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Irreplaceable Love 与晨同光 Episode 37 Recap

Mother Li called Han Zimo and asked him to come home for dinner on the weekend. Zimo was surprised when he heard this. On the weekend, Li Chuyao watched his father busy with cooking in the kitchen, and asked his father what was going on. Dad said that her mother said that there was a guest coming from the house, and she didn’t say who it was. When Chu Yao and Luo Shu were wondering who would come, someone knocked on the door.

When Chu Yao opened the door, Zimo couldn’t help being surprised. When asked what trick he was playing, Zimo smiled and said that his aunt invited him to come. Chuyao turned around and asked her mother if she told her to ignore him in the future. Her mother laughed and said that she had heard what Chuyao said to her dad at the door that day. Chuyao said that she would cherish the relationship with Luo Shu. Knowing that her mother took the Luo Shu in her mouth as Zimo, she wanted to explain but couldn’t make it clear.

Mother pulled Zimo into the house, and the four of them were embarrassed to sit at the table and eat, and lost the happy atmosphere of the past. Mother Li asked when Zimo and Chuyao reconciled. Zimo thanked her aunt for helping him make an appointment with Chuyao that day and giving him a chance to confess in person. There is something in the remarks that Chu Yao and Chu Chen’s relationship is closer than his boyfriend, so Chu Chen teaches him how to treat his sister. Father Li can’t listen anymore, so he put the bowl on the table and frightened Li’s mother. After a jump, Li’s father sullenly said that he was good at eating but not talking.

Chuyao had no intention of eating, she said she had eaten well and let Zimo go out with her. After going out, she asked Zimo not to disturb her life anymore. Zimo held her hand, and Luo Shu came over and opened his hand to let him go. Zimo told Luo Shu that it felt uncomfortable to be replaced. He asked Luo Shu to go back and tell his aunt that he would come again in the future. Chuyao didn’t know how Zimo became such a mess, they couldn’t just wait and die. When she returned home, she was about to tell her mother the truth, but her mother’s mobile phone received a picture of early morning childhood sent by Zimo. Mother felt very strange. Chuyao took her mother’s mobile phone and glanced at it and said she called him back. Room now.

In the evening, Chu Yao discussed the matter with his dad in the living room. Dad asked her what Zimo’s picture of Chu Chen meant. Chu Yao said that he did it on purpose. He had expected Chu Yao to tell his mother that they had nothing to do. She actually wanted to say that her mother had heard it wrong that day, and her father asked her to speak slowly. If they were in a hurry, they would faint and hit Zimo’s trap. If Chuyao told the truth, what if her mother couldn’t stand it. , Zimo added fuel and vinegar to it and the consequences would be disastrous. Dad decided to unplug the phone line at home and hide his wife’s mobile phone, so that she would cut off all contact with the outside world.

This day the secretary excitedly told Wu Yajun that they had succeeded. A product that was lighter, faster and cheaper than the original Lohas had succeeded. Wu Yajun was very happy to hear that. And the first-in-mind friends also saw the news of Feiyi’s new product launch on the Internet. The time and their new product release time were on the same day. Everyone felt that Wu Yajun came to them and couldn’t help but scold him. Someone proposed to advance the release time, and Luo Shu said that they had surrendered.

On the day of the new product launch, Chu Yao and Shan Yian went to the scene to cheer for Luo Shu and the others, but the media couldn’t find excuses. Facing the empty conference scene, everyone did not know what to do. Luo Shu suggested using Siyi’s live account to try. However, Feiyi Technology’s new product launch conference was very lively.

At this time, Qi Yi saw Chuxin’s live broadcast introducing the new product, so she handed her mobile phone to Zimo. She said that Wu Yajun spent a lot of publicity expenses. It was an empty place, and Zimo felt that Wu Yajun was ruthless, and he wanted to know how Wu Yajun made this money back for him. Wu Yajun told the media that the new Wings can be opened to users within a week. After the press conference, many companies have expressed their cooperation with Feiyi.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, there were 10,000 people on the live broadcast. Luo Shukan’s press conference was so worried that Shan Yian would not be able to explain it when he went back. Shan Yian made Luo Shu rest assured that he was on the board. He was afraid that Luo Shu and the others would give up because of this little setback, and Luo Shu told him that they would not give up.

The Chuxin team conducted a data analysis on the popularity of the two new product releases. Zhang Yu said frustratedly that they are not of the same level, and Feiyi is a professional player, and they are at most advanced players. Luo Shu said that they must not be able to fight traditional media, and they still have to make more use of new media. He asked how the production of Dale’s products was going. Dale said that the first batch of goods would arrive by this Friday at the latest. Luoshu hoped to arrive early and said they could add money.

Wu Yajun signed seven contracts in one day, and he asked Qi Yi to go back and tell Han Zimo that there would be more in the next week. He proudly said that how lively his original intention is, how deserted he is. Shan Yi’an made trouble with Chuxin Investment and the board of directors. He even mentioned his resignation. The assistant advised him that there is no need to offend the entire board of directors because of the original team, including betting on his own position. Shan Yi’an said that if he hadn’t quit his job automatically, they would ask for the withdrawal of Chuxin. At this time, Chuxin’s capital chain cannot be broken. He is optimistic that Li Luoshu will not lose all the time.

Qin Yun didn’t go home for a week. Lin Yu was depressed and called Chuyao. Chuyao said she would call him if she wanted him, but Lin Yu insisted that she didn’t want to. After that, she kept staring at her mobile phone and hesitating whether to call Qin Yun. Qin Yun came back. Unexpectedly, the two of them had a disagreement and quarreled again. Lin Yu angrily said that he was going to divorce, and Qin Yun agreed to the divorce and slammed the door. After Chuyao heard about it, she comforted Lin Yu. She felt that there would be no good for Zimo when she came back. Now Lin Yu and Qin Yun are still in trouble.

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