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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 7 Recap

After a hangover overnight, Zhou Fei woke up in his room. She didn’t remember what happened last night at all. She saw the jade ears given by Chen Fei on the table. Because she could not find a place to wear it on the saber, she simply put it on the table casually. The knock on the door was originally because Wu Chuchu was a woman, so he came to ask Zhou Fei, who was also a woman, for help.

Zhou Fei helped Wu Chuchu, who had unbearable abdominal pain, to go to the hospital. He was glad that he had not met Xie Yun, who was haunted, but was bumped into by Chen Fei, who happened to leave the door. Zhou Fei patiently persuaded him with good words, so he took care of the Wu family’s little brother, so that Chen Fei could not follow him.

The person behind Huo Liantao turned out to be Chen Zichen, the third prince of the current dynasty. Without waiting for Shen Tianshu to elaborate on the news, he had subordinates to repay it. Qiu Tianjin had secretly started. By the time Shen Tianshu brought people out of the inn, Qiu Tianjin had already burned the inn into ruins.

Zhou Fei and Wu Chuchu were able to save themselves because they went to the hospital. They looked at the body that had been carried out. Forty-eight children died here.

Zhou Feicai finally understood what his mother was guarding and his father’s determination to go down the mountain. Zhou Fei forcibly suppressed his grief and hid in the dark to think about the way to get out of trouble. He was bound to find Wu Chuchu’s younger brother and take them back to the 48th village safely.

However, as they saw with their own eyes, the county magistrate of Zhudan colluded with the people of the earthshake, but also obeyed his words and acted smoothly. Because the people who received by the inn had already become traitors in 48 villages.

After Qiu Tianjin sent people to count the number of people, he found that there was a woman and child missing. When he learned that there were fish leaking from the net, the earth brake immediately closed down the city with the assistance of the county magistrate, and sent more people to search in the city. How difficult it was to get out of trouble.

In order to inquire about the news, Zhou Fei had no choice but to put Wu Chuchu, who could not protect himself, in the alley. She killed the lonely children of Disha alone, took his clothes, disguised himself and sneaked into Shen Tianshu’s side. She accidentally learned that Shen Tianshu and Qiu Tianjin seemed to have different purposes.

Xie Yun went out early in the morning to buy a good knife for Zhou Fei. On the way back, he was stopped by Mr. Bai and then came to a farmhouse. Chen Zichen, the third prince, dressed in the costume of the people, saw Xie Yun’s arrival, and unexpectedly looked happy. He called him “breth brother-in-law” and then listened to Mr. Bai respect him as Mr. Xiao. Among them, the identity relationship was really complicated and confusing.

Xie Yun was worried about Zhou Fei’an’s danger, but he could not refuse Chen Zichen’s kindness. After all, he was just a waste with highly toxic body and no internal strength at this time. I was afraid it was useless to go, so he had to wait patiently for Mr. Bai’s return to inquire about the news.
When the two talked, Chen Zichen seemed to deliberately let Xie Yun go back. It was better than sleeping in the open.

However, Xie Yun did not want to get involved in the court. It was not until Mr. Bai returned that the deadlock was broken. Mr. Bai brought back some missing objects, including the jade ears given to Zhou Fei by Chen Fei.

During the daytime, the people in the 48 villages could have broken through the siege forcibly, but in order to protect the Wu family’s wife, they had to return to the inn. Only then were more than a hundred poisonous water poles sent by Qiu Tianjin to seal the way out and burned to the inn alive.

Zhou Fei once again took off a clothes of the dead and returned to the alley to meet Wu Chuchu. Although there were twists and turns on the way, fortunately, she was shocked and successfully sneaked into the backyard of the county magistrate without ground brake guard. Although this place is not a place to stay for a long time after all, it is better than the wind outside. Wu Chuchu is worried about the safety of his own brother and has to wait for the opportunity.

The next morning, the people of the earthshed everywhere in the city announced that the 48 villages that had planted the loot were bandits, misleading the displaced people in the city into thinking that the culprit of persecution of their families was the people of the people in the 48 villages. It can be seen that Qiu Tianjin relied on the search and found that it was fruitless, so he used this method to attract snakes out of the hole.

A fire burned everything down. Qiu Tianjin was so sure who was missing, because he was not looking for someone, but looking for something. Because he did not look for things, only the survivors could take it away. Zhou Fei looked at what Wu Chuchu wore around his neck and guessed that this was the coveted thing, and it was also the same color of water and sky that Shen Tianshu had been tracking for a long time.

Just when the two were puzzled, a lady in red who acted like crazy suddenly sang “Cry Makeup”, sang and danced barefoot. In such a look, she saw a little amorous feelings. She should have been a beauty, but somehow appeared here and became a woman who behaved madly.

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