Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 9 Recap

The song “Pickling Lotus” attracted praise from Li Zheng. Duan Jiuniang didn’t spend much time with him, but he had deep roots in his heart, so he declared his thoughts directly. However, Li Zheng has passed the age of no doubt, and his daughter is about the same age as Duan Jiuniang. Although his beloved wife died young, her love has not changed, and she cannot accept it. Seeing that the confession was unsuccessful, Duan Jiuniang was angry with her, so she parted ways, not half hypocritical.

The rivers and lakes are big, the love is the clock, even the ends of the world will always want to have the opportunity to get close to the beloved. Duan Jiuniang was not a person who gave up lightly when she was in love for the first time. Since she was rejected, although she has no hardships, However, he often challenged Li Zheng outside the Forty-Eight Village.

Even in the face of Li Jinrong who is similar to his own age, Duan Jiuniang seems to show off, confident that the other party will call him “mother” in the future.

A woman is a person who pleases herself. Duan Jiuniang is a son and daughter of the rivers and lakes, free and easy by nature, and openly challenged outside the village. If Li Zheng is not seen, he will sit and die here, and then it is rare to show a little bit of the spring heart of her daughter’s family. Finish makeup.

Until Li Zheng came forward to challenge, Duan Jiuniang was happy, and the earring was knocked off by the other party without anger, but because Li Zheng supported each other with the hilt, she left with anger.

Whenever he discusses with Li Zheng, Duan Jiuniang will study and crack the secret of his knife alone. For a long time, every move is a method to restrain the snowbreaker. Whenever Duan Jiuniang came up with a cracking method, he was naturally happy in his heart, as there was another reason to meet Li Zheng again.

Duan Jiuniang walks the rivers and lakes, does not understand the roundabouts and smoothness, hears that Di Sha is rude to Li Zheng, and does not care about his own grudges, so Zhong Di is shameless. The news of Duan Jiuniang’s accidental poisoning was deliberately passed into Li Zheng’s ears by Di Sha, and the other party naturally rescued him.

Duan Jiuniang is convinced that if Li Zheng is ruthless to himself, he can never see each other, why bother to come out to challenge again and again, and bring the previous earrings to his side. This time, it is also desperate to come to rescue, but Li Zheng repeatedly refused, making Duan Jiuniang angry. go with. Li Zheng’s worried eyes followed the departed back, and his body had already suffered a loss. It turned out that he knew that the result would have to be rescued, and it was hard to understand whether he had love.

At the moment, Zhou Fei couldn’t bear Duan Jiuniang being reduced to the county magistrate’s concubine. She wanted to take her back to the Forty-Eight Village because she was insulted. It was a sigh that she was also shrunk here, so she was not ashamed. At the moment when Zhou Fei’s thoughts were distressed, Duan Jiuniang suddenly forced her internal strength into Zhou Fei’s body, causing him to fall into a coma, and his life and death were unpredictable.

Ku Rongshou has always been passed down from generation to generation. If the disciples are not strong enough and have insufficient resilience, they will die because they cannot withstand the strong internal force. Duan Jiuniang firmly believes that Li Zheng’s sons will not waste it so far. Even if unfortunately, he would die in the hands of his own family, or be humiliated by others in the future.

Zhou Fei was at the critical moment of life and death, and the county magistrate Zhu suddenly came to ask if Duan Jiuniang could worship her sister instead. After some remarks, the magistrate wished that the county magistrate understood the uninvited guests in the backyard, but remained calm, and took the initiative to use Duan Jiuniang as a pretext to ask his servants to send more meals.

In troubled times, everyone has their own life-saving measures, and it is difficult to distinguish good from bad.
Shen Tianshu deliberately released the news that Chen Zichen was trapped, and it really caused Huo Liantao to change, and immediately led a team out of the city, but he did not know that he was involved in the scheme of others.

Xie Yun ordered Jiachen to make a surprise attack on the children of Disha, who pretended to be Disha follow them out of the city, while Mr. Bai used disguise to assassinate Tong Tianyang’s subordinates in disguise, causing the two to fight inwardly.

The situation is developing smoothly. Although the guards of the city gate have not moved at all, after a washing of the earth evil, it is impossible to think that Xie Yun will repeat the same tricks. Xie Yun sent a person to deliberately drove straight through the gate of the city and led the people to chase the earthshak. Chen Zichen pretended to be earthshak, and finally left ceremoniously. Mr. Bai was sent by Xie Yun alone.

At the same time, Mrs. Wang, who had found Li Sheng and his party, was on the way to Huarong, but they happened to pass by Tong Tianyang. Li Sheng recognized the red cricket token, and the pattern on it was exactly the same as that on the weapon that killed his father. The vengeance of killing his father immediately blinded his mind.

Li Sheng saw that Tong Tianyang seemed to be seriously injured, and he was really hit. Although the old lady Wang arrived in time at the critical moment, the arrival of Shen Tianshu was doomed to end today. Li Sheng watched everyone in the Forty-Eight Village, died on the spot due to his recklessness. He still didn’t change his impulsive temperament, and it was difficult to understand the intention of Mrs. Wang to protect him with life.

In the midst of a crisis, he held tightly on Li Sheng, who was desperately attacking his heart, and wanted to continue to go forward to death. As soon as the hidden weapon came out, the white mist suddenly rose and saw his feet leaping lightly, so he forced Li Sheng to escape from the danger. .

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