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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 6 Recap

A song suddenly made Mu Xiaoqiao fall into a demon. In his eyes and heart, there was nothing but self-deprecation. Zhou Fei and Xie Yun were able to escape. The two met with Chen Fei and others, far away from the place of right and wrong in Huojiabao, and rested in the woods. The green trees and running water made everyone feel comfortable for a moment.

Wu Chuchu was separated from his family and suffered such a change. He was deeply worried. Zhou Fei was entrusted by Chen Fei. Although his mouth was stupid and did not know how to comfort and communicate, he also made the other party temporarily put down his worries.

Zhou Fei saw that Wu Chuchu wore the things sent by his parents as necklaces. He thought that the wooden knife sent by Xie Yun was not easy to store, so he simply inserted it with a head rope and wore it around his neck.

This scene happened to be seen by Xie Yun, who passed by, and the satisfied smile on his face betrayed his inner joy at this moment. Wu Chuchu originally wanted to remind that the woman sent someone to wear the neck, in fact, it had another profound meaning, but seeing that Zhou Fei did not know anything about worldly affairs, she did not say more.

Xie Yun appeared, leading Zhou Fei to walk in the forest together. Although he still mixed with each other and buried each other, the relationship seemed to become closer. Xie Yun originally wanted to take advantage of being alone to take the initiative to return Zhou Fei’s handkerchief, but Chenfei suddenly appeared and had to subconsciously take back his arms.

The three of them sat together to eat and inadvertently talked about where Xie Yunshi came from, but they saw each other hesitant. At one time, they claimed to be a swordsman, and the other time they thought they were the thousand-year-old worry of writing “Leaving the Hate Building”. One of the folds in this “Leaving of Hate Building” was Mu Xiaoqiao’s “Cry Makeup”.

Although Chenfei has lived in the 48 villages for a long time, he is very familiar with “Leave the Tower of Hate” and can sing a few words with his mouth open. That is, he has long known where to fly. Now I learned that Xie Yun was Chitose worried himself, and his eyes immediately flashed up. What a little fan.

When I went down the mountain this time, I saw Mu Xiaoqiao and Shen Tianshu fight with my own eyes, so that Zhou Fei could see how many taels of weight he weighed. I thought that after half a year of efforts, I could finally have the right to choose freely, but after all, it is still 18,000 miles away from my father’s strong man. Reality once again gave Zhou Fei a heavy blow.

Before leaving, Chongxiaozi suddenly made a difficult attack on Zhou Fei. In fact, he gave Zhou Fei a roll of seemingly useless moral classics to Zhou Fei, saluted goodbye, and went to Huojiabao alone again. Chongxiaozi’s martial arts are extraordinary. I think he is also deliberately trapped in Huojiabao, so as to find out the truth of the trapped people in the world.

During this incident, Chen Fei learned that Xie Yun was like duckweed and had nowhere to go. He immediately courteously invited him to go with him, which was in Xie Yun’s heart. Everyone came all the way to Huarong City, but they saw that there were a lot of displaced people in the city, but it was rare to relax at present. Chen Fei had the intention of choosing to give it to his wife who had not passed through the house, so he temporarily forgot about the displaced people.

Subsequently, the group came to the hidden pile inn planted in Huarong in the 48th Village. Because of the abnormality of Huarong displaced people, Chenfei did not intend to make more trouble, just to set out for the village immediately after rest. Unexpectedly, as soon as he fell down, Wu Chuchu was flirted with by the son of the county magistrate in broad daylight.

Since she went down the mountain, Zhou Fei has seen all the people who take advantage of the situation to deceive others. The scene in front of her touched her anger. Zhou Fei rescued Wu Chuchu. Once the suppressed mood for several days broke out, he wanted to break the arm of the county magistrate’s son before he would quit.

Xie Yun was worried that Zhou Fei would offend the government, and used wisdom to lead the son of the county magistrate and his men to pursue him with humiliation, which made the trouble far away from Zhou Fei. Xie Yun deliberately lured the county government thrillers to chase several streets, in sharp contrast to the inner street on the other side. Huarong’s courtyard is located here, which is Shen Tianshu’s temporary shelter in Huarong.

The arrival of Shen Tianshu made Qiu Tianjin feel threatened. The two were not harmonious, and it was more like to regard each other as a thorn in their side and thorns in the flesh. Now, Qiu Tianjin is facing Shen Tianshu’s threat of suggesting that he wants to keep himself at ease, and he dares not tear his face with him head-on.

After re-settling Wu Chuchu’s sister and brother, Zhou Fei was invited by Xie Yun before and found Mei to see the winery for a long time. She was even more curious that the other party could get a few pots of good wine to give away without paying any money in a few words.

The two sat on the stairs outside the restaurant on the spot and saw all kinds of scenes under the mountain twice in a row. Everywhere they were hungry, wandering and the people were in hot water, completely smashing the beautiful world imagined by Zhou Fei. This world is far from being dominated by generals such as Zhou Yitang and Wu Fei. Only then did Zhou Fei realize first-hand how heavy the word hero is.

This also made Zhou Fei even more curious about Xie Yun’s identity, which was so trusted by General Wang Lin. However, Zhou Fei thought that no second father could be abducted by him, and did not care about Xie Yun’s ambiguity. Instead, Xie Yun whispered to himself, and actually had the intention to abduct Li Jirong’s more precious person, that is, he had already loved Zhou Feixin.

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