realized that Zimo tricked her to let her mother cheat her. Zimo said that he wanted to have a meal with her alone when he did so. Chatting to renew the past, Chuyao said that renewing the past is free, and she already has a boyfriend.

She turned to leave and was stopped by Zimo. He asked her if she dared to call her mother and tell her who her boyfriend was, and did she dare to say it was Li Chuchen. Chu Yao sat down to eat and did not speak. Zimo hoped they could go back to the past, but Chu Yao wiped his mouth and said that he was full and let him enjoy his share. She got up to leave, and Zimo held her.

Saying that she was thin, Chuyao broke free from his hand, saying that she was not thin and it had nothing to do with him. At this time, Luo Shu came to the restaurant and walked in front of them. He asked Chu Yao, was it okay. Zimo asked Luo Shu to relax. He wanted to invite Chu Yao to have a meal. Luo Shu told Zimo to stay away from Chu in the future. As he said that he took Chuyao’s hand and left, Zimo was annoyed to grab the red wine glass on the table and fell to the ground.

After being criticized by her wife for a long time at home, Li’s mother realized that she had done something wrong. Seeing Chuyao came back, she hurried over and asked her if she was okay. Chuyao said that she and that Luoshu could not get back together and asked her mother to stop getting them together One piece. Then Li’s mother was worried that the two children were still angry with her, so she asked his wife to go out to see how they were. Father Li pushed the door and went out to take a look. Chu Yao leaned sweetly on Luo Shu’s shoulder with his back facing him, and returned to the house Here he pretended to be okay and told his wife that the two children were chatting.

Luoshu’s new product is almost complete, but sample production and pre-publication require a lot of expenses. Si Yi asked him to find Shan Yi’an, and only transferred the shares to him. Chuxin also had a single share.

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