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“What kind of relationship do you have? There is no way unless you are confronted.”

Hyuk-jun knows, too, that dating doesn’t suit him.
However, I don’t even want to marry anyone.
So, I met a woman who was strangely stepped on her eyes while facing her.

“This is Yoon So-min. I’ve seen it a few times before… … .” A man with

eyes showing the possibility of obsession, a moderately arrogant expression,
and a sensuality that seems to be runaway anytime.
However, this man who was overwhelmed by the instinct of Gap.
I really liked Somin.

“Can I call you brother?”
“Do what you like.”

Gap’s love is not a calculation, but an instinct.
Loving in moderation.
The other person loves me more.
However, this woman keeps touching her instincts.

“I’ll do it. I could.”

Somin has no way to depend. There is no way to bother you. I liked it so much that I wondered where it would have appeared.

“Your girlfriend, you said you were going to study in London?” Surprise news from a friend. So-min responds to him, raising his voice in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I thought my brother was too busy to care about that.”

At any moment, Hyuk-jun has become unable to accept life without Somin. Will he be able to hold her?

Associated Names: 갑의 연애
Go Eun-young
Genres: romance, love
Year: Dec, 2020
Status: N/A

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