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Mr. Right is Here! 我的隔壁有男神 Episode 9 Recap

Some colleagues in the company accused Xiao Yingtao of plagiarizing, but some people absolutely believed that Lu Mang reprimanded everyone for not believing Xiao Yingtao. After all, those works are different from the first draft. Although Xiao Yingtao is the main designer, these series are everyone. It was changed a little bit. Xiao Yingtao is one of the people. Everyone is moving in the same direction. Therefore Lu Mang asked not to quarrel anymore. This time, it is obvious that someone maliciously sabotaged Xiao Ying. Don’t worry about it, and believe that Song Chi and An Kun can handle this matter.

Mr. Zhu heard that the incident had come to an end. He believed that Song Chi had violated the contract and threatened to sue the company. He also proposed to withdraw the investment. Song Chi had no choice but to win the compensation of 1 million liquidated damages to Mr. Zhu. However, he did not expect that at this time Song Chi’s father had already issued an order to cancel Song Chi’s capital control, and asked Song Chi to go back and have an interview with him. Song Chi had to hand the company’s affairs to An Kun first, and he hurried back to see Song. father.

Song Chi reprimanded Song’s father for falling into trouble. His project was only one step away, but this project was insignificant to Song’s father. Song Chi proposed that Song Chi should break up with Xiao Yingtao, drive Xiao Yingtao away, and let Song Chi and Lu Mang marry. He can support Song Chi unconditionally, otherwise Song Chi will lose the project and his father. Song Chi told Dad Song that he wanted Xiao Ying and he loved Xiao Ying. He would not let Xiao Ying go. He also had the ability to ask Xiao Ying for projects.

Xiao Yingtao was always worried about Song Chi, but Song Chi drank too much wine to go back. Song Chi saw Xiao Yingtao waiting for him to come back and hugged Xiao cherry tightly in his arms. Xiao Yingtao helped Song Chi lie on the bed, confused, Song Chi hugged Xiao Yingtao and begged her not to leave, Xiao Yingtao was lying next to Song Chi, holding Song Chi’s head to make him fall asleep.

Early the next morning, Xiao Yingtao prepared breakfast for Song Chi. When she came to the door, she heard Song Chi calling everywhere for help, but no one was willing to help. Xiao Yingtao blamed herself and felt that she could not help Song Chi if something happened to the company. It was because of her that the accident happened. Song Chi comforted Xiao Yingtao and believed that his ability would surely make the press conference go smoothly. Father Song wanted Song Chi to find others in a low voice and refused to bow his head. He was a little angry, and wanted to see if Xiao Yingtao would still be with him when Song Chi had nothing.

Song Chi remembered that when he went to Xiao Yingtao, he found that a girl in the design department seemed to be in the office with the surname Li, and she didn’t seem to be working. Although Song Chi didn’t want to doubt anyone in the company, it was true. It was suspicious, so Song Chi told An Kun about the incident, and An Kun immediately said to investigate the matter. At the same time, Song Chi also told An Kun about the conditions proposed by Song’s father, and he was dissatisfied that his father had fallen into trouble at this time. And these words were heard by Xiao Yingtao.

Ian made an appointment with Xiao Ying and told Xiao Ying truthfully that he was actually the only child of Yishang Group. Because he didn’t like being in the family business, he would work part-time and make money. If Xiao Ying really wanted to go abroad If so, he can help Xiao Yingtao to learn. Xiao Yingtao felt that she could not leave Song Chi at this time.

Xiao Yingtao also began to worry that the project could not be held as scheduled. Song Chi attached great importance to this project, especially those who didn’t want to care about him would not believe him. Xiao Yingtao had to express her belief in Song Chi quickly, but Song Chi saw Xiao Xiao Cherry actually didn’t believe it, and went back to the room with a little frustration, but Xiao Cherry didn’t know how to comfort Song Chi.

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