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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 7 Recap

Feng Sen vowed to help Song Limin investigate the kidnapping case of Miao Miao. Song Limin suddenly became angry and yelled at Feng Sen and forced him out. Feng Sen asked the neighbors in the neighborhood that Song Limin and Shen Guangshun had divorced. The two of them were busy and didn’t care about Miao’s disappearance. Moreover, the advertisements on Shen Guangshun’s van offering a huge reward were a cover. The two of them had no affection for Miao Miao, and they didn’t even bother to find Miao Miao.

Zheng Shuangxue asked Xinyunlai to help investigate the truth about Zhang Yiwei being framed by Qiao Yi. Xinyunlai quickly found out that both Qiao Yi and Bai Xiaolian were signed writers of Lu Chunyang brought Qiao Yi to the bar. Zheng Shuangxue Suddenly understood everything, this is Huang Sihai and Lu Chunyang behind the scenes, they used Qiao Yi to frame Zhang Yiwei, the purpose is to force Zhang Youcheng to rescue Huang Sihai.

Feng Sen came to He Shuguo overnight and reported the news he had inquired. He asked He Shuguo to call Shen Guangshun and Song Limin on the spot to verify if they really wanted to find their daughter Miao Miao. He Shuguo called Shen Guangshun to provide him with clues to find Miao Miao, Shen Guangshun hung up before he finished speaking, He Shuguo called again, and Shen Guangshun had shut down. Feng Sen confirmed his judgment and wanted to use this to open a new breakthrough. He Shuguo heard that Feng Sen had not lived in a small hotel in the past few days. Curious about his whereabouts, Feng Sen had to admit that he went to the grove where Shen Guangjun was suspected of killing people every day. For clues, take He Shuguo with him.

Zhang Yiwei ordered a large bouquet of flowers to come to Qiao Yi, but she had already moved out in the afternoon, so Zhang Yiwei had to report to Zheng Shuangxue and told her to hide from Zhang Youcheng so as not to be nagged by Zhang Youcheng. Feng Sen brought He Shuguo to the grove and suddenly saw a small doll hanging on the tree. Feng Sen clearly remembered that there was no such doll before, and he did not know who hung it here. At this time, Shen Guangshun was sitting not far away drinking boring wine. He saw Feng Sen and He Shuguo looking for clues in the woods.

Huang Sihai deliberately peeed on Qian Weimin’s feet. Qian Weimin gritted his teeth. The others swarmed and beat Huang Sihai violently. Huang Sihai warned him and asked to be transferred from a prison area. Shen Hao rushed to learn more about what happened. , Huang Sihai and Qian Weimin held different opinions. He didn’t know how to make a ruling for a while, so he gave them a severe lesson.

Zhang Youcheng was going to the provincial government to take office. Before he left, Yuan Hongwei summoned all the prosecutors to see him off. Zhang Youcheng repeatedly urged everyone to review Hu Xue’e’s case. Chen Mingzhong suddenly came to him and Zhang Youcheng hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Chen Mingzhong reported to Zhang Youcheng about Qiao Yi’s going to the hospital for a physical examination.

Zhang Youcheng realized the seriousness of the problem and worried that Qiao Yi would accuse Zhang Yiwei of rape. He would have no face to become the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. Chen Mingzhong kindly persuaded him. Zhang Youcheng wanted to have a good talk with Zheng Shuangxue and Zhang Yiwei, and let Chen Mingzhong tell them to go home for a meeting in the evening.

Chen Yong convened a regular meeting and immediately proposed that Huang Sihai and Shen Guangjun should be swapped. Fan Siliang in the first prison and Shen Hao in the second prison did not agree, and they also found various excuses to shirk each other, and did not want to take over these two hot potatos. Political commissar Wu Xingfei really couldn’t listen, so he gave them a severe lesson, insisting on swapping Shen Guangjun and Huang Sihai, and asked Shen Hao and Luo Jinsong to find out about Zheng Rui’s beating, and severely punished him.

Xiong Shaofeng reported to Wu Qiang, the chief prosecutor of the Orange District Procuratorate, that Hu Xue’e had redressed Shen Guangjun’s grievances. Instead, Wu Qiang reminded him not to disclose too much information on the Internet to avoid criticism from netizens. Wu Qiang ordered Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran to reinvestigate Shen Guangjun’s murder. case. The prison guards brought Huang Sihai to the second prison area early in the morning to remind Huang Sihai not to cause trouble again. Huang Sihai vowed to accept the reform and strive to get out of prison early.

Zheng Rui was ordered to come back to work. Only when Shen Hao and Luo Jinsong realized that he and Fan Siliang had to switch between Huang Sihai and Shen Guangjun, they couldn’t help but complain about him. Shen Hao asked Liu Tie to follow Zheng Rui well, and he couldn’t be scared by Huang Sihai’s few words. . Zhang Youcheng became more angry as he thought about it, and came to the rooftop alone to get sulking. He felt that Chen Mingzhong, Zheng Shuangxue and others had been acting as the umbrella for the evil forces, causing his work to be blocked everywhere.

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