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Let’s Survive First


“Large… … .”
“What are you doing! Get out of your seat right away!”

I thought it was a simple search request, but a monster popped up.
I try to come alive somehow
A ridiculous word popped out of Confucius’ mouth.

“… I want you to live.”
“… Yeah?”
“No matter what happens, only you will protect… … .”

He breathed and fixed his sword.
I could see the sweat dripping down my chin.

“Turn around and run. Never, don’t look back.”

I have a crazy bitch! When you die, I die too!
Instead of answering, I threw the head of a running monster.

Let’s survive first
Associated Names: 일단 생존부터 하고 봅시다
Genres: Romance, fantasy
Year: 2020
Status: 134

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