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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 8 Recap

The earth sha preached the traitors in the city, using a box of copper coins and a lot of grain as bait to incite the people to provide information either for profit or hatred. Xie Yun disguised himself and accompanied by Mr. Bai to the crowd gathering place. After careful observation, he found that Shen Tianshu and Qiu Tianjin had never communicated on the stage, which showed that they did have differences with each other.

Qiu Tianjin threw himself into the trap to lure the fish that leaked the net, deliberately leaving his life in the morning flight. However, he was tortured to deathbed. Even if he tried his best to save him, he did not have long to live. Xie Yun knew the truth, but after experiencing all kinds of previous things, he had already regarded Chen Fei as a friend. How can he really see death without saving him?

Seeing that it didn’t make sense, Mr. Bai suddenly picked up a stone under his feet and stabbed Chen Fei’s forehead in front of the public, killing him on the spot, and he could unpreparedly find out the whereabouts. Chen Fei’s death made Xie Yun care more about Chen Zichen’s help Huo Liantao and secretly recruited troops and horses, causing Huo Jiabao’s children to burn, kill and loot everywhere. What exactly did he intend?

Mr. Bai destroyed Xie Yun’s dangerous thoughts and did not regret what he had done. Only then did Xie Yun’s questioning make him more anxious to defend Chen Zichen. Chen Zichen originally intended to make friends with Jianghu people and use it to resist Yu Wenzhi in the future.

Huojiabao fish and dragons are mixed, and what the people below do is really difficult to control. Xie Yunwei does not need Mr. Bai’s prevarication, as long as he understands who the talent is doing and dying for.

Chen Fei’s life was hanging by a thread. If Zhou Fei knew it, she would certainly climb to save people, but she did not appear, which made Xie Yun feel unknown in her heart. Xie Yun’s feet weighed like a thousand catties, but he had to turn around to look for Zhou Fei’s whereabouts, but he was in a hurry and spit blood at the mouth.

Back to his residence, Chen Zichen learned the truth of the matter and even knelt down and asked Xie Yun forgiveness. At this point, Xie Yunwei did not want to blame anyone any more. Chen Fei’s death was also a certain number, and early liberation may not be a good thing. Xie Yun knelt down in court and paid tribute to wine. The only compensation he can make now is to find Zhou Fei’s whereabouts and protect his peace.

At present, the two sides of the earth are searching for every household in the city. Qiu Tianjin pays attention to the children of the Wu family, while Shen Tianshu is more concerned about the household registration inventory and ordered his men to look for suspicious men with portraits. Xie Yun did not need to guess, and knew that Shen Tianshu’s target was Chen Zichen.

At the beginning, this place was only the place where Chen Zichen contacted Huo Liantao. After the accident, he could not watch the displaced people’s difficulties and insisted on staying in the city to distribute food to the people. Even the people know that Huarong is safe. How can Shen Tianshu not know that this place is Chen Zichen’s hiding place.

The matter of simply household registration has long been prepared. Chen Zichen hid the dark cabinet. Mr. Bai and Xie Yun, as well as a subordinate pretended to be father and son. Just a moment ago, they escaped the exploration of Qiu Tianjin and welcomed Shen Tianshu’s people and horses.

After carefully identifying the faces of the three, he was ready to leave. Unexpectedly, Chen Zichen coughed carelessly for a while, causing the leader to turn back. Only then did he wonder how there could be a bookcase in the ordinary people’s home. Just when the other party fiddled with the bookcase items one by one, he had to touch the mechanism when he saw it. Xie Yun suddenly pretended to be plagued with tuberculosis, so he could avoid a disaster.

Chen Zichen’s army was stationed not far away and could arrive on July 8. If he learned that the prince was trapped, he would certainly send troops to rescue him, which was Shen Tianshu’s purpose. Disha and Yu Wenzhi colluded, and the prince had an accident in the enemy’s territory, which was enough for Yu Wenzhi to make a big deal, which was also the root cause of Xie Yun’s concern.

At present, the situation is not good. Xie Yunxin made a plan. Chen Zichen sent a letter to Huojiabao, and must let the earth see the letter into Huojiabao. Qiu Tianjin obeyed Yu Wenzhi, and Shen Tianshu had always disagreed with Qiu Tianjin. Although he did not know what Xie Yun intended to do, he was confident that the opportunity would come soon.

The reason why Zhou Fei did not appear in the city was that she was hindered by the woman in red in the backyard. The woman refused to give up one step, so that she would not go out to risk. After Zhou Fei took action, she recognized the broken snow knife. Zhou Fei was easily fixed by the other party, and saw her ask Li Zheng, but she never deceived. Unexpectedly, the woman in red threatened to be her grandmother.

Zhou Fei fell unconscious for some reason. After waking up, he learned in Wu Chuchu that the woman in red was Jiuniang, the Kansai withered and prosperous means mentioned in Li Jirong. Zhou Fei could not believe that the crazy woman in front of him was actually a famous heroine in the world.

The two still learned from Duan Jiuniang’s carefully taken care of the servant that her son did not know who had offended and sent people to chase him. She fled with the baby in the middle of the middle of the family. Fortunately, Duan Jiuniang took the help.

Duan Jiuniang needs to be distracted from the baby in her arms and falls into the down for a while. At this time, Li Zhengyi was dressed in white, such as a hero coming, easily seizing the earth and killing his life. Therefore, this figure also fell in Duan Jiuniang’s heart, and he could not be seen in his life. Even if he was stupid, Li Zheng was the only one in his mind.

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