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Roving Inspection Team 巡回检察组 Episode 8 Recap

Hu Dajun, the head of the cell in the second prison, looked down on Huang Sihai and looked for trouble everywhere. Huang Sihai did not show weakness and spoke harshly to him. Ma Guoyuan dissuaded him from it. Hu Dajun spread all his anger on Ma Guoyuan and sent him The man blocked the surveillance camera and beat Huang Sihai in the toilet. Kuai Yuanpeng was worried that the matter might be causing trouble, and begged Mi Zhendong to stop him. Mi Zhendong saw that Huang Sihai was in a coma, worried that he would be taken by the camera, so he slapped him severely and woke him up on the spot. Huang Sihai struggled to walk out by himself, threatening to let Hu Dajun’s mother lose a leg, Hu The army was not convinced, so they challenged Huang Sihai.

Luo Xinran reported his doubts to Wu Qiang. Zheng Rui hit Shen Guangjun twice with a baton. It was impossible to cause such a serious fracture. But Shen Guangjun insisted that Zheng Rui kicked him with his foot. Luo Xinran suggested watching the surveillance video first. , But the hard disk could not be opened. Luo Xinran wanted to find computer expert Wang Peng to repair it. Wu Qiang had to give up. Luo Xinran also provided an important clue.

The location of Mi Zhendong can clearly see the whole process of Zheng Rui’s attack on Shen Guangjun. Want to open the gap from him. Wu Qiang concluded that Shen Guangjun would not frame Zheng Rui, otherwise he would be sentenced to death. Shen Guangjun would not make fun of his life. Wu Qiang asked Xiong Shaofeng and Luo Xinran to investigate the matter carefully.

Chen Mingzhong took Zheng Shuangxue home and repeatedly explained that Zhang Youcheng was in a bad mood and reminded her to be careful with the conversation tonight. Zheng Shuangxue had long been dissatisfied with Zhang Youcheng. She and Zhang Youcheng had a big quarrel. Zhang Youcheng complained that she was too indulgent and would be caught by someone sooner or later, but Zheng Shuangxue accused him of betraying his family.

Zhang Yiwei came home very late. He didn’t care about Qiao Yi’s medical examination and evidence collection. Zhang Youcheng gave him a severe lesson. Zhang Yiwei repeatedly claimed that Qiao Yi had asked him to go home. And Chi Rui drove them home. Zhang Youcheng explained to him the seriousness of the matter. Instead, Zhang Yiwei condemned Zhang Youcheng’s position for causing trouble to his life. Zhang Youcheng had to bite the bullet and popularize the conviction standard for rape.

As long as Qiao Yi said no, Zhang Yiwei was suspected of rape. Zhang Yiwei was dumbfounded. He clearly remembered that Qiao Yi had resisted in bed. Zheng Shuangxue tried his best to defend Zhang Yiwei and insisted that Qiao Yi was active. Suffering from lack of conclusive evidence, Zhang Youcheng saw Zhang Yiwei’s panicked expression and immediately understood everything. He was discouraged and had to return to his room.

Zheng Shuangxue hurriedly chased upstairs and begged Zhang Youcheng to help Zhang Yiwei get rid of the crime. He found that Zhang Yiwei had been caught in a fairy jump. Zhang Youcheng forced her to produce evidence. Zheng Shuangxue suddenly became dumb. She went to Zhang Yiwei for confirmation. Zhang Yiwei refused to cooperate. Feeling that this matter was not worth mentioning, it was because his father was Zhang Youcheng that he was held on hold. Zheng Shuangxue forcibly took him to see Zhang Youcheng, and Zhang Yiwei had to patiently tell the story of that night.

Xiong Shaofeng made a live broadcast on the “Xiong Checking Mighty” public account. Deng Yaoxian received his notice and returned quickly from abroad. Xiong Shaofeng asked him to defend Zhang Yiwei and told him the story of the incident in detail. Qiao Yi once raised it in bed. Marrying Zhang Yiwei, Zhang Yiwei categorically refused, Qiao Yi asked Zhang Yiwei to stop. He insisted on having sex with Qiao Yi. Deng Yaoxian found this matter very tricky and agreed to think about it. He couldn’t wait to find it. Luo Xinran.

Deng Yao first knocked on Luo Xinran’s door with a large bouquet of pink roses. Luo Xinran jokes that he would not choose the color and excuses to work overtime. Deng Yao can’t help but embrace Luo Xinran. Luo Xinran smelled him drunk and accused him of drunk driving. Deng Yao first begged for mercy, but Luo Xinran was reprimanded and punished him to kneel and reflect.

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